Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Continuity Goofs or Continuity Fixes?

Marjorie Liu's run on the X-23 on-going seems rife with what many might call mistakes. I know I made that error myself at first, but let's take a serious look at it for a second.

The initial Wolverine flashback, how is this possible?

Well, Laura has been on Utopia which is right outside San Francisco, so it could fit anywhere. It also raises the question about Academy X on when Logan got Laura's cell phone number. It's not like they had any meaningful conversations prior to this, let alone a chance to exchange numbers, nor her even having a cell phone yet. So maybe this may explain that. There's also the question in the Chris Yost/Craig Kyle run of how did Laura go from NYX in New York, to sitting on the pier in San Francisco when Logan calls.
Sure she could have had a burn phone which is always possible, but the question still remains on how Logan got that number. So this Amusement Park flashback could bear fruit for answers to at least that question depending on when or how it happened.

How did Dr. Rice, who by all accounts never had a successful experiment except for triggerscent, create Kimura?

This one I hope is touched on in the on-going's issue 5. With an alluded connection to Mr. Sinister being played up, this would make sense, and fix that previous plothole, while still not directly tieing Laura to Mr. Sinister herself. Instead it'd be through Kimura, who by all accounts is a character no one would care if tied to Sinister. Plus, it yields potential ways for Laura to stop Kimura. Though then again, it'd be just as easy to say Sinister was one of Rice and Sutter's many clients. Personally, I'm hoping for the Kimura connection, as it'd open up possibilities and new ways for Laura to fight or stop her. It also answers the question of how this abused orphan girl was taken by Rice and turned into Kimura when Rice himself is more or less a vengence driven quack.

What's the signifigance of Laura having a puppy in her childhood?

The puppy in X-23 v3 issue 3 does come to question. Again though, this is something only hinted at in the minis, and further expands on the point of why Triggerscent was even needed. That same breed of dog, only much older, was used in the first triggerscent trial before a human test was done on the sensei. Clarifying why the Facility even needed triggerscent. Something the initial minis only touched on vaguely by stating targets of exceptional nature, or she couldn't be trusted to kill, but not how they realized that would be needed. This puppy answers that, as well as does something her Mother would have done. While it doesn't show her mother talking back to the doctors like she would normally, this is a memory flashback, those do tend to be altered based on perception as any psychologist or psychiatrist will tell you. Basicly what you remember isn't always the whole truth.

These are but a few retcons that could and do work greatly in the comic and hopefully its future. These are definitely continuity fixes, and not goofs.

I know looking back upon them now, I'm extremely excited to see where this new Miss Sinister arc may go.

Marjorie Liu is doing a wonderful job treating Laura as an actual character and not an object. These retcons themselves plus others are slowly building ideas to help fix the rampant continuity flaws between all of X-23's usages in comics. While these errors are typical in comics, it's nice to see an author who takes them, and works with them instead of just dismissing what they don't like. Marjorie Liu's run could easily become one of the most underrated character usages, that's easy to dismiss at first, but at second glace they truly shine as usages that make you think and question what's come before with how masterfully interwoven they are into Laura's history with precision.

So be there next week, as Laura takes to the streets when issue 4 of the on-going is released on December 15th (*update* December 29th)! Buy your copy and help push this comic back up on the charts to where it belongs(let's try and get it to at least 23rd place for December)! Plus, if you missed the previous 3 issues, this is a perfect jumping on point for a new arc. So tell your friends, this comic is going places and should be read. It's a slow character build but the payoff already is starting to shine through brightly.

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