Monday, September 30, 2013

A Post-Avengers Arena X-23

Warning Potential spoilers abound!

So we have word that X-23 may survive Avengers Arena as she'll be in the December issue of All New X-Men.  The solicit also suggests she's kissing someone.  Barring this being a dream of Hellion's or any other character, that would seem to suggest she's going back to the X-Men for now, and will be either starting a new romance, or re-kindling an old one.

This isn't too far-fetched from her character though and her recent growth.  I've finally had a chance to catch up Avengers Arena myself to start formulating theories about this.  From everything the story entails it seems like this is the most realistic direction to take her character.  She's just spent over a month on an island being used to kill her friends and fellow young heroes in a massive battle royale.  It'd make sense that once back stateside she'd have a hunger for life, love, and making new good memories.  Okay okay, I'll stay away from the genre puns.  It does make sense within the confines of her personal narrative though.  After such an ordeal as Arcade's island was, it'd make sense that when she comes back she'd have a renewed thirst for life.

This could mean many things, but as character growth goes, it does present possibilities.  A big one of course being her possibly attempting to deprogram herself of the triggerscent Pavlovian response so it can't be used against her anymore.  With more and more of the Marvel Universe discovering or cracking the recipe, it's a hindrance she can't risk anymore.  Another aspect that we're starting to see being dived into is her potential to dive into a new romance because of her potential new found lust for life.  Not uncommon, but the question should be raised on who.

It's plausible that she'll return to Hellion as the ordeal may have pushed her in that direction and he's still hung up on her anyway more than likely.  Though after such an ordeal, going back to someone that is a bully seems unlikely even if he claims having changed.  His antics may very well bring up memories of what she went through.  Gambit doesn't seem likely because of the age difference depending on his own personal narrative.  He's in a more mentor role capacity, but it's still possible depending on a host of different factors.  We could see someone entirely new introduced, or there could be someone from her past brought back as we've seen suggested before with Alex Cimini during her ongoing.  Of course, there's also the strong possibility that this is a dupe outright, and it's just a dream creation, or Hellion trying to work through his issues in the Danger Room while dealing with his grief over Laura.

All we know for certain is it's going to be a must read!  Either Laura survives Avengers Arena and this issue represents her diving headfirst into living life, celebrating, and taking joys where she can find them, or this will be the issue that deals with remembrance of her by her friends and fellow teammates as they come to terms with her loss.  This seems unlikely but is a possibility.  X-23 is one of the few characters that may outright survive Arcade's island because of who she is.  As one issue quite eloquently put it, she's X-23, she can't be stopped.

Personally, I look forward to where it goes.  One thing is for certain though.  We may see an entirely different side of Laura once she's back with the X-Men.  She may not be traumatized from the island like the other kids could be because of her own history, but she'll still possibly want to change the way she's been.  Arcade's island may have been the straw that broke the camel's back finally.  What that means though, only time will tell.

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