Monday, September 30, 2013

A Post-Avengers Arena X-23

Warning Potential spoilers abound!

So we have word that X-23 may survive Avengers Arena as she'll be in the December issue of All New X-Men.  The solicit also suggests she's kissing someone.  Barring this being a dream of Hellion's or any other character, that would seem to suggest she's going back to the X-Men for now, and will be either starting a new romance, or re-kindling an old one.

This isn't too far-fetched from her character though and her recent growth.  I've finally had a chance to catch up Avengers Arena myself to start formulating theories about this.  From everything the story entails it seems like this is the most realistic direction to take her character.  She's just spent over a month on an island being used to kill her friends and fellow young heroes in a massive battle royale.  It'd make sense that once back stateside she'd have a hunger for life, love, and making new good memories.  Okay okay, I'll stay away from the genre puns.  It does make sense within the confines of her personal narrative though.  After such an ordeal as Arcade's island was, it'd make sense that when she comes back she'd have a renewed thirst for life.

This could mean many things, but as character growth goes, it does present possibilities.  A big one of course being her possibly attempting to deprogram herself of the triggerscent Pavlovian response so it can't be used against her anymore.  With more and more of the Marvel Universe discovering or cracking the recipe, it's a hindrance she can't risk anymore.  Another aspect that we're starting to see being dived into is her potential to dive into a new romance because of her potential new found lust for life.  Not uncommon, but the question should be raised on who.

It's plausible that she'll return to Hellion as the ordeal may have pushed her in that direction and he's still hung up on her anyway more than likely.  Though after such an ordeal, going back to someone that is a bully seems unlikely even if he claims having changed.  His antics may very well bring up memories of what she went through.  Gambit doesn't seem likely because of the age difference depending on his own personal narrative.  He's in a more mentor role capacity, but it's still possible depending on a host of different factors.  We could see someone entirely new introduced, or there could be someone from her past brought back as we've seen suggested before with Alex Cimini during her ongoing.  Of course, there's also the strong possibility that this is a dupe outright, and it's just a dream creation, or Hellion trying to work through his issues in the Danger Room while dealing with his grief over Laura.

All we know for certain is it's going to be a must read!  Either Laura survives Avengers Arena and this issue represents her diving headfirst into living life, celebrating, and taking joys where she can find them, or this will be the issue that deals with remembrance of her by her friends and fellow teammates as they come to terms with her loss.  This seems unlikely but is a possibility.  X-23 is one of the few characters that may outright survive Arcade's island because of who she is.  As one issue quite eloquently put it, she's X-23, she can't be stopped.

Personally, I look forward to where it goes.  One thing is for certain though.  We may see an entirely different side of Laura once she's back with the X-Men.  She may not be traumatized from the island like the other kids could be because of her own history, but she'll still possibly want to change the way she's been.  Arcade's island may have been the straw that broke the camel's back finally.  What that means though, only time will tell.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Fan Featured Friday: Random deviantART

This week on Trip F we take another look at deviantART.  This time with just nine pieces chosen at random that stuck out to me.

Blood, Tears and Rain by ~Abbadon82 on deviantART

X23 by ~zekantropi on deviantART

x-23 by ~hinayume on deviantART

X-23 Page by ~WScottForbes on deviantART

X-23 by ~Dannith on deviantART

I broke it... by ~Silverwingfox on deviantART

X-23 [NYX] by *Ricken-Art on deviantART

Laura Kinney by ~Dannith on deviantART

And the last one that just really strikes a personal chord for me doesn't have an embed. So you'll have to click here to see it.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fan Concepts: Should 20th Century Fox Make NYX: Wannabes Into A Movie?

I briefly went over this topic before in other Fan Musings or Fan Concepts entries, but it is an interesting question.  Should Fox make this movie?

It's a potentially guaranteed hit between the fan base and audiences at large.  The topics it discusses about Mutants(children who are different) being lost in the cracks is a timeless concern that this could raise discussion over.  Discussion and debates means more word of mouth which generates more ticket sales.

It'll allow Fox to beat Marvel/Disney to a similar movie concept.  Runaways/Smallfaces from Disney presents similar albeit different concepts to the same premise.  The question is would it be different enough to break the comparisons if NYX came first?  The artistic usage of shock horror in parts of NYX also help generate more fan word of mouth as a film that's not for kids but would potentially make teenagers and adults pay to see it repeatedly.  It presents an offset to Runaways/Smallfaces as Disney will attempt to curtail their story to best suit children in the audience too.

It presents an interesting yet untied story to the X-Men Cinematic Universe.  This story while being set in the same universe has no real impact on the events in the X-Men movies or them to it.  This allows more freedom of movement among the story and characters without worry of canon.  It'll allow for a potential pocket aspect of the cinematic universe to tell stories more on the human level while still yielding action scenes and mutant scenes that fans and audiences have come to expect from the X-Men Cinematic Universe.

It could help raise awareness on characters.  Kiden is a fan favorite outright, as is X-23, and there are other characters within the story that would also intrigue viewers into wanting to understand them more.  X-23 herself it presents an interesting quandary as these are the events after her origin tale.  A moment in which she's lost and directionless after being separated from her family, but eventually she starts protecting others by fighting back against those who used and abused her.  As an initial piece, it'd raise questions around her character that could lead to an origin tale, or it could be used to help bolster an appearance in an X-Force film.  It might be best suited for an after either of those type feature to help truly establish her character first, but the mystery generated by any of those 3 possibilities would create discussion among audiences.

