Friday, October 11, 2013

All New X-Men #20 Cover Revealed!

If you're holding out for a surprise, you might want to look away now.
Here I'll help you out a shade, by rambling on for a few lines about something.
Well really anything.
Not sure yet haven't thought of what I'm going to type.
So these lines are just filler that don't really matter.
I could probably talk about Doctor Who or other random shows.
Did you catch the Supernatural premiere?
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I wonder if we'll see more weather named angels.
Okay, maybe I didn't really think this through, because even if you scroll past all these lines for the next article, you might see the cover, and if you click the cover gallery, you'll see it updated too.

Okay new plan!

If you don't want to know who yet, skip everything after the picture!  If you want to know who, go ahead and click the picture.  I'm using the silhouetted cover as the thumbnail, but the larger version, if you click the thumbnail, is the reveal.

Click to see the uncensored Version!

So it turns out during an NYCC panel and subsequent interview that it was revealed to be the O5 Cyclops.  Young Scott Summers will be getting a chance with Laura Kinney.  Nothing really here on the age gap, as it's only a 2 year(maybe?) one assuming young Scott is 16 and they've yet to do another birthday for Laura since her suggested 18th(17th?) over in the ongoing.  The last time they've mentioned Laura's age was during the Second Coming story arc refering to her as 16-ish, and then Gambit's birthday surprise for her during the X-23 solo series story Touching Darkness.  Add in the half semester at Avengers Academy and the 30 days at Avengers Arena and it's rather unknown how old she is.  Marvel time doesn't really help in that regard.

Anyway.  This presents some interesting story potential and it does seem more likely with the portrayal of young Scott who doesn't want to be anything like his older contemporary self.  Makes me wonder what the story angle here is, but I'm also not sure how long this one would last.  There's a lot of possibilities here though with his potential leadership abilities and her strategic prowess alongside their personal history parallels, but it can make one wonder a bit if we might see a 3rd X-Men team spring out of all this.  One that refuses to deal with either side of the modern universe schism dynamic.  It also is going to be fun to see how older Scott reacts as well as Hellion.  Both of whom have been rather blatantly someone that Laura has grown to have a distaste for.  Modern day Cyclops because of his manipulative ways that caused her to backslide, and Hellion because of his potential verbal and emotional abuser side on top of the fact he's your generic school bully type persona.  Gambit's probably thinking thank god it's not Hellion, and Wolverine?  Well that reaction I can't wait to see on the comic page.  Young Scott does seem quite the innocent teddy bear though with still having his idealism intact.

All around.  Count me intrigued for now.  I'm curious to see how it's handled.  So for now I guess you can call this ship "Sinney" for Summers-Kinney.  Ooh.  I hope that does end up being the official ship name for it.  It's too perfect.


  1. I don't read the comic books anymore to be honest. From what I have seen here and there, it's quite convoluted with the timeline debacles and then we have Wolverine not having his healing factor(I abhor that) and then here comes Laura Kinney with young Scott. What is his relationship with Young Jean these days? And what is up with the aesthetics of her costume? I do miss her X-Force attire.

    Anyways, I'm not saying anything about it completely. All of my feelings right now are premature but I'm not a big fan of Cyclops back then. I only really started liking Scott when he gave Wolverine the "Go" for the X-Force(original 'Black ops' team that Logan led).

    1. Without reading the comic itself. I have no idea how this is going to be handled. As of now at least, he's still firmly entrenched with young Jean Grey. As for the time travel aspect. I'm sure it's pretty safe to say the interference has caused their original timeline to being diverged into an alternate reality. Kind of a new star trek in reverse where the 616 universe is still the original timeline, but the O5 are now from an alternate timeline created from when beast removed them from their place in time. It seems the only plausible way to nullify the paradox of them in the future unlike their future-selves that are now in the present day.

      Other than that, convoluted is pretty much the best word to use.
      As for her costume. That's yet to be revealed too. It's entirely new for that issue as her Avengers Arena attire is entirely different.

  2. Xyclops
    LauScott? XD
    hmmm Sinney sounds better! :B

    1. Plus it's so fun to say and really captures the reactions of the characters and fans so well. xD