Wednesday, October 30, 2013

X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer Premiered!

So the first official trailer for the X-Men: Days of Future Past movie has been released.
The film is set to hit theaters on May 23rd, 2014.

As part of promoting this, the director and producer Bryan Singer has done a twitter Q and A.  You can find it collected over on Comic Book Resources.  Empire Magazine's website, Empire Online, has done a trailer breakdown with Bryan Singer too.  So if you wanted to hear more indepth from the man behind it himself, be sure to check it out.

On the tweeted Q n A though, one tweeted response caught my attention personally.

Could this be the much rumored Mr. Sinister or Apocalypse cameos that he doesn't want to talk about?
Or could his mind already be working forward for the next movie and who he would like to use so he doesn't want to spoil the surprises?

Going by the decade approach that these films seem to carry with First Class being in the 60s and Days of Future Past having a 70s focus, could the next have an 80s focus?  That does fit to the current timeline of the X-Men cinematic universe of when Scott Summers and Jean Grey joined the school as kids.  It also sets an interesting decade where Taylor Kitsch could reprise his role as Gambit.  Just as they could also in theory pick up the pieces of Deadpool to help make his character more towards what makes Deadpool so beloved.  The pieces are there.  It would only take roughly about 5 minutes worth of scenes to make his story come together to be the merc with a mouth fans have come to know and love.

Personally, I want to see the film where they get to the 90s, or start dealing with the after effects of Last Stand and The Wolverine on a grander team scale(of course besides the upcoming DOFP film).  Maybe we could see X-23 somewhere in there if she isn't already going to appear in the potentially upcoming X-Force feature.  She's another that Singer may want to use but wants to keep quiet on until much later.  All it should take is just one appearance for buzz to start before she could very well end up with her own spin-off movie serial or origin film.  She is essentially the Black Widow of the X-Men cinematic universe but with a more youthful twist to her story that allows for more room with story potential and growth.

Another interesting tweet of notice, and this one has to do with who you saw in the trailer above, tells us what new mutants might be in the film.  Look away now if you don't want spoilers.

So who knows what other surprises might be in store for the film.  Keep your eyes peeled for future trailers.  Who knows just what characters might appear in the dystopian future half.  We might be privy to all kinds of cameos, especially if they maintain the infamous grave scene or mutant prison scene in some fashion.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

X-23 Available in Marvel's Avengers Alliance

In the Playdom created Marvel's Avengers Alliance social network game, X-23 is available as a selectable (once unlocked) character to add to your team.  She costs 135 command points to unlock and can be found on page 7 of the team listing.

Her attacks include the following:
Snikt! (In reference to the sound her claws make)
Blades of Rage
Made for Walking (Song reference to "These boots are made for walking" that was originally written by Lee Hazlewood and recorded by Nancy Sinatra.)
Assassin's Strike

She also includes two passive skills.
Healing Factor, which restores part of her health each turn and Triggerscent, which marks a target for additional damage or action alongside Berserker Rage and Enraged.

She is featured heavily in Season 2's Chapter 2: Crazy Eights.  She's in the 2nd Mission which is called 8 Fingers.  Though she is presented out of character to her 616 counterpart.

The game started in 2012.  It is a turn based strategy game that also allows pvp.  It contains a story mode with a high amount of chapters and seasons.  You create your own S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and build your team to level up facing various villians from throughout the Marvel universe as well as other players/agents on occasion.  For many characters there are an assortment of costumes or skill sets that can be unlocked.

There are also timed exclusives too.  During many major Marvel events or movies, various other unlockables are added in.  The Phoenix 5 from Avengers vs X-Men were briefly available as well as various armors from Ironman 3.

Currently Spiral is the next character to be added.  She will start off by featuring her Uncanny X-Force costume.  A Thor event should also be around the corner for his upcoming movie.

The game can be played on mobile devices or on Facebook.  They also offer a downloadable app version as well.

X-23: A Guide To Triggerscent

Triggerscent is an aspect of X-23's character that comes up rather regularly.  We've seen it used as a key element to her origin story in how it has affected her life and we've seen it used repeatedly since as other means of both a way to highlight how deadly she is, or how her hand can be forced against those she calls friends and family.

There seem to be many misunderstandings though as to what it actually is or how it works both among the creative world and the fandom.  So let's dive straight into it shall we?

