Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fox Sues Everyday Woman

Cinematical is reporting that 20th Century Fox is suing a woman who writes screenplays by night, and sells flowers by day.

She had uploaded a copy of what's apparently the new Deadpool movie to her site, in a bid to create a library of scripts for people to turn to if they need examples from the biz for formatting and so on. Fox is allegedly suing her for 15 million dollars, claiming her actions hurt their intellectual property. Yet Fox is ignoring the bigger problem of where she got it from, and didn't know it was a film that hadn't been made yet or even released.

Come on Fox. Seriously? I thought you guys were better than that, or at least trying to be. You know a simple cease and desist to make her aware of what she's done first may have been prudent. I'm ashamed right now for the fact I'm trying to even get them to notice me for a script I've written. To be honest, it's actions like this that make me think that if Fox ever did pursue my idea based on the Yost/Kyle work, that they'd just let the suits kill it as opposed to doing it right.

Was the woman in the wrong? Probably. The actions they've taken do seem reminiscent of the RIAA from years back against Napster though. Definitely not good for the public image. They might want to fix that with some kind of grand gesture somehow... Like picking up a fanboy adaption, that donates to charity too.

Erm, bad Snow. Stop shamelessly self plugging.

Running Silent.

Too much good luck and awesomeness the past couple of days. I think I'm going to basicly just go to running silent for awhile. I'm waiting for karma to drop the other shoe pretty much.

So life is calling me back again. I hope it won't be long, we shall see. My personal life is just getting too many things going right now to focus solely on one area. I hope I'll still have time to post relevant information, links, and reviews, but we shall see as life itself is being chaotic yet again.

*Update* Life dropped the other shoe, so this blog is staying with a vengence.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Wake Up Hollywood!

Recently io9 had a nice long editorial on Buffy and heroism. It raises some valid points. It's a very well done articulate response to the very thing I'm trying to push lately. X-23 could embody these very things. If you've ever read the origin minis, you know exactly what I'm talking about. She makes sacrifices for others' benefits, but not her own. Seeking to protect others even after finally getting a taste of normalcy. She was created to be essentially the ultimate bad guy, but instead makes the ultimate sacrifice. While she doesn't give up her literal life, she does sacrifice any kind of life she could have with her family to save them.

So much subtext and overtones, and yet not a peep. Tsk, tsk Fox. Have you learned nothing? Don't think you're getting away with murder either Marvel. How you can let this potential just slide on by so close to a prime marketing date is baffling. Sure it's not the 60+ years Cap had for an anniversary movie, but you know what? Modern audiences have a short attention span. As it is, it's shameful to believe that many out there still think X-23's just some Prostitute's daughter thanks to NYX. Maybe it's time that Marvel and Fox both proved they get the Whedon-esque hero's quandry, and push forward with a property that could surprise and awestruck audiences. Something accurate to boot.

Then again, maybe comics are just as bad Hollywood. A reboot every few years. Have an established origin? Who cares, we'll just deconstruct and alter it all on the fly anyway. That's not working? Oh well, we'll just reboot them later with some cosmic level threat, or psychological plot device, or mcguffin. Do we really need another Identity Crisis, Infinite Crisis, or plot devices that make no sense that conveniently change characters from who they are to something completely new for new audiences to start over with?

Heroes for All Walks of Life

While I generally tend to focus on female empowerment, and female heroes, that's not to say there aren't others out there for all walks of life.

A blog called The Chronicle has compiled a list of 25 LBGTQ protagonists across comics, books, and Sci-fi. The list is definitely worth checking out.
Making the cut at number 17 is Daken, the half-brother of X-23/Laura Kinney.

Super Hero Squad References X-23

This past Saturday, November 27th, an episode of The Super Hero Squad Show entitled "Double Negation at World's End" written by Eugene Son referenced X-23. Sorry for the late update on this as I haven't had time until now to watch the episode myself on the DVR.

In a quick scene, Wolverine mentions he doesn't do amusement parks, which by itself means nothing, but it did catch my attention because of his recent escapade in X-23 v3 issue 2. Not long after that as he pulls out his team-up checklist, he mentions X-23 by name before admitting he's never teamed up with Herbie by himself until now. If you are able to pause the episode, you can see her on the checklist too with a check in the check box.

Overall a pretty enjoyable episode. Plus it's nice to see small references to the X-23 ongoing comic. The episode further acknowledges it at the end in a special bonding moment between Wolverine and Herbie.

This episode also featured a special brief cameo of Avengers: EMH IronMan as well. Keep up the great work on this show! The Super Hero Squad Show has been getting progressively better each episode with more tongue in cheek mockery at all things Marvel, but hey, it's all in good fun.

The Super Hero Squad Show airs Saturday mornings on Cartoon Network.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Future Female Protagonists coming from Hollywood

So with the recent revelation of the writer on the Buffy reboot, I thought it'd be a good time to do a rundown on all the upcoming female heroes coming our way.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Script written by Whit Anderson. Warner Brothers is looking to reboot the franchise without Whedon involved. Date is TBD.

Bubblegum Crisis - A multi-national joint venture that's looking to bring the adventures of the Knight Sabers to movie theaters. The Knight Sabers are 4 women who fight rogue 'boomers' created by the Genom Corporation. Priss, Nene, Linna and Sylia will be making their appearance on the silver screen in 2012.

Wonder Woman - Still in development hell over at Warner Brothers. It's undecided on how best to approach this whether a TV series would be prudent, or a theatrical appearance. So far it's all still TBD. *Update* Now it's officially going to be an NBC series.

Sucker Punch - The comic turned movie about one girl's escape from her imprisonment as well as reality will be hitting theaters March 25th, 2011. It is directed by Zack Snyder. It's also from Warner Brothers. Official Site.

Kick-Ass 2 - Still TBD, but it'll feature Hit-Girl yet again in all her kicking ass glory. Of course the title character will be returning too. So far it is all TBD, but check out the mini-series it'll be adapted from by Marvel as it's being released this and next year.

Tangled - The just recently released Disney feature that tells the story of Rapunzel and her escape to freedom. Official Site

Super - Frank and Libby, otherwise everyday people team-up to take on crime. Um, okay much more to that, but I don't think a small blurb can do this twisted tale justice. It's kind of hard to simplify Libby's sociopathic tendencies played poeticly by Ellen Page. Official Site

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - A journalist and hacker enter into a life or death mystery as they unravel the pieces. Based on the Novel and Foreign film of the same name. Distributed by Sony.

Underworld 4 - Kate Beckinsale makes her return to the franchise, all info is still pretty shrouded in mystery but expect it in theaters sometime in 2012 possibly. Another from Sony.

Snow White and the Huntsman - Coming from Universal Pictures, this is a new take on the classic fairy tale. Not much is known except not to expect your parent's Snow White. Hits theaters December 21, 2012.

