Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from Kinney Pride!

My apologies if this isn't your holiday. Next year, I'll work to improve on that here when I have the time. As it is, holidays are eating up a lot of time and I don't feel like being all politically correct today. So on with the pagan festivities!

If this is your holiday though, you're in for a treat...

It's Christmas morning, do you know where your gifts are? I'd hope so, but just in case, we here at Kinney Pride are offering our very own Christmas present. It's a very special second preview strip for the web comic before it starts its monthly debut in January on the 23rd of every month. The regular cast will be revealed then. I actually worked hard this time to present a modest more thought-provoking strip, and it's been exactly why I haven't posted anything recently. Any topic I wanted to cover was going to cover the same ground as it does, so the choice was made to kibosh all posts related until after this strip went live. Originally, I was going to go for something a bit more holiday obligatory, with Laura Kinney next to a christmas tree cutting the ribbon on her present... But since I seem to be making a few more waves than expected for the previous preview strip's usage, I decided to up the ante, and go for a more wintery feel instead that doesn't use her. Something this time that can't be misconstrued.

So without further ado I present to you the second preview strip as promised on Christmas Day.

Doh! Okay, sorry guys. It seems the page will have to wait until tomorrow to make its debut. Today is just too great a day to be sullied by such a depressing comic page as was planned.
So check back tomorrow evening, as the real second preview of Papercuts will be shown. Followed by posts explaining the sudden tonal shift, as well as many other planned entries that had to be pushed back because of this darn preview.

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