Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Small Updates

Life is again eating up more time than normal, but I do have many updates and changes planned. One of which is a small section called Paper Cuts that I'm keeping underwraps until it's ready to go.

On this note of self-improvement though, I'd like to go ahead and say one thing. Yes, the current reviews are crap, and half-assed. Starting in issue 3 of the on-going I'd like to improve that. I will be retro-actively improving the others too. Essentially re-writing them, though the scores may stay the same. The general feeling on why they got their scores isn't going to change, but the emphasis on why they received each score will be made more relevant and apparent for understanding. The reviews are provided for several reasons: 1. to let others know how good or bad each individual issue is, 2. if by the off chance anyone at Marvel reads them, they strive to improve their work to make it of the highest calibur they can, and 3. to reflect on the industry what happens when writing shifts happen when the new writer doesn't know of the previous work on a character.

I failed to provide reviews of the calibur I'm capable of, and for that I apologize. The blog is striving to continually make itself better though. So please bear with me as the process continues.

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