In essence, it is a Pavlovian response to a scent that makes her react on pure instincts and muscle memory that best corresponds to the target it's used on. Her instincts take over and immediately implement how to end them efficiently without hesitation but also to best prolong her longevity; allowing her to move onto the next target or to complete the mission objective.  She effectively blacks out all conscious thought and goes on pure killer instinct and strategic training.  While many associate this to a berserk rage as that is the easiest way to allude to what exactly it does to her, it does not mean this subconscious response is without its own form of thought or analysis.  As shown it is even more deadly, calculative, and precise with no restraint suggesting it creates an increased fight or flight response without the flight.  As such her mind seemingly goes into overdrive about target acquisition to end result without any restraint towards whoever is marked in order of efficiency that also best provides her with the best survivability to move on to the next threat for rapid assessment and neutralization.  Unlike a berserker rage, she is highly apparent and observant of bodily harm that can be taken during such acts and still reacts with avoidance as it would contradict the instinctual goal of ending the existence of the target or multiple targets marked.

In a mission for the Kingpin, Wilson Fisk, as he hired the Facility to use her, we're shown an instance of how she reacts to threat assessment for order of kills even while only one is marked with Triggerscent.

In the image above, notice she dispatches the two behind her before going towards the one marked.  They could have hindered her progress so they are taken care of first.  This suggests environmental awareness and mild cognitive strategic implementation to her movements.  (X-23: Target X)

In X-Force v3: Not Forgotten, we're shown Laura using it in more strategic manners again.  Not just with her implementation of it in the sprinkler system, but with her actual atacks while underneath the influence of it too.

Notice she goes straight for the head as she goes above.  Seemingly planning her attacks as fast as she moves.  While she does land in the middle of the security forces after this leap, she continues on strategically to take out their footing by cutting the shins of the security officers around her.

While she does take bullet fire as well, she still manages to dodge it to avoid major organ damage or anything more than grazed head shots as it would inhibit her progress.  This further shows implementation of cognitive reasoning even while under the influence of it.  Notice below, she only takes gunfire to the shoulders and her arm, avoiding the core body area from being hit.

In one such instance during the story.  She goes so far as to use one guard as a means to scare the Facility Director that's on location.  This also suggests some of form of awareness to her surroundings and as the sprinkler system switches to water, she shows no signs of location disorientation, only surprise that it's gone.  This further suggests she was at least mildly aware of her actions which could also be in conjunction with how she intentionally used Triggerscent to heighten her aggression and adrenaline for this onslaught.

Over in her origin miniseries X-23: Target X, we're shown another such occasion of both strategic implementation yet also mild control of target order.

We're shown this when she ignores Megan who has been marked by the tea, to go after Desmond first instead even though Megan is closer.  Threat assessment would dictate Desmond is the bigger problem to be dispatched first.  Also from a strategic point, she could launch straight forward at Desmond which would give Megan an opening to escape as X-23 leaves the door behind her wide open.  This would also seem to suggest the possibility of mild subconscious control even while in this state.

Triggerscent itself only works if Laura can smell it or in theory potentially taste it on the air(per the original programming she was exposed to it through both manners).  Once it has dissipated or she cannot recognize it being present, the killer instinct fades almost immediately.  Barring the reconstituted new formula as created in the ongoing comic's storyline Touching Darkness.  During Collision the ongoing comic had used the original formula that Laura was raised with as the Facility created her to react towards, but in the story that followed, a new version was created that has a slightly different reaction as it works on chemical level that forces even civilians to react on a more primal level.  This variation in essence has slightly different connotations and does not create the same complete conscious mind suppression that the original does.  In effect, her healing factor can fight off the long term effects even with vestigial traces still in the air or on nearby subjects.  We're shown her still under the effects of this new Triggerscent, and yet also to come to her senses before the effects have completely faded.

These dueling forms of how it was implemented into her life may have also allowed her a slight more controlled response to initial contact of any variation of the formula thereafter.  On Arcade's island for example, we're shown Arcade is using his own formula based around the original Facility's usage of it as a way to awaken her killer instinct without restraint.  His variation on the formula though may not be exact and may only have a slight delayed response as it could take a moment for X-23 to recognize the actual needed scent through whatever excess he is using.  This could allow her a chance to respond or warn others before it could entirely kick in.

