Wednesday, October 23, 2013

10th X-23 Day: A Birthday By a Different Name.

KinneyPride has tried to celebrate October 23rd as X-23 day every year so far, last year being our first skip with just a timer going up instead for the Anniversary.  Granted we haven't done as good of a job as I would like, but handling this blog mostly alone probably didn't help matters much with that as probably neither did my stubbornness.

When X-23 day first started off, I knew what I was doing.  I was sacrificing my birthday to provide content for here.  At least that was the plan at first.  Then that changed with time stamping work so I didn't have to adhere to any forced schedule or system.

This year for me in particular, the X-23 day of 2013 falls on my 30th birthday.  Yup that's right.  I turn 30 today.  This is something I had been planning on not mentioning but due to some rather... confusing circumstances that I'm not able to clearly articulate as of this writing, I am.  It's hard to explain(wrote this in May).

It did make me realize something else though.  A birthday is not something to sacrifice.  A birthday is personal.  It's the day you came into this world.  It's the day you made an impact by coming into existence.  Your birthday is yours.  It's the source of every ripple of your life and lives you've touched.  It's a milestone to tell the world "Yes I survived another year of life!"  Yet it also says "Yes, I am celebrating and dancing to another year of life to come with all its hardships and joys!"   It is your day.  A day that can never be taken even if you try to give it away.  Your birthday is your personal holiday.  To me this is why we blow out candles for every year we've been alive... but also one to grow on.  That extra candle is all our hopes and dreams for the next year, while all the others is everything else we've done to get where we are now.

This year's X-23 day though marks the end of our current festivities.  Fear not!  We will be back to a new schedule and prepping to hit all her other key dates too!  Like X-23's 10th Anniversary of being in comics, among other noteworthy milestones still to come!

Thank you for coming with us on this journey.  I hope you enjoyed the ride even more than I did in creating it.  While not everything went according to plan, I did try to adapt as much as I could to still salvage some of it.  Always remember to look up though!  Heroes and hope are all around us in everyday life!  Sometimes even the most unlikeliest of sources can help provide inspiration to keep moving even when things don't go as we expect or want.

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