Red Riding Hood - Another new take on an age-old fairy tale. This one brought to you by the director of Twilight. This is another foray from Warner Brothers. It'll be hitting theaters March 2011. So are you afraid of the big bad wolf? Trailer

Then there's also Noir, Hanna, and Black Swan to add to the list as well.
Hanna being the most dentrimental to getting an X-23 origins feature rolling.

This is just a small rundown based on what's the most prevalent information right now. I may update later as I either remember, or find out about others.

Now even DC's Raven is becoming a series.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

XMO: X-23 (Tentative) Fan Casting Part 4

This is just another fan casting entry. I hope that it starts conveying the vision I have for this property though. So far these two are the top picks on my lists, but not the only choices. With the free time I have this weekend, I'll try and finish getting other materials together. So hopefully more posts to come. This is only for the theatrical or tv movie origin feature, and not for a tv series. TV series points will come later. Right now my focus is on an accurate portrayal origin feature to better familiarize the public with these characters and license. TV series play by different rules than at the cinema, so that can be approached differently.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Avengers: EMH Schedule Update!

After today's Gamma World two parter on Disney XD, the next new Avengers episode won't be until Sunday December 5th at 10am/9am central. Be sure to check your local listings. Disney XD's schedule is showing that this Wednesday's will be a repeat of "Living Legend."

The new episode on December 5th at 10am/9am Central is called "Masters of Evil."

Chris Claremont At Penn Plaza For World AIDS Day

Or so the headline reads at BCN. So if you're up in New York next Wednesday at 7:30 PM be sure to stop by Penn Plaza Borders, as 25% of all proceeds will be going to Lifebeat, an AIDS educational nonprofit organization.

This is just part of what Borders is doing to commemorate World Aids day. So be sure to check out your local Borders on that day to see how you can help as this should be a nationwide event with each store playing their part.

You can find a more indepth article on this over at CBR.

*Update* BCN has done a follow up about more comic writers in Portland and New York.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving from KinneyPride!

What better way to give thanks for Marvel giving X-23 her own on-going, and having the character be healed and begin to grow into an even more independant young woman, than to have the first ever Paper Cuts one panel sneak peak today?

So anyone who has been wondering what it is. Here's just a small taste of what's to come. Mind you, this is just an early teaser, and does not reflect the final strip version or designs come January 23rd. It is just a sneak peak after all.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Be sure to check out Paper Cuts when it makes its second debut this Christmas, and then becomes a regular feature using its regular style and cast starting January 23rd!

Also, since the obligatory "Don't tase me bro!" joke is done, I'll never have to do it again. Giving thanks to that... Oh yeah, and of course my family, food, roof over my head, and bills being paid. All that jazz too.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Buffy Reboot is a Go! (Sadly)

It seems Warner Brothers is moving ahead with their recent plans to reboot Buffy the vampire Slayer.

So far they've got a script, written by a one Whit Anderson, an actress turned screen-writer. Hero Complex goes in detail about this more. According to IMDB, this is Whit Anderson's first screen-play.

Marvel and Fox need to stop resting on their laurels and get moving with an X-23 feature to counter this in 2013. The market is primed and waiting, and the Buffy reboot will not be a good representation of if the public is over-saturated with female protagonists. The new Buffy movie will either resound with the demand for female heroes, or flop because of rebooting a series that was so beloved when done by Whedon. Speaking of which, Joss Whedon has no connection to this reboot.

Warner Brothers seems to be generating some interesting press using a starlet turned screen-writer. Her first big break into screen writing could either cement her credit as to her take on this subject, or could break her chances of companies taking her seriously in the future. Either way, it's generating buzz simply because it's more or less a newcomer. Though being affiliated to the nostalgic charm of Buffy hasn't hurt either.

Hmm, funny that...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Avengers:EMH One Hour Event this Friday!

Because sometimes this blog just needs some good news.

This should be amazing as Avengers:EMH has already proven itself to be time and time again.

Pet Peeves - Correct Usage of A and AN

I've seen this repeated in printed media, lately even in news sites and it's starting to annoy the crap out of me from what's supposed to be allegedly professional writers. I'm not perfect with my usage of punctuation, but come on, seriously? How can this mistake keep sliding through.

This thankfully is something that has NEVER happened in an X-23 comic.

I'm speaking of the usage of A and An.

Why is this such a hard grammar rule to grasp?

A humanistic, a historic, an hour, NOT an humanistic, not an historic, not a hour.

Use a if the next word begins with a consonant SOUND.
This is a sound rule, NOT a spelling rule.
a box
a cat
a university (university begins with a consonant sound)
a unicorn (unicorn begins with a consonant sound)
a European trip (European begins with a consonant sound)
a hotel (hotel begins with a consonant sound)
a hit (hit begins with a consonant sound)
a xylophone (Xylophone begins with a consonant sound)

Use AN if the next word begins with a vowel SOUND.
This is a sound rule, NOT a spelling rule.
an atom
an entrance
an ice cream cone
an uncle (uncle begins with a vowel sound)
an hour (the h is silent, thus a vowel sound)
an ex (ex or X begins with a vowel sound, pronounced like ecks)

I know this is rather random, but it's becoming an even worse trend in published material that makes me wonder what are the use of editors if they can't even catch basic grammar mistakes to correct before printing.

A Study on Women in the Industry.

Over at BCN they have an article that talks about women in the industry. It's an interesting piece with statistics that can make one think and appreciate the current crop of women in the industry.

It honestly made me look back and miss the days of Diane Duane working on Spider-Man novels in the 90s.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

X-23 v3 Issue 3 - The Great Bits (Spoilers)

It is a complicated heady issue to put it mildly, though many would say that's an understatement. It shows a return of the psychology that's prevalent throughout the run in Academy X, the minis, and even X-Force.

We finally have Laura Kinney off Utopia for a good while. Something that was extremely needed for her stories to be interesting or even relevant. Let's be honest here. X-23 on an island of mutants is boring. It's nothing against Utopia itself, but there is a reason the best recent stories have to do with them being off Utopia, or going to San Francisco. X-23, a powerful independant woman in her own right, would be boring on Utopia surrounded by her peers.

We do finally have it stated in continuity and in a way that no fan can deny that Laura Kinney is Logan's test-tube daughter. Not exactly his clone, but not exactly not either. She is her mother's daughter, and yet, so much more. The issue really plays up the similiarities between her and Dr. Kinney like the origin minis did.

Laura Kinney is not as mopey as she was anymore. Finally moving forward, she is healing. The self-destructive tendencies are gone, she's making choices, and she's finally taking responsibility for those choices.

The telepathic entity has been integrated into Laura's story. Something that while many aren't fond of, does present numerous possibilities, as well as leaves a mcguffin in place to protect the comic from any future flashback mistakes by Laura.

