Sunday, October 24, 2010

New to RSS Feeds? No Problem!

If you're not as technologically inclined as others, you may be scratching your head wondering what RSS feeds are. If not, did you know that Kinney Pride has our very own RSS feed too?

RSS feeds are a great tool that can help you keep up with your daily internet news. Many outlets use them to disseminate content to the wild as it happens. Even Twitter has RSS feed compatibility. Instead of signing into twitter to see new tweets, you can just check the feeds that'll tell you what's new with no fuss or web browser load times. You can read multiple pages of recently released content from multiple sources, all in the ease of one comfortable package.

All you need is an RSS Feed Reader. They come in a multitude of packages, or variations. I personally recommend FeedReader. Once you get past the presets, and start adding your own from various places like TFW2005, or Hisstank, or TFormers, or or or Cooltoyreview or or even the entire TNI network(they all offer RSS), it becomes much easier to stay upto the minute on all your news. Heck, you can even get RSS feeds from such places as Hasbro, the Hub,, and even Disney! Video game news outlets offer RSS too, like and Kotaku. Mainstream news outlets? No problem, they all do as well from CNN to NPR. I bet even some of your local affiliates might have their own.

There are various netbased feed readers too. For your own personal newsfeeds you can use, or share as you please.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Complete Section!

The Games/Film/TV section is complete.

It details all appearances of X-23 in TV series, movies, and Video Games.
It also includes videos where available, which means the full episodes on Hulu,, and Nicktoons. Or if you're more interested in X-23's Marvel Vs Capcom 3 premiere video on youtube, it's there as well.

X-23 Day Special! -The Kinney Family-

Laura Kinney, is X-23, but she also has a family that she can't risk endangering ever.
It's an interesting question, considering all her training.  She is the ultimate chess player.  That's how she was trained, and she's been tasked with one mission above all else.

Never to betray them.  Yet her only good memories, are of them.
This is a world of mutants, spies, and traitors, Kimura never yielding a moment on how she may find her, or them.  She can't put those she holds dear in way of someone like Kimura.  Does she even dare think about it without some telepath picking it up?  When you think about this, it can make you wonder about how fitting it was for what Emma Frost did to Kimura with her memories of her grandmother.  The same could be said about the kids from NYX, especially the shellshock factor of her killing Kiden in the future, just as she killed her mother before, and had to forsake ever seeing Megan and Debra.  Everyone she's ever cared for has been ripped away, the second she's felt she belongs.  Now even Julian, the first boy she's ever had I guess what could be described as a crush on, the same has happened to, by her own "Father's" possessed hand.  All this, right after her team forsaked her when she was just trying to keep them protected from the beings that killed two thirds of their school, personally saving Mercury, and putting a stop to creatures solely created to kill mutants.

Megan Kineny is Laura's cousin, a girl that's about the same age as her.  While Megan was hugging mommy, Laura was training in martial arts by Sensei Tanaka.  A sensei she was forced to kill by the facility's first usage of trigger scent.  When Megan was starting school and making friends, Laura was being beat by Kimura, to permanently let her know disobeying was never an option.  That she could never escape.  When Megan was kidnapped by a pedophile, Laura was the one who brought Megan to freedom and saved her.  Even confined, her mother let Laura be the one to save Megan.  For this she wasn't beat by Kimura.  An act she repeated when she saved Henry Sutter, again without Kimura beating her. So when she escaped, Megan and Debra were where she ran to.  Megan showed her what highschool life was like.  The first person Laura could ever confide to.  She helped them in ways she never knew.  Mostly in an after school highway to heaven fashion really that brought Megan closer to her mother again.  Even granting them the means to travel around the world and a fortune.  Megan who showed her movie theaters where you actually watch the movie, roller coasters, highschool for a day, jewelry shopping for fun, even kittens, and puppies.  The locket Laura carries around her neck has a picture of Megan and her Mother Sarah in it.  Megan now travels with her mother in anonymity staying away from Kimura. Megan is the contrast to Laura's upbringing, a completely normal girl who was saved from what could have been a devestating event. This event is what triggered Megan's own outsider nature, which again acts as contrast to Laura being on the run as an outsider from the facility. Megan is just your typical average teenage girl, turned outcast because kids can be so cruel to each other.

Debra Kinney, sister of Sarah Kinney, aunt of Laura Kinney, is the mother of Megan Kinney.  She was dating an undercover facility member plant in their home that nearly got her and her daughter killed when he attempted to use trigger scent on them.  An event thwarted by the trust Laura had in telling Megan about it.  Megan saved her mother, which allowed Laura to save them once again, and giving Debra back her daughter who had been haunted by the kidnappying years earlier until Laura told Megan, and Debra the truth.  Debra took Laura in, gave her a home, and a family when she escaped from the facility.  Debra is the only living connection Laura has to her Mother. While her boyfriend's ties to the facility were unknown to Debra, one would hope she has since learned about dating jerks.

