Monday, December 27, 2010

Paper Cuts Preview 2.1

Here's the strip that was supposed to be on Christmas. Sorry for being 26 hours and 5 minutes late. To make up for it, it's now in color. Well it was in color to begin with anyway. Um, okay so I gots nothing to make up for it being late and having to restructure the panels because the other wasn't measured right. Oops. Anyway, enjoy.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

5 Days Until the New Year, 3 Days Until the New Issue.

Here is starting to reach 5 'minutes' to midnight. I hope to have everything up and ready to go for the new year so I can just sit back and relax. Right now as it is, I'm fighting a formatting error I made in pixel width on the strip. Soon as I get that fixed it'll be up.

Also as a reminder, on December 29th, the last issue of X-23 for this year will be released. Be sure to pick up your copy as this delicious comic from Marvel seems to be going into overdrive with Marjorie Liu and company. It seems to be going buck wild with Laura's self-discovery road trip. So be sure to pick your copy up, as these upcoming arcs should be quite the treat. At least the 6 page exclusive preview CBR has makes it seem that way.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from Kinney Pride!

My apologies if this isn't your holiday. Next year, I'll work to improve on that here when I have the time. As it is, holidays are eating up a lot of time and I don't feel like being all politically correct today. So on with the pagan festivities!

If this is your holiday though, you're in for a treat...

It's Christmas morning, do you know where your gifts are? I'd hope so, but just in case, we here at Kinney Pride are offering our very own Christmas present. It's a very special second preview strip for the web comic before it starts its monthly debut in January on the 23rd of every month. The regular cast will be revealed then. I actually worked hard this time to present a modest more thought-provoking strip, and it's been exactly why I haven't posted anything recently. Any topic I wanted to cover was going to cover the same ground as it does, so the choice was made to kibosh all posts related until after this strip went live. Originally, I was going to go for something a bit more holiday obligatory, with Laura Kinney next to a christmas tree cutting the ribbon on her present... But since I seem to be making a few more waves than expected for the previous preview strip's usage, I decided to up the ante, and go for a more wintery feel instead that doesn't use her. Something this time that can't be misconstrued.

So without further ado I present to you the second preview strip as promised on Christmas Day.

Doh! Okay, sorry guys. It seems the page will have to wait until tomorrow to make its debut. Today is just too great a day to be sullied by such a depressing comic page as was planned.
So check back tomorrow evening, as the real second preview of Papercuts will be shown. Followed by posts explaining the sudden tonal shift, as well as many other planned entries that had to be pushed back because of this darn preview.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

X-23 V3 Issue 4 Preview!

The X-23 v3 issue 4 preview is up over at CBR. Check it out, and get ready to buy the last X-23 comic for this year on December 29th.

If you want my 2 cents...

It looks freaking magnificent in the preview.
We've got drifting Laura, subtle hues of psychology strewn throughout, and perfection on dialogue. The art looks fantastic too. If you missed the major turning point for Laura that was issue 3, here is just as an amazing spot to hop on and enjoy. This preview alone makes this series look like it's going nowhere but up with character building, and reality driven story-telling. Well, as much reality as a Sci-fi story can have, but you know what I mean. This truly helps hammer the point down that Quesada had said recently about a continual growing world, similiar to a soap opera.

If this preview is any indication, the art and creative team have outdone themselves with this issue.

So can't wait!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Howlett Clan Collides in Upcoming Crossover

Daken and X-23 will be colliding coming up soon at Marvel, in a story arc called Collision starting in Daken: Dark Wolverine #7.  The prelude to an arc with both he and X-23.

From Marvel's Official Press Release via CBR.

Wolverine’s family may just destroy itself as his son Daken and his daughter X-23 face off in a battle to the death this March in Collision! Brought to fans by fan favorite writers Marjorie Liu and Daniel Way alongside artists Marco Chechetto and Ryan Stegman, Collision will change the future of Wolverine’s progeny With a foothold in Madripoor as king of the criminal underworld, Daken is untouchable…that is until X-23 shows up at his doorstep. Claws are popped and blood is drawn as the battle for supremacy starts this March in Daken: Dark Wolverine #7 and continues in both X-23 and Daken: Dark Wolverine. When the smoke clears, who will be left standing in Collision?


Parental Advisory …$2.99

X-23 #8
Penciled by RYAN STEGMAN
Parental Advisory …$2.99

I will update with exact dates once available.