Memory itself, especially with teenagers, is fickle. This plays up to the psychology of the character. Perception, reality, and how she chooses to put her own spin on her memories is something real people do everyday. Someone with her past, and heavy-handed well-warranted depression, is expected. Though the locket may be seemingly gone for now, it is an interesting notion as people out in the world like Kimura would try to find X-23 by any means, including telepaths. Laura is well trained when it comes to keepsakes and protocols. She is the ultimate chess player, something the first issue pushed rather well.

We finally saw the disregarding of treating Laura Kinney as an animal. Something that was counter-intuitive to everything she represents. She's finally portrayed in her own thoughts as a machine, something the facility attempted to drill into her in trying but failing to breed out emotion entirely, or at least they attempted to beat subservience into her using Kimura.

Using an amalgamation of nature vs nurture in conjunction with the peak experience brought the psychology of the character to the forefront finally and albeit with a few miss-steps, it does bring the character full circle into a form of closure before other stories start up.

While issue 3 chose its own way to portray Laura's soul and how she realized it, in many ways it hit all the key points of my September post about what it should be. While it may have sidestepped the entire do clones have souls debate, it did it in such a manner that did stay true to the character's origins inspite of a miss-step or two. While I'm not thrilled at side-stepping the debate, for a fledgling comic, this might be best instead of being overbearingly political in its message about creating life. While the psychological method used is essentially a 'cure-all,' it is an interesting concept to play with when using something like a soul, and the innate beauty of that concept itself.

This isn't 'good soldier' Laura, and rightfully so, as Laura has never quite been the 'good soldier' who follows orders. She's independant and vocal talking back to her 'superiors' and following orders in a creative manner outside the parameters. This is something that finally starts to come to light again in the issue, albeit only nuanced. She's a character who works well solo, or with a partner, and it's good to see that return for future development. While a good chunk of her depression can be explained by the figurative fact of people basicly waving their finger at her and going "No, Bad doggie, don't do that," it does finally show X-23 moving past that. This being the main cause for her being withdrawn and unable to grow as opposed to before.

The puppy flashback was a masterful addition. Bringing the mini-series full circle, and showing the writer to have done her homework. An older dog is used in the mini-series for the first triggerscent test. This scene explains why trigger was even needed by the facility.

While I say no more flashbacks are needed, I do expect at least one more. That being the creation of Kimura. With Miss Sinister entering the story, and an alluded connection to Mr. Sinister in the upcoming issues, this issue specificly throws a curve ball in what the comic synopsis mysteriously reads. This issue brings up some interesting possibilities that suggest maybe Mr. Sinister's hand is solely in developing Kimura herself. Let's be honest here, Dr. Rice is a quack. None of his experiments worked to the point they had to bring in Dr. Kinney to even create Laura. So how he could conceive let alone create Kimura from an abused orphan girl turned bully is suspect. Hopefully this issue, if it does use a flashback with Mr. Sinister will be a flashback using Kimura and not Laura Kinney. Something that would make sense because as worthless as Dr. Rice is, it would make sense for him to just use his countless resources to just find a test-subject, and pay Mr. Sinister to turn her into his specifications. This seems feasible especially after all the money put into the X-23 project itself.

The portrayal of Julian still as a self-centered jerk, and Scott Summers as a leader who's also quite the dick, came across perfectly. Something that played off well against Storm and Gambit, two other characters who grew up on the streets too. Gambit specificly gets interesting because of his connection to growing up on the streets and then falling into the thieves guild. This is something that in many ways mirrors Laura as she grew up, lost her family because of the facility, and fell into the Institute where everything was all fun and games until they started to use her for X-Force.

I commend these note-worthy things, as well as ample amounts of symbolism and even finally moving Laura forward away from being a killer at all.

That's not to say the comic is not without its faults, but with how masterfully woven this is, they may be intentional. Be sure to check out X-23 v3 issue 4 on sale December 15th, as it begins Laura's first story out in the real world in over 3 years.

(There's that 3 again. Something else that should probably be commended if albeit accidental.)

Another personal thing of mine I commend Marjorie Liu for is the music I was splicing together for the 'fan proposed trailer.' It has become even more relevant now. For that, I don't know how I could ever thank her enough.

Friday, November 19, 2010


This is X-23's brand new 'Soul Mark.'

What exactly is it?
Is it a star to represent her soul and the infinite vast possibilities this new direction can now take that it's free of all baggage and hopefully free of all flashbacks? Or is a snowflake the key into her soul representing she's like everyone else and yet unique, her choices being what define her from now on?

You decide!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Reminder: X-23 v3 Issue #04

After the culmination of X-23 v3 issue #03, an issue that finally began the healing process for Laura Kinney, the series should only be looking forward now. It will start creating its own progression, and hopefully not keep re-writing history for the character.  (So in other words, please God, don't let it have more flashbacks, I don't think reality can take anymore!)

This could mean some great and new stories. I personally am looking forward to this issue, as it'll mark the first issue in this on-going series to do its own thing. We are not faced with a Laura Kinney that's a killer, but someone who is out on the road to do her own thing, and live her own life.  Something that hasn't been on shelves in a little over 3 years.  (Again with the threes...)

So, just as a reminder, issue #04 of the on-going comic will be hitting shelves on December 15th, 2010.

Marvel.com Updates Website Design!

Today, Marvel.com has updated the design of their website.

Personally, I rather like it. It gives more emphasis on each character, and uses some great artwork to do so. Then again, it also looks mildly similiar to another design I've seen, so maybe I'm partial to that flavor of design flair.

Marvel February 2011 Solicits

X-23 #6
Written by Marjorie Liu
Penciled by Will Conrad
Cover by Kalman Andrasofszky
Parental Advisory Suggested
Cover Price: $2.99
Page Count: 32
Available on February 23, 2011
Is Miss Sinister the most dangerous enemy X-23 has ever encountered or the closest thing to a friend she has right now? X-23 is about to find out, as just when things couldn't get worse, they do.

Marvel Universe Action Figures Rumor

As previously mentioned, there is an X-23 figure in the works for the MU line. Well now we have rumors coming in from CoolToyReview of just that.
According to this rumor she will be in wave 3 or 4 of 2011. The assortment listing rumor is as follows:

Wave 3 & 4 2011
Dr. Strange

Steve Rogers
Scarlet Spider
Dr. Doom

Special thanks to Toyark for making me aware of this and where the news came from. Now excuse me while I go squeal like a school girl for awhile about Darkhawk and X-23 in the same wave.

Also seriously, what's up with X-23 and the number 3?
3 years since her premiere in X-Men Evo, she gets an origin mini-series, she premiered in X-Men evo in 2003, of season 3, her second episode was episode 3 of season 4, the issue it finally comes out that she's actually more akin to a test-tube daughter of wolverine is issue 3 of volume 3, and now her MU figure will be in wave 3 of 2011, which is the 3rd year for MU figures too. Gee, I wonder if this explains a certain other thing a fan blog is trying to do within 3 years for release on her 10 year anniversary.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

X-23 v3 Issue #3 Released Today!

