Friday, September 6, 2013

X-23 & Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a topic that came up towards the end of the X-23 ongoing comic's run rather directly, but it's not a concept that's new to her story.  Laura Kinney was born into it, quite literally.  The Facility in creating the perfect assassin to sell as a weapon was essentially brokering in a form of it the entire time.  They were going to sell her, and others like her into a form of this kind of slavery rather directly.  So it's a topic that has been prevalent since her origin tale.

This isn't a new concern in the world either.  It's one that's been constantly battled and long strides have been won against with still more work to be done.  It's a worldwide concern for all genders and ages.

 Diving into this topic is a heady one as there is no single answer to stop it.  Every situation is unique to its circumstance and can be daunting for those in them to recognize.  There are many places that want to help though that you can reach out to.

Unicef has a side that attempts to combat this as does Covenant House, among many more.  Even musicians have joined the cause to try and help fight this world wide issue.   There are many that all want to provide help and support in trying to help those afflicted or to help raise awareness.  You can find more information at TraffickingResourceCenter.Org.

MK Ultra was a U.S. Government program in the 70s that applied techniques for mind control to turn unwitting bystanders into objects or tools to use. It is a topic that is well worth looking up as it's a sad note in U.S. history that should never be repeated. This is something that's quite akin to Triggerscent and the early implementation of it on X-23 as well as the further enhancement of it in the ongoing comic so that it affected all subjects on first contact, not just Laura.  Trafficking comes in many forms and we should be ever vigilant about it.

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