Monday, September 9, 2013

Stars Dance *Update*

Since I covered this before, I thought it prudent to do an update to it when this video crossed my Youtube feed.  Selena Gomez did an interview elaborating on each track, what they mean to her, the messages she wanted to send to the fans with it, and what they mean as lyrical artistic work to her.  Aural poetry in motion indeed.  She continues on to praise and thank everyone that helped her album become the success it is.

This is why I will always praise her as an actress and artist.  She spends more time praising her inspirations and giving thanks than almost anyone else I've ever heard of.  She doesn't brag or act superior.  She handles herself with grace and dignity giving respect to everyone that's helped her or contributed to help her.  She listens and protects her fans.  She wants to uplift them and wants them to be moved by her music and films.  She's constantly growing as an artist and trying new melodies and flavors to help her evolve and adapt as an artist and a human being.  Her film work reflects the same as she isn't afraid to take on almost any role no matter how physically exhausting or emotionally draining it can be at times as her portrayal in Getaway and potentially the upcoming film adaption of 13 Reasons Why will reflect.

She's a mature well read young woman who knows how to balance the fun of the celebrity life, but also doesn't let it hinder her own growth as a young compassionate woman that wants to uplift the world.  Every move she makes has reason and artistic nuance to it.  Every choice enhances her career and shows the world a young woman with class that refuses to degrade herself.  She's actively outspoken about how women should help uplift each other and has actively refused to speak poorly about any to reporters no matter how hard they or others may try.

This is a young woman that has the same grace and gratitude as those many would call the greats of our age.  She has an air of a classic Audrey Hepburn as well as the dignity and poise of such legendary names as Angelina Jolie among many more of this age.  She doesn't let the games of paparazzi or others that want to drag her down get to her.  She outdoes herself every time they try to test her or push her.  She rises above it as only a woman with dignity, maturity, and class could.  Though it's not surprising as those are the kinds of people she surrounds herself with too, and a family that raised her well.  Truly a star that will never stop soaring to the top.

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