This is the event that Marjorie Liu has been hinting at in previous interviews and it's looking beautiful. Can't wait!

Friday, December 10, 2010

X-23 v3 Issue 4 Has Been Pushed Back!

Originally slated for a December 15th release, it has been pushed back to December 29th. has adjusted accordingly on their site.

Be sure to pick up your copy of issue 4 at your local comic shop, and help make the demand for this rising comic to shine through once again. This issue will be a perfect jumping on point as one story arc ends and another begins. So if you're afraid you missed too much already, fear not, you can still easily catch up.

The January solicit hasn't changed though, so issue 5 is still slated for January 19th.

Women and Comics

A recent editorial at Lytherus talks about seducing women into comics. It's an interesting piece, and hits many points right on the head. It includes statistics.

I'm a male reader, and I tend to agree with this whole-heartedly. I know that may sound weird, but I grew up differently than most. My whole life has always been surrounded by women. Many have similiar stories, and everyone has their own sob story, but women in the world don't seem to get the credit they deserve for everything they do, or could do. I'm not even going to pretend to know the secrets that are within women's minds, or how they think, but well-written female protagonists can be a draw for more than just women. Sure, sex sells to the average male adolescent, but there comes a time where these boys grow up, and instead of looking for giant bosoms, they are looking for just strong women to read about, or even just that rise to independance a young woman may go through. Especially in a modern world where a woman's self-confidence is being slammed down by everything around them, it's imperitive to show that not only appealing to women readers is a good thing that can help, but something that can benefit a readership on both sides of the gender coin. Comics have always been a form of escapism for boys, so why can't that be true for women as well?

This editorial brings that to light with statistics and sources, and commends Marvel for what they did with Women of Marvel and their other offerings. It's definitely worth a read, as it also asks is this enough.

My personal take on this is that X-23's new on-going is a step in the right direction in the superhero genre itself. Being helmed creatively by Marjorie Liu, it's taken a teenage female character and given her voice a chance to grow and breathe, to become her own woman. A comic that's not using sex appeal to push issues, but character drive and reality of the situation.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Making Headlines - News From Different Shores

BBC has an interesting article about Dame Helen Mirren and a quote that's bound to go down in infamy about how Hollywood worships young men. She brings up some very interesting points, including how it's slowly starting to change this mentality, but not fast enough.

In other news, over at BCN, an article has popped up about Brenda Starr, the third long-standing female-starring comic strip is going kaputt.

It's news like this that makes me glad Marvel is using talented women in various industries to move their products forward, and attempting to give much respect to their female library of characters.

They've got Marjorie Liu on X-23 and Daken with more to follow.
This is in addition to Laurel K. Hamilton's Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter adaption series based on her novels. These are just two of the many women of Marvel. My apologies for not listing the many others who have done great work and still go unnoticed.

Speaking of Anita Blake, does anyone know what happened with the IFC movie that was talked about awhile back?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

CBR interviews Marjorie Liu

There's a great interview over on CBR with Marjorie Liu about the upcoming issue 4. It's quite a great read and shows just how much X-23 is in capable hands. It also gives brief insight into some stories for next year.

If you're hungry for more of her marvelous style, and deep storylines, be sure to check out her Dirk & Steele novel series. While it's not Marvel related, it is a smattering of sci-fi occult within the romance genre yielding fantastic results. You can find an ad for these within the latest X-23 offering, and hopefully the rest to come as well.

Continuity Goofs or Continuity Fixes?

Marjorie Liu's run on the X-23 on-going seems rife with what many might call mistakes. I know I made that error myself at first, but let's take a serious look at it for a second.

The initial Wolverine flashback, how is this possible?

Well, Laura has been on Utopia which is right outside San Francisco, so it could fit anywhere. It also raises the question about Academy X on when Logan got Laura's cell phone number. It's not like they had any meaningful conversations prior to this, let alone a chance to exchange numbers, nor her even having a cell phone yet. So maybe this may explain that. There's also the question in the Chris Yost/Craig Kyle run of how did Laura go from NYX in New York, to sitting on the pier in San Francisco when Logan calls.
Sure she could have had a burn phone which is always possible, but the question still remains on how Logan got that number. So this Amusement Park flashback could bear fruit for answers to at least that question depending on when or how it happened.