Outside of the right casting, this film could be handled on a reasonably low budget with a moderately quick turnaround on investment as even the filming wouldn't take much time.  This being a more or less average "lost in the city" type story allows for it to be more easily handled within the confines of possibly TV dramedy filming schedules.  The provocative imagery and topics would haunt audiences yet also allow for it to become an instantaneous popular culture icon as it would also have the Marvel connection that catch audience's eyes these days.  It would allow for a more emotionally character driven film piece in the X-Men library that could genuinely end up within the Academy Awards lineup.

What are your thoughts on this subject?  Leave them in the comments!  KP will be approaching this subject again in the future more in-depth including potential casting and direct discussion of the characters and scenes it entails!  (In other words, I have to find my copy of NYX: Wannabes again first!)

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Premieres Tonight!

Tonight at 8/7c on ABC, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. premieres!  It's a spin-off of the movie series that focuses on... agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. led by none other than the son of Coul!  It's a Joss Whedon produced series so it should be beyond amazing.  Since it's on a network that takes care of their shows, it should be a safe one of his to watch without fear of cancellation for arbitrary reasons or random timeslot changes without warning!

ABC/Disney takes good care of their programming that they believe in, and this one is no exception!  So be sure to check it out tonight!  Who knows...  This season could cameo all sorts of stuff from the Marvel Universe making them canon to the cinematic universe.  The only things off the table are anything with rights at other studios.  So this means no Mutants and no Spider-family. We could eventually see Dr. Strange, Champions, Defenders, Runaways, Loners, Excelsior, some New Avengers, Carol Danvers before she makes her movie debut, and much much more!  Maybe even Luke Cage, White Tiger, or Iron Fist!

So be sure to check out the show, because as it grows, you never know who might appear!  It's canon to the cinematic universe, so the potential is open for almost anything and everything!

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Fan Featured Friday: Wolfy Cosplay!

This week we're doing a return to Cosplay.  Wolfy Cosply is up!  You can find her over on Facebook at WolfyCosplay or on deviantART at loneshadow-wolf.  We here at Kinney Pride would also like to wish her a belated, but happy nonetheless birthday!  She turned 24 this week!

On the Rocks by ~LoneShadow-Wolf on deviantART

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Fan Concepts: Casting Kimura For a Live Action X-23 Film

I've discussed at length all the reasons why I've made my choice for X-23, but one I've barely scratched the surface on is Kimura.  She's the Sabretooth to X-23's Wolverine.  The natural opposite of her character.  Kimura is the woman with the impenetrable skin that constantly torments Laura and during X-Force v3's story Not Forgotten, swears a vendetta against X-23 to kill everyone Laura has ever known, helped, or loved.

Of course if an origin film is ever made, Kimura will need to be in it.  Her antagonistic relationship with X-23 has been there from the start as we're shown in Target X.  So a film that adapts Target X or Not Forgotten will most assuredly have to have her in it too.

So that raises the big question: Who should portray Kimura in a live action adaptation of these stories?

Personally, I've narrowed it down to three potentials that could do wonders in the role along with why.  There is no particular order to these choices.  All three present strong possibilities if cast in the role and bring their own unique talents to the character to help evoke an eerily haunting performance that would be remembered long after the film ended.

Many might remember her from her role as Jackie in That '70s Show as well as her voice work as Meg in Family Guy.  She's got that perfect rumble to her voice that would give Kimura that bite to every line as needed.  She's also got the acting capacity to display the cold disbelief and anger in a simple look.  She presents an air of a slightly older-than-X-23 Kimura as shown in the origin, and an extremely terrifying one with how well she emotes on screen.  Her previous action work in Max Payne also gives us a slight preview in how her onscreen presence could work in such a role. Her work in The Black Swan shows us just how eerily haunting her performance could be, just as her role in American Psycho 2: All American Girl reflects that she can carry the perfect kind of bite to such a portrayal. Her role as Rachel in American Psycho 2: All American Girl makes me want to lean heavily on her for Kimura outright. The line delivery she does in that film as well as the subtle irritation that can go to explosive anger and back really carries strong potential for her portrayal of Kimura.

She's been my leaning on choice for awhile now per her role in Glee as Santana.  A character, until we saw the softer sides of, was quite a high school Kimura herself.  She's portrayed the aggression onscreen that Kimura would need in this role quite routinely and even displayed the bite to the sarcasm with the lines that would need to be delivered.  She's also an avid spokesperson on helping youths deal with their troubles, and has been a quite heavy speaker on being authentic, confident, and true to yourself.  She's a young woman admired by many that constantly displays a large range in all her roles.  Kimura presents an interesting point with her involved as it displays a kind of 'what if Santana was never redeemed' type counter point.  She's definitely a strong contender for the role in my opinion as she has already well proven her capabilities for the role with her portrayal of Santana alone.