This further dilutes her Pavlovian nature to the scent though.  Effectively the increased exposure to different variations over the long term should start to override the initial programming to it.  It effectively "muddies" the waters of the original implementation.

Per her own words, she rarely remembers these instances until she cannot smell the scent.  While in her youth there was mild location disorientation, this aspect seems to have subsided suggesting at least a form of minimal memory retention of her surroundings.  This further substantiates that the efficacy of the scent itself may start to come into question.  The original formula may still have a subconscious reaction or increased agitation, but as with the dilution from other exposures to variations, it may become more manageable unless she willingly gives herself over to the killer instincts it raises to the surface.  This is one possibility at least in the future after she has been exposed to more variations.  As it is with exposure to three different variations the efficacy could still be rather high even if masked by other chemicals to cause a slightly more delayed response.  Her becoming more desensitized to it would have to come after a slightly higher number of variations that pollute the original response enough for a much higher degree of conscious control.

There are several different potential methods to further dilute the response to the scent.  One such method would be exposure and re-exposure to it under controlled circumstances where she cannot harm the one marked with it or in its presence.  Another way would potentially be damage to the area of the brain where the response corresponds, allowing her healing factor to regrow the tissue that would effectively neutralize the neural pathways to that response.  The "brain damage" method would only possibly  be a short term solution though as the neural pathways may eventually reconnect.  So a therapy manner of exposure and re-exposure to deprogram it under controlled circumstances would be the best method as we were shown as possible to work with Touching Darkness.  Such a therapy would need to use diluted usage of the scent to increasing the potency to allow her to adjust slowly, but would also require those within the vicinity to be able to restrain or survive any such outburst that may occur.  Kimura with her impenetrable skin as an example, or any teammate that could survive such an ordeal as vampire Jubilee potentially, Shadowcat, among anyone else that would have the means for avoidance or high survivability rate due to a healing factor or other form of defensive power that could prevent harm to themselves in the process.

One such example of a way to do this would be to douse Kimura in Triggerscent and let X-23 handle the rest.  As X-23 cannot cut Kimura, X-23 could not kill her. Barring any reprisal from Kimura herself, over the duration it would effectively neutralize the effects of Triggerscent as she cannot complete the instinctual action as programmed.  It would essentially dull the response over time.  It may also create quite a therapy moment for Laura, but only if Kimura harming her back could be negated.

Preview: Avengers Arena Issue 18

The preview for Avengers Arena #18 is up over at Comic Book Resources.  This is the final issue of the run, and if you're curious how it all ends and what it sets up, be sure to check it out.  It'll be available in stores November 27th.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Adi Shankar Brand: Cutting Through The Red Tape

This is a bit of old news.  Producer Adi Shankar has done two phenomenal short films with Marvel characters rather indirectly.  During an interview about one that used Eddie Brock, it's suggested these may not be the last.

He has a Youtube channel where he has uploaded them, and is something any fan should well pay attention to.  Warning though, they are unrated and quite explicit.  Definitely not for children.

So far, the short films are:



But who knows what might claw its way to the surface eventually.  Subscribe to his channel too if you want to check out any future endeavors on what he dubs as his "Bootleg Universe" shorts.

Life Imitating Art, The X-23: Target X Edition

So I'm constantly saying Ms. Gomez would be the perfect X-23. I'm not really a formal Selenator as I tend to favor not taking any fan labels as too many connotations of blind support among other aspects of entitlement or denigration of those that don't agree seem to come with them.  Though I'll admit I have a massive weak spot for her outright that's a complex and complicated thing to dive into with what all it involves and apparently who.  Anyway, while doing my nightly news rundown across all the news sites and aggregators I use, stumbled across this from @JesseRas via the selenag-news tumblr site thanks to a heads up.  Jesse Rasmussen is a radio guy and fellow comic book nerd.  The interview took place October 23rd while she was in Louisville, Kentucky.  Oh that's just even more awesome.  A location that even has the same initials as Laura Kinney.

I'm laughing too hard right now.  My hat is off to you Mr. Rasmussen.  This by far has got to be one of the best geek things ever done.  I have to applaud you.  This is an interview I wish was filmed.  You took what I keep saying and brought it to the next level.  On October 23rd no less!  That's just.  Wow.  Awesome beyond words.  It's just beyond blessed even.  I wish I had noticed it sooner to have it up on here on October 23rd itself.

Seriously, this is just too awesome.  I gotta say outright best interview style and timing ever!