The new issue of X-23's on-going was released today. After a quick one pass, it reads decently too, but I'll save that for the review.

This review may come a little later than usual, as I don't want to jump head first into praising, or condemning it. This issue shows promise, with only a few mistakes. I'm going to let the review wait for now until it settles in more. This comic isn't one to be taken lightly, and the reviews shouldn't be rushed because of that.

The timeline has also been updated to include it.

Sales Rank Section Updated!

The Sales Rank section has been backlogged finally for the previous X-23 mini-series and oneshot.

Hopefully the sales take a turn upward for Marjorie Liu's issues, and this is just a fluke. Though on that note, hopefully they don't dive further and get a great comic canceled.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Still Under Construction

My apologies for this, but the blog is still under renovation. More details will follow as they become apparent.

So far, only one section is finished which is the Games/TV/Movies section. The rest are coming soon, but being caught up by life itself, some plans are taking the backseat longer than anticipated. The reviews will be returning soon, and I will attempt to maintain my sameday review pattern as previously. This will also include a spoiler free review. The retro reviews will be kicked back off again working their way back up to present as well. So just remember, this is simply one fan's view.

Paper Cuts is still under construction, and will be revealed once it's ready to go, which sadly may not be till 2011, though I do hope for sooner.

Content can be sparse on days with focusing solely on one character, so to make up for that I will be doing occasional random bits on my own talking about the character. This is a blog after all, so of course the opinions expressed may not represent the same as Marvel or others associated to anything with the comic's publishing. I have no ties to Marvel other than being a fan, and wanting to write the X-23 movie that in my honest opinion should be released on 10/23/2013 as a celebratory move for her decade anniversary, and even that is solely a Hollywood thing and bears no reflection upon them or their title. Though I do feel since that date falls on a Wednesday it would be a prime time for them to celebrate all the daughters of Marvel.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Big What If for TV, or Did Summer Glau just use NBC to audition for X-23?

If Disney Marvel ever attempted an X-23 tv series, would you watch it?

Now what if I said it consulted Marjorie Liu, Craig Kyle, or Christopher Yost for the stories and/or writing?
What if it starred Summer Glau?

After tonight's Chuck (NBC Mondays) that question has been danced around. Today's episode featured a sub-story that starred Summer Glau who once again proves how well she could handle a late teens to early 20s Laura Kinney.

I've always been opposed to the idea of Summer Glau playing X-23 for an origin feature, but a TV show does open all kinds of possibilities, just as the door would still be open for her post-origin. ABC Disney, I personally think, could benefit from a show like this, especially after or during an origin movie theater run that introduces general audiences to the character. This seperation of cast and story would allow them to not worry about the origin and audience issues associated while letting them explore the future possibilities that her on-going comic (is supposed to at least) represents.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Disney should dare? Are they just opening the window of oppurtunity and letting the golden goose fly out? Or should they continue to let it lay the golden eggs?

As Whedon fans will tell you, this was simply a Firefly nod. It does make one wonder though with Whedon's recent ties to Avengers.

If you missed tonight's Chuck, you can catch it on Hulu or NBC's website.

Wolverine 2 to be called The Wolverine.

HitFix is reporting, after talks with Darren Aronofsky, that the Wolverine sequel will be called 'The Wolverine' and won't be a sequel in any conventional sense.

We'll see how it goes, but if this allows him to just bring the best movie forward for the character, then kudos to him. Now, let's hope they can just prevent a disasterous leak like before as well.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

X-23 v3 issue 03 Preview

So much for the vacation.
The issue 3 preview is available now. My personal take? That's what I'm talking about! Marjorie Liu has really hit her stride now if this preview is any indication. It looks to be AWESOME. We will all find out if it holds up in a few days when it's released on Wednesday, November 17th, 2010.

This preview really gives me hope for the title though. I hope the rest of the issue proves just as good. The foreshadowing about her mother is perfect too. It gives me hope they really will go with the entire 'her mother is in hell' angle. Ms. Liu has gotten my hopes high again with her amazing writing, and character potential. The little bits that seem rather mean-spirited towards her mother after the tearful moments before, really reflect a teenager well. It shows a growing return of the psychology that was rampant in the Kyle/Yost run that made them great. Namely, teenagers are fickle and selective themselves depending on what they want to focus on, and how they feel about their lives in reflection. This X-23 (going off just these 6 pages) is really starting to shine as real, and it's thanks to Marjorie Liu for this great usage. I'm looking forward to the rest of the issue, and where she may take this. It further proves why comics are handled by professional writers and not lame fanboys who do stupid things like push for a movie using their unsolicited screenplay adapted from the minis with no agent.

So on with the stellar preview.

Writer: Marjorie Liu
Art: Will Conrad, Sana Takeda
Colors: John Rauch
Cover: Danni Shinya Luo
Cover Price: $2.99
On Shelves: Wed, November 17th, 2010
Preview Provided by Comic Book Resources

The Proposal that Could(n't)

So a fan blog (*ahem*) has decided to go about trying to get an X-23 movie kick started in Hollywood. Yet they decide to do it the very way they shouldn't. It seems as though they are attempting to plead it to the internet in a rather verbose manner.

It's left open for all to see, claiming that Hollywood itself has instigated this approach of using the internet machine to push it forward to make Hollywood or Marvel contact him so that he can submit it as solicited with no obligations tied for just the oppurtunity to be heard.

Not a bad idea, but not a good one either.
Entertainment lawyers, Agents, and the process are there for a reason, and if Hollywood bowed to these whims, we could see a sudden rash of oppurtunistic everybodies that think they can write attempt this...
Then again, many already have, and some have even made money by doing this.
Look to Japan for example, where a forum series of posts led to the iconic box office smash Densha Otoko. His intent is honorable, and he's not making claims that he's better than everyone. Quite the opposite calling himself just as average as the next person. He just simply wants to see this made, and made right as opposed to the (googled examples) masses who want very random things. Where they scream Summer Glau, he screams a Zack Snyder's Watchmen like approach with clear marketing to appeal to viewers. Where they scream Omega Red, Hydra, and X-Men Evolution, he screams X-23 Innocence Lost, and Target X. Where they scream big budget popcorn action movie, he screams more subdued character driven story.

Maybe off-beat approaches work, but for an established property? Keep dreaming. Hollywood is dead-set about outsiders, because they know exactly what works such as Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Spider-Man 3, X-Men 3, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine have proven! Um, yeah. I'll just stop there about this.

