Tuesday, December 7, 2010

November 2010 Sales Rank

November 2010

X-23 v3 #03
Cover Price: $2.99
This issue was ranked 56 out of 300 according to ICv2 which is based on Diamond U.S. to comic specialty stores. The issue has sold an estimated 31,224 copies to them.

The sales are dipping further so far for a title that has been trying to avoid WiRS(Women in Refrigerators Syndrome). Though to be fair, most assume that syndrome has to be only in a male character centric book.

Hopefully this will mean an upbeat in v3 issue 4 as the title takes Laura to the streets in her own real adventure without the X-Men since her minis or Captain Universe one-shot.

So be sure to pick your copy up of X-23 v3 issue 4 on December 15th!

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