Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fan Concepts: Should 20th Century Fox Make NYX: Wannabes Into A Movie?

I briefly went over this topic before in other Fan Musings or Fan Concepts entries, but it is an interesting question.  Should Fox make this movie?

It's a potentially guaranteed hit between the fan base and audiences at large.  The topics it discusses about Mutants(children who are different) being lost in the cracks is a timeless concern that this could raise discussion over.  Discussion and debates means more word of mouth which generates more ticket sales.

It'll allow Fox to beat Marvel/Disney to a similar movie concept.  Runaways/Smallfaces from Disney presents similar albeit different concepts to the same premise.  The question is would it be different enough to break the comparisons if NYX came first?  The artistic usage of shock horror in parts of NYX also help generate more fan word of mouth as a film that's not for kids but would potentially make teenagers and adults pay to see it repeatedly.  It presents an offset to Runaways/Smallfaces as Disney will attempt to curtail their story to best suit children in the audience too.

It presents an interesting yet untied story to the X-Men Cinematic Universe.  This story while being set in the same universe has no real impact on the events in the X-Men movies or them to it.  This allows more freedom of movement among the story and characters without worry of canon.  It'll allow for a potential pocket aspect of the cinematic universe to tell stories more on the human level while still yielding action scenes and mutant scenes that fans and audiences have come to expect from the X-Men Cinematic Universe.

It could help raise awareness on characters.  Kiden is a fan favorite outright, as is X-23, and there are other characters within the story that would also intrigue viewers into wanting to understand them more.  X-23 herself it presents an interesting quandary as these are the events after her origin tale.  A moment in which she's lost and directionless after being separated from her family, but eventually she starts protecting others by fighting back against those who used and abused her.  As an initial piece, it'd raise questions around her character that could lead to an origin tale, or it could be used to help bolster an appearance in an X-Force film.  It might be best suited for an after either of those type feature to help truly establish her character first, but the mystery generated by any of those 3 possibilities would create discussion among audiences.

Outside of the right casting, this film could be handled on a reasonably low budget with a moderately quick turnaround on investment as even the filming wouldn't take much time.  This being a more or less average "lost in the city" type story allows for it to be more easily handled within the confines of possibly TV dramedy filming schedules.  The provocative imagery and topics would haunt audiences yet also allow for it to become an instantaneous popular culture icon as it would also have the Marvel connection that catch audience's eyes these days.  It would allow for a more emotionally character driven film piece in the X-Men library that could genuinely end up within the Academy Awards lineup.

What are your thoughts on this subject?  Leave them in the comments!  KP will be approaching this subject again in the future more in-depth including potential casting and direct discussion of the characters and scenes it entails!  (In other words, I have to find my copy of NYX: Wannabes again first!)

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