I'm reacting with gleeful abandon and borderline even almost squeeing just because it reminds me of X-23: Target X with Captain America's involvement and interrogation of Laura/X-23.  Page excerpts below to show what I mean.  Warning, as they contain spoilers to the origin miniseries.  Several examples provided because there was no singular panel or shot to establish the point best.

Late Night/Early Morning Newsbites

Just some quick news from around the net.  Okay mostly directing to Bleeding Cool, but they seem to be the only ones carrying the Kelly Sue Deconnick news and follow ups as of late.

First up is a follow up piece about the famous "Smurfette on the Avengers Panel" remark Ms. Deconnick made, in a very well handled piece over at Bleeding Cool.  It raises some very valid questions as to exactly how female creator friendly the Marvel's boys club really is.  It also helps raise more awareness on pushing to do what you love no matter the gender stereotypes.  A future piece to come on this here, and I also look forward to more views expressed on this subject internet-wide.

Also.  While the Smurfette analogy is poignant as well as apt(and this is just me being an anal geek), it should be noted there were 3 female smurfs.  There was Nanny Smurf, Smurfette(magic made), and Sassette Smurfling(magic made child smurfette).  What?  I'm a geek.  What did you expect?  Someone had to point it out sooner or later.  The analogy still holds true though.

Next up is brief news bite about Ryan Reynolds still holding out hope that the Deadpool spinoff from Fox will happen.  This can be found also on Bleeding Cool as well as Comic Book Resources, where it's suggestes the film has taken very small tip toes forward.

Implications from Bleeding Cool are that the script may have to undergo rewrites or start fresh at some eventual point.  CBR seems more hopeful towards Reynolds own words seeming to hold more neutral until more word comes forward.

More on this later as information about the potential X-Force film comes forward.  It may feature Deadpool and as such (along with X-23 if she were to be in it) would be a great launching point for a solo feature to explain what happened inbetween X-Men Origins: Wolverine to his appearance there.  There is also much room to explore his alluded to incident at a wedding with his swords.  Personally, my hopes lean more towards a film that expands on both.  Flashbacks of pre-XMO:W, and then follow up to how he became the masked merc with a mouth we all know and love for future features.  There's also two AMC Movie Talk specials about this as well.  You can check them out here and here.

That's all for now on this quick round up of random news bites.
If you have any links to articles or otherwise information that you would like to be mentioned or think should be mentioned in the future, by all means do so in the comments or by e-mail.  KP is always happy to help spread any information that's worthwhile to the subjects it pertains to.  As always, you can contact us via with 4kinneypride in the subject line for quicker responses and to avoid spam filters.  Feel the same to request any topics you'd like to see discussed on here as well.

Trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier

While I don't typically cover movie news other than X-Men, due to Cap's appearance in the X-23: Target X origin miniseries, it felt like maybe here should highlight the new trailer. Typically speaking, this blog only focuses on X-23 and her related characters. So that will normally include only those films that have some form of a connection to who impacts her in the comic stories like X-Men, Daredevil, or yes, even Captain America.

This movie is going to rock.  I think that's all that really needs to be said.

Fan Featured Friday: A Recap

Last Friday was KP's last Trip-F until possibly December or next year.  It will return though!
Today, I thought it might be nice because of the hiatus to go over a recap of the entries so far.

The feature started on August 9th.  Exactly one week after X-23's X-Men Evolution premiere's 10 year anniversary.  Missing August 23rd, but made up for it with 3 on August 30th.  It came to a brief close and temporary hiatus as of October 18th.

August 9th: An X-23 Mini Fan Film!
August 16th: deviantART Fan Comics!
August 30th: The deviantART Nine
August 30th: Fan Funnies!
August 30th: Music Videos!
September 6th: Claire Sassypants Cosplay!
September 13th: 13Wishes
September 20th: Wolfy Cosplay!
September 27th: Random deviantART!
October 4th: Random Cosplay!
October 11th: Custom Action Figures!
October 18th: You, the Fans

It may be back in a new form, but this blog will be slowing down to take some much needed rest in November.  It's been one hell of a ride.  With her 616 Marvel Universe 10th anniversary still to come as she premiered on the printed page in NYX v1 issue 3 on December 10th 2003, some well rested eyes are going to be needed for it and the year to come.