This is one I hadn't quite thought about from this perspective before.  I'd mentioned her before as a contender for Megan Kinney, but the thought of Kimura didn't really cross my mind at first.  She presents interesting concepts to the role though.  Herself having been through many of the topics the X-23 story entails, she makes for the perfect spokesperson on those outright.  She has a natural capacity to roar at life and carries that to the screen well in all her roles, yet she can also display it in a more subdued fashion too.  She could be an advocate of hope off screen that can help with promotion and discussion of the topics that could arise from this film.  Plus she's already a hero to many not being afraid to stand up to even Disney themselves when they make poor choices in humor aimed at various disorders, and she's already well proven herself on her range from the various shows and movies she's been in as I'm sure we'll see again with her upcoming role on Glee.  Between how quickly she's shown she can go from a playful smile to full on roar, she is definitely an actress that could make the character quite hauntingly scary as needed.   This isn't anything anywhere near any kind of role that she's done before whatsoever as yet, but is also one that could be quite fun to add to her resume.  It gives her a chance to show off her full acting range and capabilities with how varied and immediate she can emote onscreen.

I've disregarded the age aspect as that could also be negated by a simple one line admission that Kimura's impenetrable skin as given to her by the Facility could have halted the aging process.  So as a story point, the age factor is moot so long as the onscreen presence with the flippant unbridled abusive hatred Kimura carries can be emoted.  So all three of these women could do wonders in the role.  I'm not sure if any others could quite carry this character as they could.(Besides one of the original contenders for the role of X-23 herself!  KP may be diving into that potential someday!)  They all bring their own unique attributes and style to the delivery of the character that would work quite magnificently onscreen.

Who would you pick to portray Kimura if a live action film were to happen?  Let us know in the comments!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Fan Musings on if Not Forgotten was Adapted.

X-Force: Not Forgotten is a tricky beast to adapt.  At least if you're going for PG-13.  That's one of the hindrances to figuring out how to adapt the v3 X-Force stories in general.  Keep too much and you go straight to R rating, keep too little and you damage the soul of the story.  Not Forgotten especially is one complicated in that regard.

The biggest issue to Not Forgotten is Kimura outright.  Her scenes create complicated issues as her pure hatred towards X-23 drives her to some pretty violent extremes that go above and beyond torture.  She literally cuts X-23's arm off with a chainsaw towards the beginning of the story.  That alone would guarantee an R rating.  Leaving it in though creates some pretty bad ass scenes where we get to see Laura cut loose without any restraint whatsoever.  X-23 takes out every operative, security personal, or otherwise scientific asshole in the place that wants to use or abuse her to create more like herself.  She does this literally single-handedly.  It shows outright just how X-23 cannot be stopped when she puts her mind to something by outright showing she can do it even with one arm tied behind her back.  Err, well incinerated with someone else hanging onto those claws for her for later re-implantation.

She uses triggerscent in the sprinkler system to roar unbiased against all the torment she's faced and even manages to incapacitate Kimura in a quite beautiful metaphorical way by literally shutting the door on her.

It's an epic story outright.  Poetry in motion fully with how it's written and presented.  Violent, gritty, and yet also just unbridled passionate bad assery that shows that a woman that hits her breaking point will not be stopped by anyone to do what she feels is right, even saving those she can along the way as Laura makes sure that Agent Morales is secure before starting her unbridled onslaught against the Facility.

It's pure carnage done by one lone woman with only one arm.
Definitely R rating material.

So how do you adapt that while still keeping the soul intact but trying to lower it to PG-13?  Can you even?
Even by lowering it from the chainsaw to just torture, you're presented with the issue of X-23's unabashed pure rage against them for everything they've taken from her.  It's a bloody action packed story no matter how you look at it.

So if you remove the entire chainsaw incident from early on, now you're left with X-23 that has two arms and still ready to tear everyone in the complex a new one.

Not exactly something that'd lend itself to less than an R rating either.
Would it matter though?  We're talking about a story that's so eye-widening that it'd make even the Matrix fill up the old man diapers it's wearing by now.  So it begs the question.  Should X-Force even bother with trying to maintain a PG-13 rating?  Or should it just go for the gold, and present the story with all the awe-inspiring visuals it can to showcase exactly why you do not screw with these people and their families?  Should it just go straight to the R rating for showing exactly how one woman can be the scariest woman on the planet and exactly why you do not corner her?

Here's a video digested version of the story by lauraXx23 from Youtube.  Now imagine that expanded to 90 minutes or 120 minutes with the rest of the team handling a different mission that keeps them occupied from rescuing Laura right away.  I don't know about you, but I'd probably never leave the theater because I'd be re-watching it over and over and over and screaming encore every time the credits rolled.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

More Fan Musings Over X-Force & X-23 as Films.

I've been thinking more about this and looking at the possibilities, so I thought "Hey!  Why not do another entry on it!"

Pretty much I'm sticking with the previous fan musing over this on the order.  That seems to be the most marketable direction here.  Going X-Force: Old Ghosts to X-23: Daughter Of Wolverine to X-Force: Not Forgotten does seem to work the best.  So this is how I'd personally envision it.  Now granted, whatever Jeff Wadlow and Fox do could be entirely different, and whatever they do finally settle on I will still enjoy.  Their X-Force film is set to be a high octane adventure no matter how you look at it.  This is just where I personally lean on the possibilities for what I want to see barring any such chance to discuss at length and debate the merits of what could be included or should be removed.