You can find the post here, and his monitoring of the attempt here.
Oh, and yeah I know, I just shamelessly plugged myself, as well as just insulted myself.
With this, I take my leave for the weekend to not think about anything X-23 related until the new issue or the previews for it. Which means the review re-writes will have to wait until then.
(Hey, even I get X-23 burned out after awhile.)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes!

As many know, Disney XD is airing the new Avengers cartoon.

I've been watching it, well, just because I love Marvel stuff honestly. It's been well worth it though. This cartoon has had ample amounts of cameos, great story usage, tons of nods to the history of each character and more.

Does this matter to X-23 fans? Well, since this blog is about her, Avengers does have a connection.

The story editor on it is Christopher Yost, who was one of the writers of the original episode of X-Men Evolution that X-23 premiered in and is one of the writers of her fantastic origin mini-series.

It has already once featured a cameo of a Mr. J. Howlett in an episode.

It regularly has Captain America as a character, who was also in the Target X mini-series.

Will X-23 appear in the show? I don't know. Even if she doesn't though, it's a show well worth checking out. It airs on Disney XD every Wednesday at 7:30 PM central. I highly recommend watching it, as this animated universe seems like it's going to continually grow and expand! It shows the potential to go down in history with the likes of the Bruce Timm and Pual Dini DCAU that created such great works as Batman The Animated Series, and Justice League. The Avengers show has been so great, that it's even brought Wasp herself to the limelight unlike any property before has had. To the point even my little cousins are clamoring for more of Wasps show, just as TWITTER is showing that other parents are hearing the same from their kids.

Just goes to show, with good writing, respect, with an amazing cast and crew, you can't keep a good woman, or team, down!

X-23: The Movie and Why Hollywood needs to do it now, and How.

I've tried for weeks now to reach someone at Marvel or Fox to discuss with about this. I have a more professional condensed business proposal letter with all this ready to go, but the system itself is denying the possibility that it'd ever be seriously considered or even read.

I have a script that I've yet to submit as I need the information of who to send it to, to make sure it is actually read and my plan seriously considered. Due to how Hollywood is now such a closed circuit (agents, entertainment lawyers, and more hoops than even that if you aren't already in the biz and that's just for self-created properties, don't even get me started on trying to use something complicatedly established like X-23 is), this has been nigh impossible. I've yet to reach out to Hugh Jackman's Production company, but that would be the next step since I've yet to hear anything back from Marvel, or Fox.  So I'm going about this the 'Densha Otoko' way.

I have gone about this not as well as I should have, and for that I apologize. With the system setup as it is, I wasn't left with much of an option. I'm drowned out by thousands of fans who want what typical fans do. They want her shoe-horned into any random movie, they want Summer Glau to play her, they want Fox to give the rights back to Marvel, they want all these things that are counter-productive to making a successful franchise movie or is counter-intuitive to drawing a large audience.

This needs to be done right to become a franchise and a hit. I know, saying all this on an X-23 fan blog, outright complaining about fans is counter-intuitive to the very thing I need, which is fan hits. My goal isn't the same as theirs. I want an X-23 film to be made, and I want it to be true to who she is and what she's experienced. I want it to be a franchise that's rich with possibilities, and not simply some minor cameo that's forgettable. I want to push X-23 to Twilight level stardom; to Transformers level box office returns. Marvel has already created the ground work for this potential with the magnificent origin mini-series written by Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle, so that's exactly what should be adapted. It's not that I know better than the thousands of fans out there, it's just that I want something different than what they keep proposing from their fanboy bias and tunnel vision.

To this end, I've realized I'm going to have to take an alternative route to reach my goals. This blog has always been here for me to celebrate the character X-23, and toss around these ideas, so I thought it might finally be time I did just that. So remember, this is a blog, not how I'd write to send something professionally. This is just me rambling off all of what I want to do in my more casual and natural written voice as opposed to what I call 'business speak' or 'professional writing.' I like to keep things on this blog more casual to avoid arrogance or being pretentious.

The script itself is mildly under-wraps, it does have changes from the two mini-series it's based on(Innocence Lost, and Target X), but they are changes for time constraints, and for character usage to fit as well as getting the rating to remain at PG-13 due to the subject matter. It is essentially 90% the same, 5% for time and character changes(film rights issues), and 5% to heighten the emotional impact and attempt to keep the rating within needed parameters. Due to the nature of the biz; I don't want my ideas stolen, but to gain an actual dialogue with Marvel or Fox. I am keeping the script to myself and the few I've let read it as a blind test audience for how it would play out on general audiences. I would like for it to only be in Fox & Marvel's hands, but even without that, it is their intellectual property I'm using, just as the mini-series it's derived from are their property. So I understand whole-heartedly they could do this without me. To be frank, if they do, I'm fine with that so long as they do it right, and cast appropriately as they have in the past. My main fear here is if they do the opposite of what I'm saying here and it bombs so they blame the character, and not the choices. Hence why I offer the dual scapegoats of doing it accurately, AND being able to blame it all on a fan not in the biz for pushing it. To be fair though, I'm only willing to take the blame if I actually have a credited hand in it. That's fair isn't it? They take the credit for the success it will be, I take the blame if by some random chance it flops.

The pitch: X-23 is Nikita meets Splice, with a dash of Life Unexpected. It has overtones of Pinnochio but in the modern world, along with elements of Cinderella, but a Cinderella not saved by a prince, but by her own hand and family.

Proposed Release Date: Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 (The Year of X-23's Ten Year Anniversary. It'll have been ten years since her premiere on X-Men Evolution in August of 2003.)

Synopsis: Laura Kinney is a girl unlike any other. Her father is Wolverine, a man she's never met. She was born into a world that makes her kill so they get money. She's never known what being a real girl is like. That is, until one day her mother sends her away to her extended family, but will Laura's "owners" be okay with this?

Marketing: The marketing plan is crucial to this attaining Twilight or Transformers level stardom and returns.

First, start off by announcing where the script came from: a fan who was born on 10/23, and did ample amounts of research to make sure it maintained accuracy for fans, and yet still would be able to appease general audiences.  Going this route on attaching a 'fan' under the set criteria above also lessens the impact of piracy because the fans would be hurting one of their own. Granted that's never stopped them before, but at least it could make some hesitant. It also gives studios an out if it unexpectedly does poorly. It was written by a 'fanboy' and would be the end of this just starting career in film writing. (Mind you, I'm fine with this as X-23 is one of only 3 things I'd like to actually write a film for.) This angle also yields a new promotion manner, being the person behind this marketing plan, and so involved in the choices of the film lets this person be perfect for the Morning Show/Talk Show circuit to push the chance the studio is taking doing this and the chance they are taking with this lone fan. The drawback here is that this person will be thrust into the limelight themself. Something I'm opposed to as I've only ever wanted to live my life with privacy and solitude. Fame isn't what I personally want. What I want is to be able and go to the theater and see this movie in glorious IMAX or 3D. I believe in this so passionately that I'm willing to give that up to attain my goal and to ensure a success. There is also a symmetry here of X-23 attaining a life outside of what she was confined to, as this movie would give this 'fan' a chance to attain a new life they never dreamed of. (Sigh, can you say prime reality tv fodder? Cause I can, and it scares me to no end. I'm a staunch supporter of the fact reality tv came into existence because of a deal with the devil...)