How did Dr. Rice, who by all accounts never had a successful experiment except for triggerscent, create Kimura?

This one I hope is touched on in the on-going's issue 5. With an alluded connection to Mr. Sinister being played up, this would make sense, and fix that previous plothole, while still not directly tieing Laura to Mr. Sinister herself. Instead it'd be through Kimura, who by all accounts is a character no one would care if tied to Sinister. Plus, it yields potential ways for Laura to stop Kimura. Though then again, it'd be just as easy to say Sinister was one of Rice and Sutter's many clients. Personally, I'm hoping for the Kimura connection, as it'd open up possibilities and new ways for Laura to fight or stop her. It also answers the question of how this abused orphan girl was taken by Rice and turned into Kimura when Rice himself is more or less a vengence driven quack.

What's the signifigance of Laura having a puppy in her childhood?

The puppy in X-23 v3 issue 3 does come to question. Again though, this is something only hinted at in the minis, and further expands on the point of why Triggerscent was even needed. That same breed of dog, only much older, was used in the first triggerscent trial before a human test was done on the sensei. Clarifying why the Facility even needed triggerscent. Something the initial minis only touched on vaguely by stating targets of exceptional nature, or she couldn't be trusted to kill, but not how they realized that would be needed. This puppy answers that, as well as does something her Mother would have done. While it doesn't show her mother talking back to the doctors like she would normally, this is a memory flashback, those do tend to be altered based on perception as any psychologist or psychiatrist will tell you. Basicly what you remember isn't always the whole truth.

These are but a few retcons that could and do work greatly in the comic and hopefully its future. These are definitely continuity fixes, and not goofs.

I know looking back upon them now, I'm extremely excited to see where this new Miss Sinister arc may go.

Marjorie Liu is doing a wonderful job treating Laura as an actual character and not an object. These retcons themselves plus others are slowly building ideas to help fix the rampant continuity flaws between all of X-23's usages in comics. While these errors are typical in comics, it's nice to see an author who takes them, and works with them instead of just dismissing what they don't like. Marjorie Liu's run could easily become one of the most underrated character usages, that's easy to dismiss at first, but at second glace they truly shine as usages that make you think and question what's come before with how masterfully interwoven they are into Laura's history with precision.

So be there next week, as Laura takes to the streets when issue 4 of the on-going is released on December 15th (*update* December 29th)! Buy your copy and help push this comic back up on the charts to where it belongs(let's try and get it to at least 23rd place for December)! Plus, if you missed the previous 3 issues, this is a perfect jumping on point for a new arc. So tell your friends, this comic is going places and should be read. It's a slow character build but the payoff already is starting to shine through brightly.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Avengers: EMH Update!

Sunday December 19th's episode of Avengers: EMH will be "Widow's Sting." It'll be on at 10am/9 Central that day.

So it looks like Black Widow will finally get an entire episode focus.

Remember, this Sunday's episode is "459." It airs on Sunday at 10am/9 Central.

It looks like it'll feature 'Ultimate' Captain Marvel and the Kree Sentry.

Be sure to check your local listings. Disney XD's schedule.

No Interviews

This blog will not be doing interviews with anyone associated to the publication of the comics or character it relates to.

It's not that I'm not capable of it, nor have not had the chance to speak to those associated, it's that I don't do puff pieces.

To put it mildly, I'd end up pulling a Katie Couric on them. Though that and interviews would draw attention and hits to this blog, it's not something I personally want to blog about or do. If given the chance to do that though, it's my obligation to do that very thing. For this reason, all requests or oppurtunities to do interviews will be denied, and 'fanboyed' away.

This is for both Marvel's benefit and my own.

November 2010 Sales Rank

November 2010

X-23 v3 #03
Cover Price: $2.99
This issue was ranked 56 out of 300 according to ICv2 which is based on Diamond U.S. to comic specialty stores. The issue has sold an estimated 31,224 copies to them.

The sales are dipping further so far for a title that has been trying to avoid WiRS(Women in Refrigerators Syndrome). Though to be fair, most assume that syndrome has to be only in a male character centric book.

Hopefully this will mean an upbeat in v3 issue 4 as the title takes Laura to the streets in her own real adventure without the X-Men since her minis or Captain Universe one-shot.