X-Force: Old Ghosts

As mentioned before, a recruitment discussion montage will help speed up and accentuate each choice getting audiences up to speed, but the main question still remains then on what story to adapt.

So I'd say start with the story Old Ghosts.  This gives a chance to build the team and give them a mission.  By going this route it allows for a complimentary piece.  Since Days of Future Past focuses on the larger than life sentinels, having the first X-Force feature using a virus as the threat to mutant kind for a biochemical plot helps establish the lengths at which fear mongering can go.  In particular this would allow the team to be mostly fitted with those that have healing factors or other applicable abilities.  This gives us Deadpool, Wolverine, X-23, Domino for her luck powers, and Warpath to round it out initially.  Maybe add Psylocke too as the telepathic team communications element and her own stealth training can help elevate aspects of the team for interrogation and infiltration.  Doing it this way allows Domino to help bolster different areas of the team because of her powers.  She in combination with Psylocke also provides a method to control unruly teleporters as her powers could direct their success of jumps with the help of telepathic pushes.  If one tries to abandon them, he gets stuck between over a volcano or back to them only unless he goes where they want.  This also helps factor into using Deadpool as a teleporter too for pieces later.  Most predominantly towards the end is where Deadpool might have to be used for teleportation.  Creating a scene focused on haste and his powers either not entirely in working order, or without Domino to guide them helps establish a setup point for a Not Forgotten sequel.  Essentially, they could do a last minute save for Tabitha "Boom Boom" Smith in the warehouse with X-23 as featured in the comic story, but by using Deadpool's teleporting power it creates the health incapacitation that the comic used time travel for.  It'd create a moment where X-23's organs may not have survived the trip thoroughly intact, but she pushes on to save Tabitha from being infected still.  This allows authorities that intervene to set Tabitha free but take Laura into custody as she's healing from the teleportation ordeal still.  That provides the story transition to Not Forgotten without having to use time travel.

This would give us a scene of Laura prepping herself for the jump, bracing against the wall after Deadpool warns her it could be rough.  A solemn "I got this" type dialogue moment so to speak. She runs, he grabs her hand to swing her upwards into the teleport with using her momentum to carry herself into a tucked rolling flip that springs open on the arrival teleport into the warehouse above those about to infect Tabitha.  She opens her arms and extends her claws to take out the final guards as she comes down from above, stopping them from infecting their victim. This saves Boom Boom, but causes X-23 to collapse(adrenaline kept her going though she was still healing from the teleport) after freeing Tabitha.  That's the best method I can see for the transition to Not Forgotten at least.  As it'd allow a pretty bad ass scene, but also would yield a nod to the comics.  Psylocke could play a factor in helping direct this blind teleport.  This would also help establish a cooperative powers usage moment within the team.

Yes that's a change from the comics.  There will be changes no matter how we look at this movie.  So it's a matter of approaching what's the best way to acknowledge the material and yet still keep the story cohesive to what it presents.

This manner removes Elixir from the early half of the story.  As such we're given a few problems.  By removing him from earlier, it removes the cancer scene with Vanisher, the steel mill scene with him saving Laura when she gets infected, and a handful of other aspects.   By changing the initial fight infection to Logan instead of Laura when they first try to retrieve the virus to destroy it, the story can use Domino to allow her luck based powers to override his healing ability and burn out the virus from his system.  Though also considering how the virus works in accelerating powers later, it could be argued that the boost to his healing system it'd give initially would cause it to self-destruct itself too. (Something that can be also influenced by Domino's presence.)  This allows a way to completely cut out the steel mill scenes for now and give more team focus to everyone for the initial movie(which means we won't need the Laura shaved head scene at all).  It also potentially allows an incorporation of an element from New X-Men where Elixir/Josh Foley was a member of the anti-mutant movement before he discovered his powers.  This helps with later, as he can be the one to accidentally make one of the "infected mutant bombs" a dud.  This in turn would bring X-Force back into the scene as it means their mission isn't complete yet in stopping this plot.  In doing so it also helps establish him as a bad guy questioning his own motives.

It's a good idea to keep that possibility open.  A chunk of this can be alleviated by allowing the first two infected for this usage to be killed off.  So two throwaway characters would need to be used.  Personally, I lean on Hellion as he would create a parallel to the Phoenix incident but with himself atomized too.  The other mutant I'd probably lean on is Surge, but let hers be a "dud" as she starts to detonate too soon from fighting back, and Josh Foley is one of the guards trying to calm her.  This would be our first display of his own abilities canceling out the virus which allows her to escape.  These two events draw X-Force back into the fray to try and stop the next publicity events that are trying to amp up anti-mutant hysteria.  By showing that the virus is unpredictable on time duration, it'd create an element of they'd need to be infected where they need to be released to "detonate."  This allows X-Force their chance to intervene.  Culminating in a cross country teleporting and precision strike type scenarios.  The last one of which being the aforementioned X-23 scene after Deadpool teleports her.  The location can be discovered by Psylocke and her interrogation methods or Psylocke using Josh Foley as the point of info gathering because he had been in the warehouse before.  The constant use of Deadpool's teleporting could be used as the story point to highlight his powers acting up as well as the lack of Domino nearby to help guarantee a success if she's busy keeping an additional teleporter in line.

