Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Buffy Reboot is a Go! (Sadly)

It seems Warner Brothers is moving ahead with their recent plans to reboot Buffy the vampire Slayer.

So far they've got a script, written by a one Whit Anderson, an actress turned screen-writer. Hero Complex goes in detail about this more. According to IMDB, this is Whit Anderson's first screen-play.

Marvel and Fox need to stop resting on their laurels and get moving with an X-23 feature to counter this in 2013. The market is primed and waiting, and the Buffy reboot will not be a good representation of if the public is over-saturated with female protagonists. The new Buffy movie will either resound with the demand for female heroes, or flop because of rebooting a series that was so beloved when done by Whedon. Speaking of which, Joss Whedon has no connection to this reboot.

Warner Brothers seems to be generating some interesting press using a starlet turned screen-writer. Her first big break into screen writing could either cement her credit as to her take on this subject, or could break her chances of companies taking her seriously in the future. Either way, it's generating buzz simply because it's more or less a newcomer. Though being affiliated to the nostalgic charm of Buffy hasn't hurt either.

Hmm, funny that...

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