Plus who knows, maybe next year you guys will get to hear the full story of what happened behind the scenes too that created complications.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

X-Men Evolution X-23 Episodes!

Here's a look back at X-23's first ever appearance on tv from back in 2003.  Marvel has been gracious enough to provide the episodes on Youtube among a host of other streaming sites like their own and Hulu.

X-23 first appeared back in 2003 with the 11th episode of season 3 to X-Men Evolution. The episode is titled "X-23."  It aired originally on August 2nd.  Here is that episode.


Her story received a follow up in the series during season 4 with episode 3. This episode is called "Target X" and aired on September 13th, 2003.  You can watch it below.

Target X

As you can see, many elements of the episodes were carried over to the 616 universe stories along with some names.  Most of it was swapped around though with X-23 herself being altered to fit much better within the confines of 616 Marvel and present even more complexities than her initial tv animation appearances could allow.  This included correcting a few minor story issues like how X-Men Evolution had said her bones were coated with adamantium via the same process as Wolverine.

My apologies if you are of a region that cannot watch how these are presented.  That is outside my control due to the rights nature involved of bringing these episodes to you through the blog via the appropriate channels.

10th X-23 Day: A Birthday By a Different Name.

KinneyPride has tried to celebrate October 23rd as X-23 day every year so far, last year being our first skip with just a timer going up instead for the Anniversary.  Granted we haven't done as good of a job as I would like, but handling this blog mostly alone probably didn't help matters much with that as probably neither did my stubbornness.

When X-23 day first started off, I knew what I was doing.  I was sacrificing my birthday to provide content for here.  At least that was the plan at first.  Then that changed with time stamping work so I didn't have to adhere to any forced schedule or system.

This year for me in particular, the X-23 day of 2013 falls on my 30th birthday.  Yup that's right.  I turn 30 today.  This is something I had been planning on not mentioning but due to some rather... confusing circumstances that I'm not able to clearly articulate as of this writing, I am.  It's hard to explain(wrote this in May).

It did make me realize something else though.  A birthday is not something to sacrifice.  A birthday is personal.  It's the day you came into this world.  It's the day you made an impact by coming into existence.  Your birthday is yours.  It's the source of every ripple of your life and lives you've touched.  It's a milestone to tell the world "Yes I survived another year of life!"  Yet it also says "Yes, I am celebrating and dancing to another year of life to come with all its hardships and joys!"   It is your day.  A day that can never be taken even if you try to give it away.  Your birthday is your personal holiday.  To me this is why we blow out candles for every year we've been alive... but also one to grow on.  That extra candle is all our hopes and dreams for the next year, while all the others is everything else we've done to get where we are now.

This year's X-23 day though marks the end of our current festivities.  Fear not!  We will be back to a new schedule and prepping to hit all her other key dates too!  Like X-23's 10th Anniversary of being in comics, among other noteworthy milestones still to come!

Thank you for coming with us on this journey.  I hope you enjoyed the ride even more than I did in creating it.  While not everything went according to plan, I did try to adapt as much as I could to still salvage some of it.  Always remember to look up though!  Heroes and hope are all around us in everyday life!  Sometimes even the most unlikeliest of sources can help provide inspiration to keep moving even when things don't go as we expect or want.

X-23: Like A Champion (Special X-23 Day Anniversary Video!)

Well, after tons of false starts, screw ups and god-knows-what-else-could-go-wrongs, I did finally manage to get a somewhat decent anniversary video together.  Not quite the ones I wanted to make(mo-cap setup is still pending, as are new graphics cards to handle particle effects that can also handle MMDBridge, and still waiting on model rigging revisions to come back), but those will have to come later.  For now though, no more waiting!

Click play below to watch and then comment away in the comments section!

All credits are on the Youtube page.of the video(along with a bit of explaining what's missing even in this one and why).  Hope you enjoyed.  Someday the others might come to fruition, but for now...  I just want to go beat my head against a wall for a few hours and then sleep for a week straight.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Pinocchio Effect: To Be or Not To Be

Sorry Scott Bacula, I'm stealing your Quantum Leap catch phrase for this one.

"Oh, boy."

Yeah.  Pinocchio.  That's a common theme with X-23 for obvious reasons.  She's the girl that her mother hopes would become a real girl, not realizing until the end that she always was.