For this one, that's just a bit of random areas I've been contemplating.  Many aspects would have to be better rounded out and discussed, but it's around the type of direction I'd lean.  This allows cutting out the shaved head X-23 scene entirely(though it's questionable if that's even needed as her hair would grow back fast enough to not even bother with that scene anyway per her healing factor), gives us the setup for Not Forgotten, and also helps establish the key players while still yielding character building for each along the way without too much focus on any one character as yet.  Something on that order would be needed, and changes would have to be made.  Part of the problem to changes though is with how X-Force v3 was originally written.  It's cohesive entirely.  Every cog has a purpose or place with how the story unfolds, so by altering or changing elements, you cause a domino effect that ripples throughout for more changes.  That's just how tightly written it is.  Changes need to be made though to help it fit into the cinematic universe and better flow for audiences.  So it's a matter of where or what for when and how alongside all that ripples throughout because of it.

Really the only key elements that work for me personally from this are the Wolverine infected instead of X-23 during the initial retrieval mission, and the ending Deadpool teleporting X-23 scene.  Those alleviate the two biggest concerns I'd have for the story by allowing the removal of the steel mill, and helping setup Not Forgotten.

X-23: Daughter of Wolverine

Here's where it should go prequel.  I've already gone into detail before about how it can relate to the cult classic film Gattaca and also how Getaway raises the potential too. By having the first X-Force film end with X-23's capture and the involvement of the Facility, things can take a step back to show her past and the Facility origins.  I've elaborated on this before, but we're also in a unique situation if the film is cast appropriately.  There is a unique situation here.  We have a star that fits the role perfectly, and could very well also play a young Dr. Sarah Kinney.  By going about it in this manner, we're presented with an interesting possibility.  The chance for a role that becomes a family role literally to where it looks like the character never changes actresses though decades could pass.

Selena Gomez's last scene in Spring Breakers and Laura Kinney's last panel in X-23: Target X issue #6.
I've before mentioned that Summer Glau presents an interesting passing of the torch type suggestion, but she's not the only one that can work in this manner.  If Selena Gomez is cast for X-23 in the first X-Force film, we're also given a chance here to do the same with her.  She could portray a young Dr. Sarah Kinney, and her mother, if interested or capable, could portray the older Dr. Sarah Kinney.  This allows them to potentially open the door for a future career for the newest addition to the family if she's interested in such when older.  It presents a unique casting potential that should at least be thought about in due time.  It also presents us with an interesting chance as much later on down the line (5-25 years+) if any such prequel stories were to be told again, that same passing of the torch element could be tapped by allowing Selena Gomez to reprise the Dr. Kinney role.  It also heavily factors in the power of choice as reflected in the X-23 ongoing comic but in a real world manner.  This gives Ms. Gomez's little sister a chance to step up to the mantle of her big sister if she feels the desire to later in life.  She'd have a starring role waiting for her thanks to all the hard work of her sister and family, but only if she herself wanted to step up to it of course.

Otherwise it might be better to stick to the dynamic of Summer Glau as Dr. Kinney and Selena Gomez as X-23.  This yields more potential within the story and still gives that passing of the torch type symbolism.  As for changes to the story, the most questionable spots come from Triggerscent itself.  Therein lies the main problem though.  If you cut it out, it makes the ending of act 1 questionable for why Laura attacks and kills her mother as well as near the end of act 2 where the Facility uses Triggerscent to try and make Laura turn on her aunt and cousin.  If you leave it in, you potentially have to film or imply child torture.  Essentially it's a hard one to decide on, but for the story it is needed for how X-23 was conditioned and several key scenes.  I've discussed most of the other changes, but there are a couple like Triggerscent that'd need to be sat down and discussed among the writers, directors, and actors.  There is also the possibility of swapping Captain America's slot with Domino instead of Agent Morales as a covert government agent trying to bring X-23 to justice as it'd also tie X-23 into X-Force itself too.  There are several points here that need to be discussed and determined based upon what's available for usage.

X-Force: Not Forgotten

With this story, there's not much that'd need to be changed from the X-23 side except for maybe toning down the violence perpetrated against X-23 early on(the chainsaw in particular, but that's up to those involved).  Potentially Agent Morales may need to be changed.  If not, this could be the best place to highlight her involvement after her attempts to track X-Force when Domino as their operative went underground and wasn't checking in anymore or some such similar story device.  The main question here is what to do with the side story of the full team while X-23 frees herself.  The Triggerscent(if triggerscent is kept in the origin) in the sprinkler system scene needs to be kept though.  Pretty much this would be the main action piece for X-23 scattered throughout the film.  A chance to let her show truly how scary she can be when she puts her mind to it, and why you do not cross this woman.

Potentially this gives us Logan brooding over another sacrifice that had to be made for the greater good, but also yields a recuperative moment as when they do finally go to save Laura she's already leaving because she can take care of herself better than he.  So the question is what side story should keep the team immediately occupied from searching for her?

