Monday, November 29, 2010

Wake Up Hollywood!

Recently io9 had a nice long editorial on Buffy and heroism. It raises some valid points. It's a very well done articulate response to the very thing I'm trying to push lately. X-23 could embody these very things. If you've ever read the origin minis, you know exactly what I'm talking about. She makes sacrifices for others' benefits, but not her own. Seeking to protect others even after finally getting a taste of normalcy. She was created to be essentially the ultimate bad guy, but instead makes the ultimate sacrifice. While she doesn't give up her literal life, she does sacrifice any kind of life she could have with her family to save them.

So much subtext and overtones, and yet not a peep. Tsk, tsk Fox. Have you learned nothing? Don't think you're getting away with murder either Marvel. How you can let this potential just slide on by so close to a prime marketing date is baffling. Sure it's not the 60+ years Cap had for an anniversary movie, but you know what? Modern audiences have a short attention span. As it is, it's shameful to believe that many out there still think X-23's just some Prostitute's daughter thanks to NYX. Maybe it's time that Marvel and Fox both proved they get the Whedon-esque hero's quandry, and push forward with a property that could surprise and awestruck audiences. Something accurate to boot.

Then again, maybe comics are just as bad Hollywood. A reboot every few years. Have an established origin? Who cares, we'll just deconstruct and alter it all on the fly anyway. That's not working? Oh well, we'll just reboot them later with some cosmic level threat, or psychological plot device, or mcguffin. Do we really need another Identity Crisis, Infinite Crisis, or plot devices that make no sense that conveniently change characters from who they are to something completely new for new audiences to start over with?

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