So be sure to pick your copy up of X-23 v3 issue 4 on December 15th!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Writer vs Writer

Always the glutton for punishment I am. So why not a rundown of comparisons between the main writers who have written X-23. Let's see who comes out on top.

1. X-23 being a cutter as started by Joe Quesada in NYX.

Chris Yost and Craig Kyle ran with the idea, expanding on it. Something that's understandable with how X-23 was raised.

Marjorie Liu healed X-23 from it. In a spiral of anguish picking up from X-Force with the torture and death of Kiden. Marjorie Liu weaved a powerful tale in her one-shot of the harm just escalating for this excrutiatingly painful moment for Laura. It reached the point where Laura was harming herself in front of others, and even jumping off a building which finally made her learn self-harm wasn't the way.

Winner: Marjorie Liu for moving this character past it.

2. X-23 as a prostitute as shown by Joe Quesada in NYX.

Mostly ignored by Yost and Kyle, this element was never touched on except briefly acknowledged in X-Force with the torture of Kiden.

Marjorie Liu took these cues, and ran with the psychology of it. Showing that Laura doesn't like to think about it as it was a dark place. Treading softly, but showing a woman who's trying to come to terms with herself and her past.

Winner: Marjorie Liu

3. X-23 as the tactician and ultimate strategist. As shown by Yost and Kyle in the two origin mini-series.

Yost and Kyle may have created this, and even interwove it beautifully into Academy X/New X-Men, but the growing overbearing arrogance of it in X-Force while adding comedic value, created an air of Laura borderline as a jerk, though maybe Julian was rubbing off on her. She continually had to be 'put in her place' by Wolverine, even bringing in a reminder that Kimura was still out there and hunting her down.

Marjorie Liu took a different turn after all these events, and showed a withdrawn Laura who was funneling emotions inside without harming others. Finally taking to heart what everyone, even Logan had been telling Laura. No more killing.

Winner: Tough call. Yost and Kyle may have pioneered the aspects, but Marjorie Liu really made her grow from it. While I enjoyed X-Force, the more feminine touch Liu brings to the character really helps her feel more real with these problems. So I'm going with Marjorie Liu here for the withdrawn story usage and lack of what amounts to abusing a character repeatedly, especially a female character. There comes a point where it's just too much to bear in X-Force.

4. Years of training under a sensei, and weapons applications along with field materials usage as shown by Yost and Kyle in the mini-series and Academy X.

Yost and Kyle weaved a powerful story of intrigue in those issues. Elements that had Laura show boating and trying to understand how other kids were raised. This continued throughout New X-Men and X-Force with a rising arrogance from it as she dove headfirst into the problems the institute were facing after Decimation. It even had Julian reprimanding her for her techniques, and Logan being mad at her about it as well as slamming her into a tree for how she talked about Wolfsbane.

Marjorie Liu's take on this shows after time of arrogance, and a multitude of times people waving their finger and saying bad doggie, that Laura has turned inward but still remains a master at chess, even in how she handles the telepathic entity that's inhabiting her.
Winner: Tie. Marjorie Liu's run is still going though, so she may have the edge here.(Yes I realize I used the same question twice.)

5. X-23 as Wolverine's test-tube daughter, as insinuated in the mini-series with her green eyes and other similiarities to her mother.

Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost only touched on this in the initial mini-series, but had never approached it since. Instead they just kept escalating the harm and lack of self-worth X-23 had inflicted on her from the Facility. Even after time and time again others kept caring for Laura and telling her she's worth so much more.

Marjorie Liu finally dove into this headfirst, showing that Laura does know these details, but just refuses to face them until finally her own soul had to speak up and make Laura face herself.

Winner: Marjorie Liu, but it should be noted that Yost/Kyle never had the chance to approach it, instead opting to escalate the psychology of the trauma of it inflicted upon her for 4 years, only touching briefly on it when Laura visited her family in the minis. Whereas within 4 issues, Marjorie Liu weaved a tale of healing that helped bring Laura to terms with it, without diving into the familial connections to push the point since Laura is cut off from her family because of Kimura's vendetta.

6. X-23 dealing with a telepathic enemy.

Yost/Kyle had shown this briefly in Academy X as Emma attempted to make X-23 leave by pulling memories while X-23 slept to use her own Mother against her.