This can help establish an Apocalypse sub plot.  They could bring Archangel into the fold as they discovered him in the last lab they destroyed to prevent the previous virus plan from being repeated.  His experimentation being in retaliation for his father's actions in X-Men: The Last Stand.  By also allowing Josh Foley onto the team at this point due to his wanting to make amends for his previous actions, we're allowed a large bit of leeway with story directions all around.

NYX: Wannabes

This would also be a prequel to X-Force: Old Ghosts/X-Force: Not Forgotten.  While there is no haste to do it prior to a release of an X-Force sequel, it may be best to keep it in the cards as a potential continuation of Laura Kinney's story.  Again, like X-23: Daughter of Wolverine, this should be a more humane charity driven type film.  This allows the subject matters it deals with to speak on these topics as well as contribute to charities involved in such matters of dealing with youths that need guidance or out of the lives they've been tricked into while emotionally compromised.  NYX is a very heady series that deals with many topics that need to be addressed and it would also allow 20th Century Fox to beat Disney to the punch on a film of such nature while Runaways/Small Faces is on hiatus.  This one is questionable as a sequel to X-23's origin tale can go any direction, but it may be best to get this one out of the way as it does pertain to her grief over being separated permanently from her family.  Something that does come back into play potentially after Not Forgotten with Kimura's sworn vendetta about getting revenge against X-23.  It could raise questions though of essentially being Spring Breakers in NYC with super powers. While that could work for the pitch, it is far different in execution.  Casting Selena Gomez as X-23 though does yield an interesting nod to that film still.  This includes how Laura dispatches Zebra Daddy as a parallel to what happens to James Franco's character in Spring Breakers.  Overall it brings NYX full circle into popular culture references within itself though the source predates the other.  It'd allow for some interesting discussions that'd make even the nerdiest of nerds scratch their heads when trying to explain it.  When that happens they keep talking though.  So that means constant fan word of mouth for what would definitely be another cult classic instant hit!

In Summary

There are many stories that could be told with Laura in the cinematic universe though outside of these, and even original material like an X-23: War Sisters or X-23: Sisters At War, or even X-23: Sibling Rivalries, are all directions that present strong potential in the X-Men cinematic universe.  Overall, X-23 gives 20th Century Fox their own version of Black Widow but with far more implications and story potential.  She's a character that could help bridge the gap for a new generation of X-features while they build the foundation of the Xavier School's past.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Fan Featured Friday: 13Wishes

This weeks Fan Featured Friday lands on a Friday the 13th!   So this time we're taking a special look at a singular artist who also uses a 13!  The man behind 13Wishes, Shawn Yap!
He has a deviantART account available here and can also be found on Facebook!

Snikt This, Bub!! by ~13wishes on deviantART

Winter Wipeout! by ~13wishes on deviantART

December 2013 Solicits!

Yup, I'm behind on these entries.  Haven't done a single one for Avengers Arena. Which is well worth checking out!  I've just personally been falling behind on my comic reading as of late.  The few bits I have checked out on Avengers Arena though have been fantastic.  Anyway, this December it seems that X-23 will be making her return to the X-Men under the pen of Brian Michael Bendis!

As shown over on the solicits available from CBR:

• The fallout of X-MEN: BATTLE OF THE ATOM continues!
• X-23 is back and kissing… WHO IS THE MYSTERY MAN??!
32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

December also marks her 10 year anniversary within the pages of Marvel Comics!  It seems they'll be ringing her in with a bang too!  Err, a kiss.  The cover reflects a new costume too!  It's not her purple and green Avengers Academy outfit or her Avengers Arena attire!  I'm curious how it'll look fully.  It does seem to show off an awful lot of cleavage compared to her previous suits and seems highly reminiscent of Kimura's color palette.  Mayhaps this is the first sign of her growth to show she could care less about anything Kimura could ever do and starting to fully redefine her own style in the wake of Avengers Arena?

Now onto speculation about this mystery man!  I haven't been keeping up with comics as of late as much as I should, but it doesn't look like Hellion with the lack of his prosthetic hands in the silhouette.  Doesn't look like Gambit either with the short hair and lack of his trademark trench coat.  So who could this mystery man be?  A new Marvel hero perhaps to coincide with her Anniversary?  A previous young character that's since grown up?  A man from the future tied to their Battle of the Atom story arc?  Let the guessing commence!
Who is Marvel shipping her with? (I can't believe I just typed that sentence.)

Special thanks to an anonymous comment poster who brought this to light.  Thank you whoever you are.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Stars Dance *Update*

Since I covered this before, I thought it prudent to do an update to it when this video crossed my Youtube feed.  Selena Gomez did an interview elaborating on each track, what they mean to her, the messages she wanted to send to the fans with it, and what they mean as lyrical artistic work to her.  Aural poetry in motion indeed.  She continues on to praise and thank everyone that helped her album become the success it is.

This is why I will always praise her as an actress and artist.  She spends more time praising her inspirations and giving thanks than almost anyone else I've ever heard of.  She doesn't brag or act superior.  She handles herself with grace and dignity giving respect to everyone that's helped her or contributed to help her.  She listens and protects her fans.  She wants to uplift them and wants them to be moved by her music and films.  She's constantly growing as an artist and trying new melodies and flavors to help her evolve and adapt as an artist and a human being.  Her film work reflects the same as she isn't afraid to take on almost any role no matter how physically exhausting or emotionally draining it can be at times as her portrayal in Getaway and potentially the upcoming film adaption of 13 Reasons Why will reflect.

