Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Getaway: Yes World, We've Found The Perfect X-23

So I just got back from seeing Getaway.

Initial reaction?
I want more.
Give this woman every action role possible.  Black Rock Shooter live action, Donna Troy for WB/DC, X-23 from Fox/Marvel, just anything imaginable, she can pull it off.

Selena Gomez is definitely going to be an action superstar.  She stole this movie outright.  Makes the entire film just buzz with excitement.  The film really highlights some of her range, and her character is pure fun.  She really lets the curse words fly, and even flipping the bird, it just works.  I don't know how, but she made every bit of her character "Kid" come off as a pure bad ass.  You can tell immediately by the end that this is just the start.  This was her "let's see if I can do this" type character.  A young woman that's a 21st century stereotype breaker that's bound to pave the way for many more roles to come.

The cinematography seems to be the main reviewer complaint, but I'm not sure why.  If you're focusing on Ethan Hawke's character it reflects his anxiety towards driving and his panic about his wife's safety.  For Selena Gomez's character it makes you really feel her plight, confusion, and the overarching emotional gambit she runs through from being put into this situation.

Just wow.
This movie has to be one of the best I've seen this year, if not the best.  Then again, I'm also a geek.  So I'll admit this won't be up for the Academy Awards, but who cares?  It's going to become an instant cult classic as much as the original Gone in 60 Seconds did among many others of its ilk.

It truly felt like a throwback film to those in spirit.  It also felt like a spiritual prequel to Bean Bandit and Gunsmith Cats.  The film brought both those premises into the 21st century.  Maybe not with Rally's trademark gun play, but the computer hacking tricks in themselves were a treat.  It's just.  Wow.  It had everything in some shape or form.

Count me as one waiting for a sequel that expands on her character.
If they do make one, I pray it includes just one piece of dialogue.
"Ah shit.  Not again."

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