Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pause for a Life Reminder.

I wanted to take a break today from normal comic book talk or other random spiels that go on and on about whatever to speak about why I praise this woman so much.

This is why I praise her as a performer, an actress, and as a person.  What she does to uplift and help people around the world and the things she wants people to understand about loving themselves is a message that should be repeated until all start believing it.

I don't have tickets to her upcoming show in my area, so odds are I won't be going.  It saddens me sometimes, but seeing just how amazing these shows are and how she's using them as a platform to let those who do go know that it gets better.  That life is complicated and messy but it's worth it.  That we're on equal footing with all of us having our own dreams, our own good days and bad days. That we are all striving to be who we need to be are messages that need to be heard.

Never stop dreaming.  Never stop trying to be who you want to be.  Never stop being you.  Ignore the haters, ignore the trolls, ignore the assholes.  Just always strive to be the best you that you can be.

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