Thursday, December 23, 2010

X-23 V3 Issue 4 Preview!

The X-23 v3 issue 4 preview is up over at CBR. Check it out, and get ready to buy the last X-23 comic for this year on December 29th.

If you want my 2 cents...

It looks freaking magnificent in the preview.
We've got drifting Laura, subtle hues of psychology strewn throughout, and perfection on dialogue. The art looks fantastic too. If you missed the major turning point for Laura that was issue 3, here is just as an amazing spot to hop on and enjoy. This preview alone makes this series look like it's going nowhere but up with character building, and reality driven story-telling. Well, as much reality as a Sci-fi story can have, but you know what I mean. This truly helps hammer the point down that Quesada had said recently about a continual growing world, similiar to a soap opera.

If this preview is any indication, the art and creative team have outdone themselves with this issue.

So can't wait!

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