Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Still Under Construction

My apologies for this, but the blog is still under renovation. More details will follow as they become apparent.

So far, only one section is finished which is the Games/TV/Movies section. The rest are coming soon, but being caught up by life itself, some plans are taking the backseat longer than anticipated. The reviews will be returning soon, and I will attempt to maintain my sameday review pattern as previously. This will also include a spoiler free review. The retro reviews will be kicked back off again working their way back up to present as well. So just remember, this is simply one fan's view.

Paper Cuts is still under construction, and will be revealed once it's ready to go, which sadly may not be till 2011, though I do hope for sooner.

Content can be sparse on days with focusing solely on one character, so to make up for that I will be doing occasional random bits on my own talking about the character. This is a blog after all, so of course the opinions expressed may not represent the same as Marvel or others associated to anything with the comic's publishing. I have no ties to Marvel other than being a fan, and wanting to write the X-23 movie that in my honest opinion should be released on 10/23/2013 as a celebratory move for her decade anniversary, and even that is solely a Hollywood thing and bears no reflection upon them or their title. Though I do feel since that date falls on a Wednesday it would be a prime time for them to celebrate all the daughters of Marvel.

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