It's these preset notions and pushes that sometimes create more damage than heals.  We tell others what they are or all they can be and how they must attain it.  We don't look at them for who they are and what they are capable of.  We push them and shove them around calling them fake or tell them to be real.  Those kinds of acts though are the exact opposite of what they need.  A person needs compassion, not commands.  The more you try to command a person to do something, the more likely they are to rebel against whatever you say.  In arrogance we blame that on them even more so because they wouldn't listen.  Yet mostly it's our own fault in how we said it or acted.  It's about letting them grow, but also letting them know we support them.  That we see their potential if they want to rise to it.  That it's a star they could reach someday if they so wanted it.

In life we need to learn to take a step back, take a deep breath, and then step forward again.  The more people try to act superior to others, and cast decisions on another's life that they think is best, the more likely a person is to tell them to "buzz off."  At least in matters that don't have the well-being and safety of a person in mind.  In which case it can be understood why they interfered, and someone that cares about and respects your opinion will listen and thank you for your concerns.

People are wired like that though.  The ego does not want to be bossed around, it's looking for equality.  Equal footing and respect.  The second you remove that respect by trying to be commanding in an average situation where it's unneeded, the second you'll lose it.  Life isn't about taking control, and it is never about trying to take control of another.  A person asked, or discussed the points with will act fine on advice based on merit.  A person commanded to do something though by another that has no business doing so?  Like how most animals react when mistreated, they may get bitten.  If they didn't... Then the question should be more towards why didn't they.  Why would any creature allow themselves to be kicked repeatedly?  Why would any person kick another for simply asking them to do the right thing?  Why does society let this happen?  Why does it rationalize that it's okay?  Who says it is okay to do this?

People talk about leagues or a status quo.  How worthy another is of goals or not.  They base this on looks or some imaginary status; not by the merit of the person or their ideas or their work.  People tell others "that's out of your league" or "be realistic" or any other way of trying to demoralize and tell them what little value they have as a person behind double speak that suggests they should know their place in life and never reach for higher.  That people are crazy for trying to reach for the stars.  It's never been right, and if you look around, really how often has it ever been true?  People achieve their dreams everyday.  Some through hard work, others through dumb luck or chance, and some through natural ambition.  They don't focus on being better than others.  They focus on being themselves and doing what they love.  Carrying doubt will only weigh you down until you can't swim.  (The symbolism of which is even depicted in X-23 v3 issue 7.  Laura's claws are what are weighing her down with the sharks in the water.  Her claws represent the killer inside of her, yet they are also what provide her a way to save Gambit and refuses to kill in the story.)

Pinocchio may have been a puppet, but he always was more of a real boy than he ever knew.  He just couldn't see it himself until the blue fairy granted him his wish because of his selfless sacrifice.  It's one of many universal themes from Fairy Tales, and it's one of truth.  We often know not what we are, until someone lights the way we never saw before from our own sacrifices for those we loved.  Something X-23 does herself time and time again in almost every story she's appeared or starred in.  It's just what she does without even thinking about it, and yet, she has always been a real girl and just never knew it.  She is real as herself and has always been real just by being who she is.  No matter what ignorance or insanity has been thrown her way, she stands up for what's best for others, even if those slings and arrows do harm her.  She pushes through, she heals.  Not just for herself, but for those lives she's touched as well.  She's a fighter, a survivor.  The one who will not fall.  She learns to adapt and think on her feet.  Truly a nightmare child, but also one of hope and perseverance.  Truly only a nightmare to those that stand to harm others.  Truly only a nightmare to those that try to kick others.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Preview: Avengers Arena Issue 17

A textless exclusive preview for Avengers Arena issue 17 is available on Comic Book Resources.  You can check it out here.  Warning, spoilers ahead!

The issue hits stores Wednesday, November 13th!  Be there as Arcade's Island begins winding down and the question still remains... Who will survive?

Okay, maybe one other question, but it's spoiler related.  So highlight to read.
How can X-23 smell triggerscent with no nose?

Life Does Get Better

Often times in dealing with a character as heavy as X-23 or other gritty and emotional character stories alongside whatever else can be going on in your own life, it can be hard to look up.  Then when you do look up, all you see is political crap going on constantly along with how people treat each other like crap everywhere else.  The perpetuation of how others want to dictate what you're allowed and not based on flawed logic.  The list can seem never ending.

