Sunday, October 24, 2010

New to RSS Feeds? No Problem!

If you're not as technologically inclined as others, you may be scratching your head wondering what RSS feeds are. If not, did you know that Kinney Pride has our very own RSS feed too?

RSS feeds are a great tool that can help you keep up with your daily internet news. Many outlets use them to disseminate content to the wild as it happens. Even Twitter has RSS feed compatibility. Instead of signing into twitter to see new tweets, you can just check the feeds that'll tell you what's new with no fuss or web browser load times. You can read multiple pages of recently released content from multiple sources, all in the ease of one comfortable package.

All you need is an RSS Feed Reader. They come in a multitude of packages, or variations. I personally recommend FeedReader. Once you get past the presets, and start adding your own from various places like TFW2005, or Hisstank, or TFormers, or or or Cooltoyreview or or even the entire TNI network(they all offer RSS), it becomes much easier to stay upto the minute on all your news. Heck, you can even get RSS feeds from such places as Hasbro, the Hub,, and even Disney! Video game news outlets offer RSS too, like and Kotaku. Mainstream news outlets? No problem, they all do as well from CNN to NPR. I bet even some of your local affiliates might have their own.

There are various netbased feed readers too. For your own personal newsfeeds you can use, or share as you please.

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