Thursday, July 31, 2014

X-23 Pre-Anniversary/Birthday Celebration: Kicking things off right with some good tunes.

My apologies for the impromptu brief hiatus.

Many entries that would have normally been handled in July were accidentally skipped due to various constraints and conflicting timing.  Again our apologies for missing these milestones as well.  They did not go unnoticed.  Due to technical difficulties, those entries were missed unintentionally.

With X-23's 11th anniversary/birthday coming up on August 2nd, many entries were also postponed to instead be pushed to then.

With that date right around the corner, I thought it might be nice to have a little bit of fun.  So tonight we're kicking off a mild pre-anniversary/birthday party celebration by piggy backing on a concert that conveniently fell in our lap at the perfect time.

Not just any concert though!  Lucy Hale will be playing the Honda Stage at the iHeartRadio Theater in LA tonight and it will be streamed live across the internet thanks to iHeartRadio.

The performance starts at 9pm PST, and can be seen over on their website.

It's sure to be an amazing show!

Also coming over the next few days will be some special entries and discussion points pertaining to all things X-23.  These include a widespread amount of topics that range all over the spectrum.  While there may not be any MMD animated videos as previously planned, I do hope you enjoy and think upon the topics that are discussed.  As always, feel free to comment away!  Who knows!  Your comment may very well spark a new entry and you will be credited as such!

After the festivities, Kinney Pride will be going back on temporary hiatus to sort out some more technical complications.  Shouldn't be long, and hopefully we'll be back in full swing long before October rolls around.

So be sure to stick with us, you may like some of the surprises in store!