Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bubblegum Crisis now in Production!

So Bubblegum Crisis: Knight Sabers is now in production. No word on toy rights or what not yet. (Come on hasbro or spinmaster!) So why's this important to X-23 fans?

Well, Bubblegum Crisis features the Knight Sabers, a team of 4 women in armored suits. Women who kick all kinds of ass, and yet lead noteworthy lifestyles too. Linna with her constant job changing, Sylia and her lingerie shop cover, Priss and her rock and roll band, and Nene who works for the police as a dispatcher.

With Sucker Punch also coming soon, Hollywood is seeing a rise in badass women. It's time Marvel hopped on this band wagon while it's still moderately fresh, and I don't mean with another HitGirl focused Kick-Ass movie.

We're nearing the perfect time for an X-23 movie, and with october 23rd falling on a wednesday in 2013, they have the perfect date to release it, if it'd only go into production itself.

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