She's a mature well read young woman who knows how to balance the fun of the celebrity life, but also doesn't let it hinder her own growth as a young compassionate woman that wants to uplift the world.  Every move she makes has reason and artistic nuance to it.  Every choice enhances her career and shows the world a young woman with class that refuses to degrade herself.  She's actively outspoken about how women should help uplift each other and has actively refused to speak poorly about any to reporters no matter how hard they or others may try.

This is a young woman that has the same grace and gratitude as those many would call the greats of our age.  She has an air of a classic Audrey Hepburn as well as the dignity and poise of such legendary names as Angelina Jolie among many more of this age.  She doesn't let the games of paparazzi or others that want to drag her down get to her.  She outdoes herself every time they try to test her or push her.  She rises above it as only a woman with dignity, maturity, and class could.  Though it's not surprising as those are the kinds of people she surrounds herself with too, and a family that raised her well.  Truly a star that will never stop soaring to the top.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Fan Featured Friday: Claire Sassypants Cosplay!

Today's Trip F is going out to cosplayers.  They are the unsung heroes of the fandom that are now starting to get the recognition they deserve for all they contribute to cons, events, and even charities!

This one in particular we're focusing on Claire Sassypants Cosplay!  She's one of the many amazing, kind, and sweet cosplayers that are also part of GeekLurv.

She has been a cosplayer for about 4 years now and has graciously agreed to do a quick interview about it too!

JA: So first question.  Why do you cosplay?

Claire:  I cosplay for several reasons. I have a very deep-seated love for creating things, and as a cosplayer I not only create, but I am always learning and I get to portray characters I really, really love. Not to mention, I've met so many incredibly wonderful people that I wouldn't have met otherwise.

JA: What drew you to cosplaying as X-23?

Claire: I've always been a Marvel fan, but to be completely honest I didn't even know about Laura until after I'd played Marvel VS. Capcom. She was my favorite go-to character, and I really wanted to cosplay her. I did my homework and ended up completely falling in love with her- she's such a strong, bad-ass character, it's hard not to fall in love with that kind of girl haha. I'm excited that now I'm skilled enough to be able to make her outfit completely from scratch.

Someone call for Antiheroes? by ~KitsuneSweetheart on deviantART

Defiant by ~KitsuneSweetheart on deviantART

JA:  Awesome.  So glad to hear that Capcom's exposure of her through Marvel vs Capcom 3 has helped to create more fans.  So what's been your favorite cosplay that you've done?

Claire: That's like asking someone to pick which child of theirs is their favorite.  It changes all the time. I'm really happy with how my Steampunk Supergirl came out though, and my Claire Redfield cosplay is my baby.

JA: Love that answer.  What factors into your decisions for which characters you cosplay as for when?

Claire: Thanks haha. Usually it depends on several factors- which con I'm going to, if I've been asked to be in a group. But I have a long list of cosplays I want to do, so after that it comes down to really what I feel like devoting my time to and what I have the means to complete. I don't think I've actually made a dent in my cosplay dream list though, new stuff gets added on all the time haha.

JA: With all the amazing effort you put into each one, it's amazing at how many you've done so far! So what are some of the fantastic moments that stood out to you while you've been cosplaying and dealing with fans?

Claire: Thank you!! I've just really started my cosplaying career, so I have lots I need to and can improve, but I'm proud of how much I've learned to do. I'm such a big sucker for kids, and I remember when I was doing Black Widow at AX I was walking around with Matt (AKA Humble Shield) as Captain America, and these kids were asking to take pictures with us. It was so cute. And then this girl who has been following me on recognized me and asked to take my picture, when I had been trying to get to her so I could take a picture of her amazing Mikasa cosplay! It's interactions like that that really make me smile. Cosplay to me is so much about supporting each other and making friends, and when someone tells me they like my work it makes me feel really awesome.

Game on by ~KitsuneSweetheart on deviantART

JA: Aw, that's sweet.  Have their been any negative moments you'd like to warn other cosplayers or potential cosplayers about?

Claire: There have been situations where I've been extremely uncomfortable by other people's actions, such as people trying to touch me inappropriately when taking a picture with me. I don't wish for anyone to think that it's ever okay for someone to touch you in ways that make them uncomfortable, no matter what, so I firmly support standing up for yourself and telling someone "Please do not touch me like that" or "Please take your hands off me." If you're in a middle of their picture, tough cookies for them, that is not right. And if they continue to harass you, go to con staff, go to a friend, get help. Don't think it's ever okay for anyone to make you uncomfortable or to harass you. You being in costume does not give them the right to do what they please, but rather they should respect you, and your hard work. And don't be afraid to go to a stranger, if you don't have friends nearby- I know plenty of people who will come to your aid, and I would never, ever let anyone feel harassed or uncomfortable. This applies not only to regular con goers, but to other cosplayers as well- both of you being in costume does not mean they can do anything that makes you uncomfortable for the sake of "being in character." It's okay to say no, as human beings we have that right and the right to be comfortable doing the things we love to do.