Second, an as-yet-undetermined amount of profits should go to a charity for abuse victims. The story itself deals with this heavily, and what better way to respect the story than to do just that; help those in situations as bad. This also hopefully will curtail another piece of the piracy puzzle, and show the people who made this to be caring individuals out to help the world, the economy, and fans by doing it justice and keeping its soul intact to do so.

Third, a promise from Fox to maintain as much accuracy as they can, since this story has minimal to no real superhero costumes. It is simply the story of a girl growing up, making a friend, and dealing with family.

Fourth, the casting can reflect the parallels of a child star or pop idol. X-23 was created as a weapon to be used, so an actress who was raised in the limelight to be a star would allow this parallel to be pushed, and add a layer of symbolism that could, if done right, give Marvel an actual Oscar contender.

Fifth, pushing in trailers about the daughter wolverine didn't know he had. This angle, and general 'sisterhood of the traveling pants' type familial focus could help gain female viewers as Twilight has. Unlike Twilight, Laura is a postive role model for women as she's trying to improve her life and live inspite of what the people who created her want her to be. She's choosing her own destiny thanks to her mother, what daughter could ask for more when the world is pushing them down?

Sixth is the release day. October 23rd, 2013. This date falls on a Wednesday in the heart of a season full of horror movies. It is not your typical big budget release date, but this isn't exactly a big budget action movie either. The date reflects the title being 10/23 itself and gains them 2 extra days on the box office weekend returns. It also allows for a big push from Marvel to have 'Daughter' variant covers on all the Marvel titles released that day. They can even call it 'X-23 Day'. 2013 itself is the perfect year because if you switch the 2 and the 1 in 2013 you get 10-23 or X-23. X is the roman numeral for 10 after all. Oh, and speaking of 10, 2013 is also the ten year anniversary for X-23 since her creation in X-Men Evolution. Seriously, talk about convenient.

Seventh is the budget. This film doesn't require ample amounts of money thrown at it unlike Iron Man, or Captain America, or any other comic adaption's price tag. This film could be comfortably done at around Scott Pilgrim's 60 Million, or at most around the first X-Men movie's budget (depending on the cost of 3D if used). Using practical effects to make it look better would also curtail chunks of the budget to be marketed. This makes the risk less on the studio, and the returns higher for all those associated, including the chunk that goes to charity.

Speculative Casting:

Laura Kinney AKA X-23 - The starring role. A brunette caucasian actress who can pass for a 14-17 year old girl. Being a child-star a plus. Someone who can convey innocence and a childlike nature, while still capable of conveying an eerie level of violence in just a look. This role needs someone with star power behind it that can play to a modern generation and not solely the Firefly generation.

Lucy Hale
Selena Gomez
Malese Jow
Indie Eisley
Phoebe Tonkin
Victoria Justice
Elise Gatien

Dr. Sarah Kinney - Laura's Mother and creator. A caucasian brunette actress who can play the age ranges of 24-35. Someone preferably with a lyrical voice that's suitable for narration. This is pivotal to the first half and its narration. It's reminiscent of A Diary of Anne Frank stage play type narration.

Eliza Dushku
Summer Glau
Alyson Hannigan
Pauley Perrette
Daniela Ruah
Angela Sarafyan
Renée Felice Smith

Dr. Zander Rice - The man who fashioned Laura Kinney into the weapon she is. He has an unhealthy loathing for all things James Howlett for what happened to his own father. A caucasian actor who ranges from 24-40.

Barrett Foa
Joshua Jackson
Chris O'Donnell
Eric Christian Olsen

Kimura - X-23's invincible field handler in charge of keeping her in the project and following orders. An actress with looks that can range from 18-25. Someone who can do sadistic, abusive, cruel, and revel in it well.

Naya Rivera
Mila Kunis

Megan Kinney - Dr. Sarah Kinney's niece, Debra's Daughter, and Laura's cousin. She shows Laura what it's like to be a normal girl. A blonde caucasian actress who can play a 13-16 year old girl. Unknowns are welcome.

Ashley Benson
Britt Robertson

Debra Kinney - Megan's mother, Dr. Sarah Kinney's sister, and Laura Kinney's Aunt. She plays a key role in helping Laura start to become a 'real girl'. She's your typical single-mom who hasn't experienced any real form of adventure or horror outside of your typical real world matters. A brunette caucasian actress that looks in the range of 25 to 38. Unknowns are welcome.

>a href="http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0329481/">Ginnifer Goodwin
Shiri Appleby
Delphine Chanéac
Summer Glau
Alyson Hannigan
Pauley Perrette
Ellen Pompeo
Daniela Ruah
Angela Sarafyan
Renée Felice Smith
Jenny Wade

James Howlett AKA Wolverine - Need I say more?

Hugh Jackman is the only choice for this. He IS Wolverine, and no actor could do it better.

Megan's French Teacher - Used for one of the comedic scenes to break the tension of the film.

Jamie Hyneman

Megan's Biology Teacher - Used for one of the comedic scenes to break the tension of the film.

Adam Savage

There are other roles too of course, but these are the basic headlining roles with the most screen time. Well besides the teachers, they only have one scene each, but I had to 'fan' cast those for the obvious references in the mini itself anyway.

The Spin: Having this movie adhere to the origin mini-series closely gives much respect to the character and work that should make fans happy, while still at the same time proving to Hollywood that an accurate adaption can still fit in continuity to movies that have diverged and appease general audiences. It shows fans that just because a universe is completely different, doesn't mean that things that were changed, can't be used by writers with tact who know what they are doing and have researched the subject. Yes, Marvel themselves are proving this with the Avengers Assemble line-up of movies, but Fox has yet to prove themselves capable of this. This is changing hopefully with Wolverine 2 coming soon, but that shouldn't be the only one to do it to push the point. A multi-fire approach gains the fans multiple examples of accuracy to prove it works on the off-chance one of them doesn't.

This movie idea is one that plays up the classic era of sci-fi cinema that is lacking in Hollywood today. A story focused on character drive, with a climax and resolution that would make audiences discuss it without bowing to shock value to attain it like Splice attempted. It'd raise the question of human rights, what a weapon is, and what she's guilty of or should be held responsible for. A thought-provoking movie that would keep making audiences come back for more to catch every detail as it would be talked about for decades to come. Is she a child, or a weapon; the daughter Wolverine never knew he had.

Production Materials:
This concept work does not reflect what the final title could or should be, the title is only tentative if this idea even gets off the ground.