Marjorie Liu continues this thought using a telepathic entity that while tortures Laura, could be exactly what's helping protect her from proddings from Emma. Laura herself seems to be cautious of this entity, and only letting him into thoughts of her creation.

Winner: Marjorie Liu, as she's had a longer duration to use this to her advantage in published work. It reflects the stragetic nature of Laura while being more subdued.

7. X-23 and her family.

As shown by Yost/Kyle X-23 has a love for her cousin and Aunt, missing them deeply, and crying whenever her mother comes up. Giving contempt towards Logan for his lack of strategy, but yet still coming to his rescue and heeding his advice, especially advice that's been beat into her when she speaks against those that Logan cares about more than her.

Marjorie Liu yielded a story of intrigue and contempt towards Logan at first while Laura was still thinking herself as simply his clone. She has since grown and heeded her mother's advice to never forgive her mother for X-23's creation. She's finally even started giving Logan a chance, even picking up on his true nature and recognizing when she's being duped. This X-23 is finally starting to take responsibility for herself, and growing by her own will. This X-23 is defiant even to Beezle-bub in her word choices, using a contraction to do that very thing to spite him.

Winner: Marjorie Liu for healing Laura and having her grow by her own will, and not because others are forcing her to. Showing a young woman who'll protect her family by any cost as she did for Julian.

Only doing seven for now, since X-23 was created seven years ago in animation. Future writer vs writer may come up as Marjorie Liu creates a wealth of information to compare to 5 years of work Yost/Kyle have on the character.

For now, the winner is...
Both. Comparing the two, is like comparing night and day. They both show different aspects in a growing timeline of events that are defining X-23 to who she is as a young woman. Both have given some great stuff, and both have yielded some interesting possibilities and story points to explore. Comparing the two is really unfair, as one side shows Laura's pain and how she grew up being inflicted with trauma, and the other shows Laura attempting to come to terms with it in humility instead of ignoring it or hiding behind arrogance and self-destructiveness. One side abuses Laura and continually beats her down, but still has her overcome it, the other has Laura healing and growing but no one will listen as oft happens when adults are around. Since people are going to say that's a cop-out, the winner is Marjorie Liu for making Laura more withdrawn and humble while still conveying the facets of Laura's training and aptitude for chess. Sorry, but I side with the starflake.

Remember, December 15th is when the next X-23 issue comes out. Be there as Laura takes to the city and branches out on her own in Marjorie Liu's masterfully written work that shows a growing and healing Laura out in the world.

DC Looking to Adapt Raven for CW

Over at Variety, an interesting article cropped up about a live action adaption for Raven.

It's a great idea, and with Smallville making its exit, perfect timing too.

The article goes in-depth about the talent behind this idea, and I for one am looking forward to it.

I'll dispense with the obligatory X-23 tv series or movie rant this time to go alongside it. This is just too awesome to clutter with that. Besides, by now you should get the drift, and no one's listening anyway to do it. Well that, and an X-23 TV series by itself would only last a season or two as history has proven. Depending on how it's done at least. It could be as long lived as Dexter if handled via the way Marjorie Liu is in the on-going with self-discovery.

November 2010 Sales Charts are in at Previews!

The November sales charts are in over at Previews. X-23 v3 issue 3 is what was released in November. Further updates to come once ICv2 updates.

Keep your fingers crossed. Hopefully this issue shows a rise in sales for what was a defining issue for X-23.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Facebook Initiative: Awareness Of Violence Against Children

There's a chain post going around on Facebook.

"Change your Facebook profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood, and invite your friends to do the same. Until Monday next week, we hope to see less human faces on Facebook and an invasion of childhood memories. This is for awareness of violence against children."

So join in and show your support. Repost the message, and change your profile pic until after Monday. I am not the one who started this initiative. I had just seen it myself and thought it best to help spread the word any way possibe.

Other X-23 and Family of Wolvie blogs

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know, I promised this over a month ago, but hey I was busy with something else I wanted to test first.

Anyway. I know here tends to only focus on X-23 but that's not to say there aren't other blogs out there that don't focus on her and her family.

Killing Perfection for one is a nice blog that tries to bring you all the info available on Daken, Wolverine, X-Force, X-Men, and specificly X-23. Usually even catching details I miss or skip (Like her no speaking appearance in X-Men v3). It's run by a person who has english as a secondary language, so you'll have to forgive any typos or long breaks between posts as their own life can pull one away from posting.

