Friday, October 25, 2013

Fan Featured Friday: A Recap

Last Friday was KP's last Trip-F until possibly December or next year.  It will return though!
Today, I thought it might be nice because of the hiatus to go over a recap of the entries so far.

The feature started on August 9th.  Exactly one week after X-23's X-Men Evolution premiere's 10 year anniversary.  Missing August 23rd, but made up for it with 3 on August 30th.  It came to a brief close and temporary hiatus as of October 18th.

August 9th: An X-23 Mini Fan Film!
August 16th: deviantART Fan Comics!
August 30th: The deviantART Nine
August 30th: Fan Funnies!
August 30th: Music Videos!
September 6th: Claire Sassypants Cosplay!
September 13th: 13Wishes
September 20th: Wolfy Cosplay!
September 27th: Random deviantART!
October 4th: Random Cosplay!
October 11th: Custom Action Figures!
October 18th: You, the Fans

It may be back in a new form, but this blog will be slowing down to take some much needed rest in November.  It's been one hell of a ride.  With her 616 Marvel Universe 10th anniversary still to come as she premiered on the printed page in NYX v1 issue 3 on December 10th 2003, some well rested eyes are going to be needed for it and the year to come.

Plus who knows, maybe next year you guys will get to hear the full story of what happened behind the scenes too that created complications.

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