Thursday, October 21, 2010

September 2010 Sales Charts are in!

Over at ICv2 the sales for September of this year have come in.

What's so important about September 2010? Well it was the release of the first issue of X-23's on-going.

Looks like it's coming in at a decent number out of 300.
It's being ranked at 24. Which is great for a pretty decent first issue and relatively new character to the Marvel Universe.

Now here's hoping the comic stays up there till they can manage to get the issues back in character from what they've defined her to be previously.
I know that sounds assbackwards, but if the series gets canceled because it's out of character and full of errors, it'd be a shame for what could have been a really decent and thought provoking character driven comic.
So here's to Marvel keeping it around until it can be in-character and accurate. As it is, I'm already debating on dropping it if it doesn't get better in the next two issues.

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