These are the family members Laura can't dare even think about or something may find them.  Family who is secure financially but ever moving around and always changing their names and stories.  They could be anywhere or anyone, but they don't have the same training as Laura about keepsakes and scrapbooks...

Sarah Kinney, Laura's mother, was a pioneering geneticist who had more or less conceived her in science and in nature.
Sarah ultimately sacrificed herself to give Laura her freedom.  Being the one constant in Laura's youth who cared for her (besides Sensei Tanaka who paid for his kindness with his life), was nice to her, and read to her.   The facility used trigger scent, and made Laura kill her.

Nothing is known about their grandmother, and the only fact known about the grandfather was that he was a pedophile who abused Dr. Sarah Kinney. An old man who has long since died.

Yes, I realize this post rationalizes the X-23 v3 series, as it should though. The last time Laura let her guard down about any of her family, Emma Frost attempted to use the memory of Laura's mother to force Laura to leave the school. So even in the place that was to be her haven, her memories had been turned against her. Just think of what the bad guys could do, if the alleged good guys were this inclined.

More on X-23 day!

More design change surprises still to come, but I thought I'd start off with a mind blowing update instead.

Today is 10-23, what I'm affectionately calling X-23 day.  2013 is in a few years, it falls on a Wednesday, what's commonly known as comic book release day, or new Movie in theaters day.  Why's that so neat?

Well switch the 2 and the 1 in 2013...  2013-1023...
That's not the mind blowing part though.  That's just awesome.
The mind blowing part?  What year did X-23 premiere?  2003!
X-23's birth in animation, occured on  8/2/2003 when it officially aired!  That's when her first appearance in anything happened to the world.  She premiered in X-Men Evolution season 3, episode 10, titled X-23 which aired on August 2nd of 2003.  which makes October 23rd 2013, which falls on a Wednesday, the same year as X-23's one decade anniversary!
So Happy 7 year anniversary X-23!

Happy X-23 Day Everyone!

So today is October 23rd, or 10-23... Another way to spell that is X-23...  Yup that's right.  Today is X-23 day!  Many surprises are in store today from Kinney Pride to celebrate.  More posts to come soon as well as other updates.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Marvel January Solicits

X-23 #05
Available January 19, 2011
X-23’s search for her soul continues! What does Mr. Sinister have to do with Laura’s past…and how is MISS SINISTER trying to influence her future? Caught between a dead man and a dangerous woman, Laura must decide what she’s willing to sacrifice for answers. GUEST-STARRING GAMBIT!
Cover by: Danni Luo
Written by Marjorie Liu
Inks & Pencils by Will Conrad
Colors by Anthony J. Rauch jr.

September 2010 Sales Charts are in!

Over at ICv2 the sales for September of this year have come in.

What's so important about September 2010? Well it was the release of the first issue of X-23's on-going.

Looks like it's coming in at a decent number out of 300.
It's being ranked at 24. Which is great for a pretty decent first issue and relatively new character to the Marvel Universe.

Now here's hoping the comic stays up there till they can manage to get the issues back in character from what they've defined her to be previously.
I know that sounds assbackwards, but if the series gets canceled because it's out of character and full of errors, it'd be a shame for what could have been a really decent and thought provoking character driven comic.
So here's to Marvel keeping it around until it can be in-character and accurate. As it is, I'm already debating on dropping it if it doesn't get better in the next two issues.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

X-23 Issue 2 Preview

You can preview the first couple of pages from X-23 issue 2 that's released tomorrow, over at Marvel or below. 

X-23 Kotobukiya Fine Art Statue

Kotobukiya will be releasing a new X-23 statue of her in her unmasked and masked X-Force costume.
This is the beginning of a new run of statues that'll be featuring X-Force characters.

Marvel has a nice article up with purdy pics.

But the gist of it is:
Sculpted by Erick Sosa, X-23 stands approximately 11 inches tall (1/6 scale) standing atop a building rooftop.
MSRP: $159.99
Available May, 2011

Visit for more on this and all Kotobukiya statues. Be sure to check out the gallery at Marvel for more pretty pics!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Under Construction

I apologize for the minor current mess. I'm working out a better organizational method for the information on this blog to make it easier for people to reach the various aspects and backlog of information that may be of interest to them. So please bear with me as this blog evolves to better serve the multiple facets it covers. It may look rather unpleasing for the next week as layout is modified, graphics are added, and buttons are enhanced, but I hope the final product will be more appealing than the current system and design.

*Update*  Renovation will not distract from updates.  So when anything X-23 comes to light, it'll be updated still.  This includes the 2nd issue of X-23 and vampire variant being released this week.