JA: Wow.  That's some powerful advice too.  Speaking of which, what kind of advice would you give any beginner that wanted to cosplay or get started in cosplaying?

Claire: Never give up!! It's tough starting out- you're going to make things you don't like, things aren't going to come out how you expected. It's okay! Take a deep breathe, take a break, drink some tea and watch your favorite movie, then come back and try again. Everybody makes mistakes, it's how we learn, don't let your learning process stop you from pursuing something you're interested in. Also don't be afraid to ask or look for help! I'm always willing to lend a helpful hand, and there are a lot of wonderful tutorials out there for just about anything. Also, cosplay what you want to cosplay, not what's "popular" or anything. If you do something you love, you'll have so much fun. Who cares if no one recognizes who you are? Completing and wearing a cosplay of a character you love is so fulfilling on it's own. And, finally, don't let your skin color, gender, height, whatever, define who you can and cannot do. You want to cosplay Korra, but you're pale skinned? Who cares, go rock it girl!! You want to cosplay Storm but you're a dude? Go get in that black suit and white wig, you're going to be fabulous. In the end your only limitation is what you can dream up, don't let anybody tell you what you can or cannot do.

With Nowhere Left To Go by ~KitsuneSweetheart on deviantART

JA: Awesome advice well worth remembering.  Any shout outs or thank yous you'd like to add?

Claire: Sure! First off thanks to Kinney Pride for letting me be part of such an awesome page. Also thanks to my boyfriend Kevin and my best friends Claire and Sarah for supporting me through thick and thin.  And thank you to everyone who's followed me this far!! You guys are so awesome and I'm blessed to have you along for the ride.

JA: Again, thank you for your time.  This was very much appreciated!

Claire: No problem! Thank you so much for asking me to take part!

You can check out all her work over at her deviantART account KitsuneSweetheart and her Facebook cosplay page Claire Sassypants Cosplay.

X-23 & Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a topic that came up towards the end of the X-23 ongoing comic's run rather directly, but it's not a concept that's new to her story.  Laura Kinney was born into it, quite literally.  The Facility in creating the perfect assassin to sell as a weapon was essentially brokering in a form of it the entire time.  They were going to sell her, and others like her into a form of this kind of slavery rather directly.  So it's a topic that has been prevalent since her origin tale.

This isn't a new concern in the world either.  It's one that's been constantly battled and long strides have been won against with still more work to be done.  It's a worldwide concern for all genders and ages.

 Diving into this topic is a heady one as there is no single answer to stop it.  Every situation is unique to its circumstance and can be daunting for those in them to recognize.  There are many places that want to help though that you can reach out to.

Unicef has a side that attempts to combat this as does Covenant House, among many more.  Even musicians have joined the cause to try and help fight this world wide issue.   There are many that all want to provide help and support in trying to help those afflicted or to help raise awareness.  You can find more information at TraffickingResourceCenter.Org.

MK Ultra was a U.S. Government program in the 70s that applied techniques for mind control to turn unwitting bystanders into objects or tools to use. It is a topic that is well worth looking up as it's a sad note in U.S. history that should never be repeated. This is something that's quite akin to Triggerscent and the early implementation of it on X-23 as well as the further enhancement of it in the ongoing comic so that it affected all subjects on first contact, not just Laura.  Trafficking comes in many forms and we should be ever vigilant about it.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Getaway: Yes World, We've Found The Perfect X-23

So I just got back from seeing Getaway.

Initial reaction?
I want more.
Give this woman every action role possible.  Black Rock Shooter live action, Donna Troy for WB/DC, X-23 from Fox/Marvel, just anything imaginable, she can pull it off.

Selena Gomez is definitely going to be an action superstar.  She stole this movie outright.  Makes the entire film just buzz with excitement.  The film really highlights some of her range, and her character is pure fun.  She really lets the curse words fly, and even flipping the bird, it just works.  I don't know how, but she made every bit of her character "Kid" come off as a pure bad ass.  You can tell immediately by the end that this is just the start.  This was her "let's see if I can do this" type character.  A young woman that's a 21st century stereotype breaker that's bound to pave the way for many more roles to come.

The cinematography seems to be the main reviewer complaint, but I'm not sure why.  If you're focusing on Ethan Hawke's character it reflects his anxiety towards driving and his panic about his wife's safety.  For Selena Gomez's character it makes you really feel her plight, confusion, and the overarching emotional gambit she runs through from being put into this situation.

Just wow.
This movie has to be one of the best I've seen this year, if not the best.  Then again, I'm also a geek.  So I'll admit this won't be up for the Academy Awards, but who cares?  It's going to become an instant cult classic as much as the original Gone in 60 Seconds did among many others of its ilk.

It truly felt like a throwback film to those in spirit.  It also felt like a spiritual prequel to Bean Bandit and Gunsmith Cats.  The film brought both those premises into the 21st century.  Maybe not with Rally's trademark gun play, but the computer hacking tricks in themselves were a treat.  It's just.  Wow.  It had everything in some shape or form.

Count me as one waiting for a sequel that expands on her character.
If they do make one, I pray it includes just one piece of dialogue.
"Ah shit.  Not again."