So far, all I have is the one spec poster, but more are to follow to depict each candidate, as well as the various tag lines and other characters. I also have trailer music I've spliced together and am working on getting a spec trailer together to also put here. So that will come someday, probably not soon though sadly as I have to gather clips and alter clips to use under fair use and research what the limits are associated to that.

Why Hollywood needs to do this now:
X-23 will be making her first splash to general audiences (outside of traditional animation) in the upcoming Marvel vs Capcom 3 video game. Many idle fans of those games have no clue who she is, but it gives them an awareness of the fact she's a Marvel character. X-23 currently has her own on-going comic which this movie could help bolster the sales of. Right now, we're knee-deep into a season of strong female protagonists that cater to all audiences again, and while in this trend the iron needs to be struck while it's hot. This movie would prove the superhero genre is long from dead so long as it is in capable hands and the material well-warranted. With movies like Bubblegum Crisis in the works, Sucker Punch about to be released, the anime NOIR being made into a series by Raimi, Buffy the Vampire Slayer being remade, and other iconic women in film history that have paved the way, it's time for one to stand out and show that a strong female protagonist can be both a role-model, and a film audiences will gobble up faster than the Turkey dinner on Thanksgiving. This film also does what classic cinema does, preying on the modern fears of cloning prevalent in society. By making the audience think, it does what very few modern movies do today, and like inception did, would get audiences coming back repeatedly for more.

With using as close adhesion as possible to her origin in the first one, it allows the sequels, if warranted, to diverge freely. Any sequel to this can be as open ended as they like to continue the potential without worry. This would be the Fox Universe X-23 and not the comics afterall, and really for now, only her origin is needed to be accurate. The rest can go any direction needed so long as it continues the motif of making the audience ponder the predicament. This also alleviates the issue of NYX on-screen, or her other random appearances until an Academy X movie, or tv series. The premise is to introduce Laura Kinney AKA X-23 to world-wide audiences accurately, and leave the door open to go any which way they want afterwards. In fact, it'd be prefered that everything after her Origin is different; to allow X-23 to define herself as a self-sustaining franchise. If Fox sits idly on their hands, this sweeping trend will pass them by.

If Marvel, Fox, or Hugh Jackman's production company is interesed in pursuing my idea they can reach me at my e-mail address here where I can divulge whatever contact info is needed to seriously discuss this and the possibilities once I've verified that it truly is them contacting me. Yes, I've even pondered the burning question about this: What makes me think I'm uniquely qualified over the thousands of fans that attempt this everyday for fun.

So please, if you feel this is a good plan, spread the link to this blog entry as much as you can to reach the masses. Maybe, just maybe, if I'm lucky, it'll finally be seen by someone at Marvel, or Fox since nothing else has worked. If enough news can be generated about this very entry, maybe this idea can actually move forward in a timely enough manner to reach the projected prime marketing release date of 10/23/2013.  So any news outlet carrying a link to this would be graciously thanked for their help, just as I understand that if Marvel or Fox do this without me, it is within their right.  I'll still be the first in line to see it if that happens!  Doing it that way, I cannot guarantee the success of it though personally, and will not accept any blame if it does poorly at the box office or on DVD.  As it shouldn't though, that's a risk they could be willing to take. Here's hoping Fox does have a heart, and grants this 'Flake of Snow' simply the chance to be heard.

Gah. Okay, I've been working on this for 2 days, and just need to publish it. Minor bits may change later to make it flow better and all that jazz.  For this exact moment though, my brain is just fried times 23.  For now life is calling to come back to it instead of dreaming about something that will never happen. I may take a break from this blog itself for awhile because of just how much this entailed and I need a break from X-23 to remain clear headed for other ventures.

Noir to Get Live Action Series on Starz!

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Female assassin anime Noir is getting the live action treatment thanks to Sam Raimi and Starz.

Why's this important to X-23 fans?
Well for now, it's about the closest we may get to something like an X-23 tv series on tv.

Until ABC, ABC Family, Disney, Fox, or Marvel finally push for an X-23 anything, they are just being one upped left and right by everyone else.
Bubblegum Crisis in 2012, Nikita on TV now, Noir coming soon from Sam Raimi, Sucker Punch being released soon, Buffy the Vampire Slayer being remade for theaters, among many more probably in the pipeline including Kick-ass 2.

The time for female protagonists is now. The market is primed, the timing is near perfect, and if they wait past 2013 they'll miss both a prime marketing point, and risk a chance of it becoming an oversaturated market.

Coming soon, the movie rant to end all rants, that talks about exactly what they should do for an X-23 movie, and what the release date should be. All speculative mind you until someone actually gets back to me about this if ever. (Yeah, like that's going to happen, but we shall see.)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

October 2010 Sales Charts are in!

The October sales charts are in over at ICv2.

All I gotta say is ouch.

X-23 has dropped 28 places in the sales rank. It's coming in ranked at 52 out of 300. That's still not bad staying within the top 100, but not as good as fans would like it. I wish I could personally say this was an underrated issue, but with its continuity guffaws, blatant out of character usage, and general lack of respect for the issues that used her before, it's hard to say this isn't a warranted place for it. Coming off of what was a great first issue the second issue, according to the data ICv2 aggregates, sold only an estimated 35,280 copies. That's 13,201 copies less than the first issue's 48,481 copies, or a 27% sales drop.

The reviews here ranked this issue as 3 claws out of 6, and it seems the sales reflect that. Fear not true believers though, it's normal for a comic to have a dip like this after the first issue. A 27% percent dip is actually good in consideration of that. Wolverine himself had a 40% dip from his first issue to his second issue.

Small Updates

Life is again eating up more time than normal, but I do have many updates and changes planned. One of which is a small section called Paper Cuts that I'm keeping underwraps until it's ready to go.

On this note of self-improvement though, I'd like to go ahead and say one thing. Yes, the current reviews are crap, and half-assed. Starting in issue 3 of the on-going I'd like to improve that. I will be retro-actively improving the others too. Essentially re-writing them, though the scores may stay the same. The general feeling on why they got their scores isn't going to change, but the emphasis on why they received each score will be made more relevant and apparent for understanding. The reviews are provided for several reasons: 1. to let others know how good or bad each individual issue is, 2. if by the off chance anyone at Marvel reads them, they strive to improve their work to make it of the highest calibur they can, and 3. to reflect on the industry what happens when writing shifts happen when the new writer doesn't know of the previous work on a character.

I failed to provide reviews of the calibur I'm capable of, and for that I apologize. The blog is striving to continually make itself better though. So please bear with me as the process continues.

Geek Of Oz: Interview with Marjorie Liu

Over at the Geek of Oz blog, Ryan has managed to get an interview with Marjorie Liu. They talk about a couple topics of her work, most notably X-23 and Daken.

One of the main things we learn is that in early 2011, Daken and X-23 will crossover.

