Friday, October 18, 2013

Fan Featured Friday: You, the Fans.

This week we mark the end of Triple F for now.  It may return much later down the line, but for now it's going on hiatus after today. This week though, we're giving appreciation to you, the reader!

You might be new in joining us or have been here from the start, but either way we thank you and we appreciate you joining us.  You've tossed info our way and helped make the different ideas come around with your comments.  In some cases you've helped handle full on twitter interviews and in other times you've helped bring up ideas and details that may have been missed.

You the reader, make this place great.  You the fans, make running here fun.

So this week goes out to all of you.  Pat yourselves on the back, and enjoy your Friday.  You've earned a restful and joyous weekend just by being you.  X-23 wouldn't be around if you the readers didn't enjoy her stories or her video game and animation appearances.  So here's to you!

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