ThreeClawseach's blog Let's do this is another that focuses on Wolverine, X-23, X-Force, and some other stuff. A great blog, and a great user. Thanks to his help, sections of this blog itself have grown and become more accurate, like the merchandise section that lists all the merchandise X-23 has had over the years. In particular he made me aware of 3 statues I didn't know about. Credit should go to where credit is due.

Yup here is still getting its footing, but by year's end, we should be rev'ing to go without any further hiccups or tests. So bear with us as we've just gone to 28 minutes to midnight.

I am in no way affiliated to those blogs. I'm just proud to say we all focus on the Howlett clan and friends in our own way.

As for my own blog name? Well Kinney Pride is a multi-tiered nod.
Pride as in how her family is proud of her, pride as in she's the pride of her herd since I favor her over Daken and Wolvie, pride as in she's part of a family of lions, and it's also a word play on another famous X-Men character, Kitty Pryde.

What? I tend to overthink anything I do. What did you expect?

Review: X-23 V3 Issue 3 (Spoilers)

These are a new series of reviews going backwards while the other reviews go forwards. Now that they can be evaluated as complete arcs, it's a good time to go back and do the reviews proper justice. Plus, I need to do the spoiler free ones too.

X-23 v3 issue 3 is a very heady issue, and a very well done one at that.
It mirrors moments of clarity, a spiritual moment if you will, and expands on concepts in the mini-series.

This issue justifies why the Facility needed triggerscent. Proves finally to Laura and the world she's more than simply some female Wolverine, and has her growing into her own person in spite of everything that's been happening to her. Shows a woman by her own will and soul picking herself up, and reminding herself that she's a strong powerful woman who should take responsibility for her own choices. She dusts herself off to show the world she will not be pushed around anymore.

There are a few problem spots scattered in the art, and in a 'property of the state' remark, as well as the usage of Emma, but the parallels drawn between Gambit and Storm, against Cyclops and Julian were perfect. Shows the growing aptitude of a writer well capable of handling X-23, even giving her a voice outside of her condescension towards Wolverine in X-Force.  The other problem spot being in the memory of Laura killing her mother, but memory is a fickle thing and changes overtime as people put their own spin on them.  Something even a real psychologist will tell you, as memory is constantly evolving and changing based on how a person remembers it.

That's not to say the problem spots may not have been on purpose though, as this writer is continually proving she has an overall plan with what she's doing with a method to her madness so to speak.

The writer also proves with her usage of the Maslow Peak Experience, that she has a familiarity with psychology, and is just dabbling so as not to overwhelm the readership.  This also comes across subliminally in the usage of the memories themselves.

Overall, a very good issue, and one that should be a crowning jewel in anyone's collection.

5 Claws out of 6

- The property of State remark, alongside Emma's questionable conveyance.

+ The addition of the puppy to Laura's origin finally explaining why the facility needed triggerscent.

+ Parallels between Gambit, Storm and X-23. While Cyclops may have been an orphan too, he did grow up in structure with Professor Xavier. Something that comes across beautifully.

+ Laura leaving Julian in a moment of heartbreak even though she keeps putting herself on the line to save him.

+ Usage of the Peak Experience in a religious context really helps sell the point.

+ Laura's more or less 'hate' towards her mother, caused by the very letter in the mini saying never to forgive her mother.


All these things factor together to create a fantastic issue, and truly shows a writer has done her homework, and is fully capable of handling this character and going in directions that will never be predictable. Something well needed for a character like this.

Now, keep your fingers crossed that Mr. Sinister is only tied to Laura through Kimura.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Avengers December Timeslot Change Official

As reported previously before 'Gamma World' aired, Avengers:EMH will be apparently staying on Sundays at 10am/9 Central for Disney XD. This is not a holiday fluke, but a schedule shifting.

Sunday, December 12th's episode will be called "459." You can verify this for yourself by checking Disney XD's schedule. My updates are coming via my DVR which I then crosscheck with Disney XD's schedule to make sure it's not a hiccup from my provider.

Sadly the schedule currently stops on Wednesday December 15th. Feel free to check it every so often though, as they update as days are knocked off. Plus checking it is exactly why it's provided by Disney.

Just a reminder, but this Sunday is the next new episode. It is called "Masters of Evil" and will be airing on December 5th at 10am/9 central.