Friday, October 4, 2013

Fan Featured Friday: Random Cosplay!

This Trip F, we make a return to cosplayers again!
There are cosplayers all over the world that design costumes and enjoy portraying X-23 at conventions or just for shoots.  Here are just a handful of even more.

 Here's the cosplayer Karen Kasumi's take.  Be sure to check out her galleries for more! The costume is influenced by the Marvel Vs Capcom 3 attire that was also heavily featured in the early New X-Men Academy X comics!

X-23 by *Karen--Kasumi on deviantART

Here's one from Riddle's Messy Wardrobe or Riddle1 as she goes by on deviantART. She's using a costume design akin to that used in X-23: Innocence Lost.  She was also on Syfy's Heroes of Cosplay.

After the Dust Settles by ~Riddle1 on deviantART

Here's one from Ninjanana707 from deviantART that shows off an original take on a costume.

X-23 on the prowl by ~Ninjanana707 on deviantART

Here's Lord-Angelus showing off her rendition of the costume from the X-23 v3 comic's black and white shirt cover.

X-23 by ~Lord-Angelus on deviantART

Here's an interpretation from the deviantART user flamable77.

X-23 Laura Kinney Cosplay 1 by ~flamable77 on deviantART

Here's one from Hyokenseisou-Cosplay of deviantART showing off an original take on a costume.

Xmen - X-23 6 by ~Hyokenseisou-Cosplay on deviantART

These are but a few of the many cosplayers that have approached X-23.  You can find more all over Facebook and deviantART.  She is a character that's constantly receiving adoration from cosplayers all over the world.

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