Friday, December 3, 2010

Other X-23 and Family of Wolvie blogs

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know, I promised this over a month ago, but hey I was busy with something else I wanted to test first.

Anyway. I know here tends to only focus on X-23 but that's not to say there aren't other blogs out there that don't focus on her and her family.

Killing Perfection for one is a nice blog that tries to bring you all the info available on Daken, Wolverine, X-Force, X-Men, and specificly X-23. Usually even catching details I miss or skip (Like her no speaking appearance in X-Men v3). It's run by a person who has english as a secondary language, so you'll have to forgive any typos or long breaks between posts as their own life can pull one away from posting.

ThreeClawseach's blog Let's do this is another that focuses on Wolverine, X-23, X-Force, and some other stuff. A great blog, and a great user. Thanks to his help, sections of this blog itself have grown and become more accurate, like the merchandise section that lists all the merchandise X-23 has had over the years. In particular he made me aware of 3 statues I didn't know about. Credit should go to where credit is due.

Yup here is still getting its footing, but by year's end, we should be rev'ing to go without any further hiccups or tests. So bear with us as we've just gone to 28 minutes to midnight.

I am in no way affiliated to those blogs. I'm just proud to say we all focus on the Howlett clan and friends in our own way.

As for my own blog name? Well Kinney Pride is a multi-tiered nod.
Pride as in how her family is proud of her, pride as in she's the pride of her herd since I favor her over Daken and Wolvie, pride as in she's part of a family of lions, and it's also a word play on another famous X-Men character, Kitty Pryde.

What? I tend to overthink anything I do. What did you expect?

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