Check it out yourself over at: Geek of Oz

Monday, November 8, 2010

Marvel's Age of X

Starting on January 26th in 2011, a new Marvel X-Men event will be starting. It is called the Age of X.

So far announced to be in it are Hellion and Gambit, with silhouettes of many others still to be revealed.  You can plainly recognize Wolverine and Magneto being among them, so they are a safe bet as well.

As you also know from previously on here, the January issue of X-23 will also have Gambit. Coincidence? Probably. Marvel is known to have mutants appear in multiple titles at the same time. It's the super secret power all mutants have that Wolverine has been pushing to the limit with all the books he's in. Just in case, I'm raising the awareness bar on this comic though on the off-chance she's in it. It does feature Wolverine, Hellion, and Gambit, three of the X-Men it seems X-23 is closest to currently.

AGE OF X: ALPHA #1 Variant Cover
Written by Mike Carey
Pencils by Paul Davidson & more
Cover by Chris Bachalo
Variant Cover by Olivier Coipel
Rated: A
Cover Price: $3.99
In Stores: January 26th, 2011

The Story:
Mutantkind’s final war starts here. If you don’t know which side you’re on, check your DNA.

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Fan Casting Laura Kinney part 3

Outdated:  Please refer to Fan Concepts: Casting an X-23 Live Action Origin Feature Part Who Knows & Dream Movie: X-23 Daughter of Wolverine as they are up to date for the foreseeable future.

Modern Actresses that could pull off X-23 for her own origin Feature film.
Sorry, this means no Summer Glau, no Eliza Dushku, no Mandy Moore, and no Kristin Kreuk.
As much as I adore their work. They are just too old for an origins piece. Maybe if this was an X-Force film. We need someone who can do a passable 12-14 year old girl. That's just outside their current range as the last school roles they played were all seniors, 18 years old at the minimum. Mandy Moore (she was a tough choice to cut from Laura, as she still exudes youth, but she does carry an air of 17 minimum to her look) hasn't done a teen role since 2004, in which she played a High School Senior. Dushku made this quite apparent as well in Tru Calling where she even called herself a 'mature highschooler' trying to blend in with teens during one of her repeat day tasks. Glau on the other hand, has made herself seem perfect for the role of Dr. Kinney after her portrayal in DollHouse as one of the 'mad' scientists. Kreuk, while having the stunt training from Chun-Li, has an air of a college woman, as seen recently in Chuck. 

Any of those four would make for a perfect Dr. Sarah Kinney though.

So who does that leave for an X-23 movie?
Elise Gatien
Gia Mantegna
Italia Ricci
Lucy Hale
Selena Gomez
Victoria Justice

These six, that's right within their range.

Personally, so far my vote goes to Selena Gomez. She's got the softer skin that works, the defined eyebrows, and a more innocent, soft look to her that just fits the dichotomy of the character's own innocence and violence. Doesn't hurt that it also plays up to the parallels of creating a pop star. She also has star power to draw in an audience that otherwise would have missed or ignored the trailers to tell if this was their kind of movie or not. Disney owning Marvel makes this more likely, and honestly perfect for the symbolism and parallels the film could contain.  It also gives a potential air of indie film that mocks the teeny bopper genre.  Lots of levels with that casting that can work in the movies style flavor and symbolism.

Victoria Justice works quite well for many of the same reasons as Selena Gomez. She has star power, drawing power, the more effeminate innocent appeal, and she can play up the parallel of a pop star as well thanks to nickelodeon raising her in the limelight. She also has mild stunt training thanks to "The Boy Who Cried Werewolf." The conflict of Nickelodeon and Disney may be an issue.

Lucy Hale would honestly be my second choice after Selena Gomez. She's got the look just like Gomez does. She also matches up to the parallels like Gomez, and Justice do being a child star herself. Thanks to her recent run on Pretty Little Liars, we've also seen that she can pull off the innocence look quite well, just as she can switch to furious quickly as would be needed.
Her and Gomez could both give a performance that would be borderline hypnotic as the character herself is in the two origin miniseries. Their petite frames also yield an air of safety that could lul even the audience into a false sense of security, or for that matter, a sense of horror due to the child abuse nature of the first half of the story and Laura's creation. Hale is also a moderately Disney accessible star, as Pretty Little Liars is an ABC Family show.

Elise Gatien would be my third choice. She's got the look down almost perfect and fits all the criteria from conveying innocence to athletic prowess and appearing harmless in her demeanor. So far she's displayed the acting chops needed for this kind of role over in Cartoon Network's Tower Prep too as well as the stunt work that would be associated. The only problem here, would be the similiarities to the role she is already currently playing on Tower Prep. She also lacks any real star power behind her name as yet, but as she's displayed on screen so far, that could soon change.

Gia Mantegna of recent fame on Gigantic would also be one of my picks. She's got the look, though I know nothing of her acting skill. She was picked solely on looks alone.

Italia Ricci has already had some decent stunt training thanks to Unnatural History on Cartoon Network.  Other than that she is an unknown to me on her potential.

Why the sudden talk of who's possible for Laura Kinney? Well that rant is coming soon that fully explains the recent (and previous!) girls who kick-ass trend in Hollywood, and why Fox Marvel needs to tap it now before it fades away for another few years like it has before.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bubblegum Crisis now in Production!

So Bubblegum Crisis: Knight Sabers is now in production. No word on toy rights or what not yet. (Come on hasbro or spinmaster!) So why's this important to X-23 fans?

Well, Bubblegum Crisis features the Knight Sabers, a team of 4 women in armored suits. Women who kick all kinds of ass, and yet lead noteworthy lifestyles too. Linna with her constant job changing, Sylia and her lingerie shop cover, Priss and her rock and roll band, and Nene who works for the police as a dispatcher.

With Sucker Punch also coming soon, Hollywood is seeing a rise in badass women. It's time Marvel hopped on this band wagon while it's still moderately fresh, and I don't mean with another HitGirl focused Kick-Ass movie.

We're nearing the perfect time for an X-23 movie, and with october 23rd falling on a wednesday in 2013, they have the perfect date to release it, if it'd only go into production itself.

Change is Coming!

Still more changes to come as this blog gets into a new state of order.

As other highlights are still being filled out, and ideas mulled around for how other aspects can be approached, I am taking suggestions on what to change and or add, or even what to do better. So criticize away!

Also, before this one comes up, the review system is going to be overhauled starting in issue 3 of the on-going and maybe retroactively improved on the previous reviews. This includes a more comprehensive methodology for each rating, as well as two reviews per issue, one with spoilers, and one without. Yes, I will finally be adding spoiler free reviews for those who are curious how the comic is, but don't want to be spoiled.

The new layout system so far seems to be heavily favored over the previous bland layout, but could also still undergo some changes to make it more appealing. Those changes may only be minor.