Friday, September 6, 2013

Fan Featured Friday: Claire Sassypants Cosplay!

Today's Trip F is going out to cosplayers.  They are the unsung heroes of the fandom that are now starting to get the recognition they deserve for all they contribute to cons, events, and even charities!

This one in particular we're focusing on Claire Sassypants Cosplay!  She's one of the many amazing, kind, and sweet cosplayers that are also part of GeekLurv.

She has been a cosplayer for about 4 years now and has graciously agreed to do a quick interview about it too!

JA: So first question.  Why do you cosplay?

Claire:  I cosplay for several reasons. I have a very deep-seated love for creating things, and as a cosplayer I not only create, but I am always learning and I get to portray characters I really, really love. Not to mention, I've met so many incredibly wonderful people that I wouldn't have met otherwise.

JA: What drew you to cosplaying as X-23?

Claire: I've always been a Marvel fan, but to be completely honest I didn't even know about Laura until after I'd played Marvel VS. Capcom. She was my favorite go-to character, and I really wanted to cosplay her. I did my homework and ended up completely falling in love with her- she's such a strong, bad-ass character, it's hard not to fall in love with that kind of girl haha. I'm excited that now I'm skilled enough to be able to make her outfit completely from scratch.

Someone call for Antiheroes? by ~KitsuneSweetheart on deviantART

Defiant by ~KitsuneSweetheart on deviantART

JA:  Awesome.  So glad to hear that Capcom's exposure of her through Marvel vs Capcom 3 has helped to create more fans.  So what's been your favorite cosplay that you've done?

Claire: That's like asking someone to pick which child of theirs is their favorite.  It changes all the time. I'm really happy with how my Steampunk Supergirl came out though, and my Claire Redfield cosplay is my baby.

JA: Love that answer.  What factors into your decisions for which characters you cosplay as for when?

Claire: Thanks haha. Usually it depends on several factors- which con I'm going to, if I've been asked to be in a group. But I have a long list of cosplays I want to do, so after that it comes down to really what I feel like devoting my time to and what I have the means to complete. I don't think I've actually made a dent in my cosplay dream list though, new stuff gets added on all the time haha.

JA: With all the amazing effort you put into each one, it's amazing at how many you've done so far! So what are some of the fantastic moments that stood out to you while you've been cosplaying and dealing with fans?

Claire: Thank you!! I've just really started my cosplaying career, so I have lots I need to and can improve, but I'm proud of how much I've learned to do. I'm such a big sucker for kids, and I remember when I was doing Black Widow at AX I was walking around with Matt (AKA Humble Shield) as Captain America, and these kids were asking to take pictures with us. It was so cute. And then this girl who has been following me on recognized me and asked to take my picture, when I had been trying to get to her so I could take a picture of her amazing Mikasa cosplay! It's interactions like that that really make me smile. Cosplay to me is so much about supporting each other and making friends, and when someone tells me they like my work it makes me feel really awesome.

Game on by ~KitsuneSweetheart on deviantART

JA: Aw, that's sweet.  Have their been any negative moments you'd like to warn other cosplayers or potential cosplayers about?

Claire: There have been situations where I've been extremely uncomfortable by other people's actions, such as people trying to touch me inappropriately when taking a picture with me. I don't wish for anyone to think that it's ever okay for someone to touch you in ways that make them uncomfortable, no matter what, so I firmly support standing up for yourself and telling someone "Please do not touch me like that" or "Please take your hands off me." If you're in a middle of their picture, tough cookies for them, that is not right. And if they continue to harass you, go to con staff, go to a friend, get help. Don't think it's ever okay for anyone to make you uncomfortable or to harass you. You being in costume does not give them the right to do what they please, but rather they should respect you, and your hard work. And don't be afraid to go to a stranger, if you don't have friends nearby- I know plenty of people who will come to your aid, and I would never, ever let anyone feel harassed or uncomfortable. This applies not only to regular con goers, but to other cosplayers as well- both of you being in costume does not mean they can do anything that makes you uncomfortable for the sake of "being in character." It's okay to say no, as human beings we have that right and the right to be comfortable doing the things we love to do.

JA: Wow.  That's some powerful advice too.  Speaking of which, what kind of advice would you give any beginner that wanted to cosplay or get started in cosplaying?

Claire: Never give up!! It's tough starting out- you're going to make things you don't like, things aren't going to come out how you expected. It's okay! Take a deep breathe, take a break, drink some tea and watch your favorite movie, then come back and try again. Everybody makes mistakes, it's how we learn, don't let your learning process stop you from pursuing something you're interested in. Also don't be afraid to ask or look for help! I'm always willing to lend a helpful hand, and there are a lot of wonderful tutorials out there for just about anything. Also, cosplay what you want to cosplay, not what's "popular" or anything. If you do something you love, you'll have so much fun. Who cares if no one recognizes who you are? Completing and wearing a cosplay of a character you love is so fulfilling on it's own. And, finally, don't let your skin color, gender, height, whatever, define who you can and cannot do. You want to cosplay Korra, but you're pale skinned? Who cares, go rock it girl!! You want to cosplay Storm but you're a dude? Go get in that black suit and white wig, you're going to be fabulous. In the end your only limitation is what you can dream up, don't let anybody tell you what you can or cannot do.

With Nowhere Left To Go by ~KitsuneSweetheart on deviantART

JA: Awesome advice well worth remembering.  Any shout outs or thank yous you'd like to add?

Claire: Sure! First off thanks to Kinney Pride for letting me be part of such an awesome page. Also thanks to my boyfriend Kevin and my best friends Claire and Sarah for supporting me through thick and thin.  And thank you to everyone who's followed me this far!! You guys are so awesome and I'm blessed to have you along for the ride.

JA: Again, thank you for your time.  This was very much appreciated!

Claire: No problem! Thank you so much for asking me to take part!

You can check out all her work over at her deviantART account KitsuneSweetheart and her Facebook cosplay page Claire Sassypants Cosplay.


  1. Hey Jonathan! Just thought you would like to know that Marvel announced X-23 will be in the December edition of All-New X-Men #20. Found it on Here's the link

    1. Thanks for the heads up! I'd like to credit you for it with the entry, but um, you didn't leave a name. xD