In life, yes it gets heavy.  That's why stuff like this post from Matt Fraction though can make a difference.  It's worth a read, or even a bookmark as it could very well save a life with how open and frank it is about this topic.
Special thanks to Comic Book Resources for making me aware of his entry, and additional thanks to Bleeding Cool for using the correct link to find it.  I've been meaning to link it here as well once I saw CBR talk about it, but was having difficulty finding it.

The thing is, it's true though.  Life does look up no matter how dark it gets.  We all have things from our past we're not proud of, but one day forward, one laugh, one show, one moment, one time, one experience we've never had, one anything we love can often make the difference.

I had wanted to do a more personal entry about this topic at one point.  Still might.  I just haven't quite found the words I'd want to use to talk about it.  Like Fraction, all I can do is talk from personal experience and if you really are at that point, please, turn to someone that can help.  A professional, a hotline, anything.

Life can be complicated, it can be messy, but there's always something better over the horizon.  Someday I might find the words to better discuss this.  For now though, just know that there's always hope.  Once you're gone, you won't get to see how the stories you love conclude, how the Winchesters solve their next crisis, how the Doctor gets out of his next jam.  (He is quite the jammy dodger isn't he?)  What random object Toei makes a Kamen Rider out of next.  The list can go on and on for reasons to hold out and hang on.  Many of those reasons you may not even know of or can fathom, but you need to be here to see those moments when they do arrive in your life.

Someday a more personal entry about these topics might finally come forward from me.  For now though, I worry too much of my own anger at society and the mentalities people carry and throw onto others would come through and have too much of the opposite effect.  So I'd rather remain silent until I can find the right words or moment to express them.  Often times I already worry about the damage caused to one I've burdened with pieces of those views when they weren't ready to handle them nor needed to ever really see the world from that perspective.  Seeing what she's done with it though and turning it into a message of hope just astounds me, repeatedly.  Spoilers though.  This is a story with an unknown ending, and I'd rather never lay blame on others for my own actions or words.  So it's just going to have to wait until I can find the right way to express it.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

X-23 and Cosmic Marvel

With still no word whether or not X-23 will be involved with the Trial of Jean Grey, it seemed like a good opportunity to go over her other brief stints with cosmic level Marvel.

Depending upon how you view the Marvel Universe, Cosmic Marvel can come with a host of different views.  Most refer to it as the space faring Marvel stories or those that involve a form of cosmic power struggle.  With that in mind, I'll try to cover all that can be considered if even loosely.

So first up we have X-23's first contact during her single issue team up with the cosmic force known as the uni-power.  The comic Captain Universe/X-23 with the story Double Threat is her first exposure to a cosmic level power in the form of, well, Captain Universe.

No space travels in this issue.  The uni-power needed Laura's help to free itself and destroy research done on it by a terrorist organization.  Having been fragmented and weaker than normal, it left a piece of itself still in Laura when it moved on.

Next we have the question of Limbo and whether or not it counts as part of the Marvel Cosmic.  During the New X-Men: Academy X story Quest for Magik, Laura was pulled into Bellasco's realm.  The story began in New X-Men issue 37 and ends with issue 41.

Though often Limbo itself is confused for hell, it is considered a dimensional zone unto itself.  Due to it's magical nature though, it is often of much fan debate as to what exactly it entails.  Even Mephisto in the 616 Marvel Universe has made bids to control it due to its unique properties.  As is considered with most dimensional planes, Limbo has its own laws of nature and physics that do not correspond to any other plane but itself.  Whether it's part of the Cosmic Marvel or Occult Marvel(or if indeed those two are one and the same) is open for much debate and exploration as many stories that dive into its nature are never quite clear.  Most of them fall upon the perception of the characters visiting or that have been forced to reside there for long durations.  Another interesting note, as a dimensional plane it has a different form of time passage in comparison to the standard 616 Marvel Universe.  What can be a day on earth can be upwards of 10 years in Limbo.

The next Cosmic level story we would see Laura in, isn't until her volume 3 ongoing comic.  During the Chaos Theory story arc, the remains of the uni-power fully make itself known.  It reveals itself during an attack by Whirldemons.  The fragments of it left behind in Sue Storm, Peter Parker, and Laura activate thanks to Valeria, and send them briefly to the dimension the Whirldemons are sealed into.  After rescuing and sending all three home to face the Whirldemon king, it has a brief discussion with Laura about her soul-mark.  A symbol that reflects personal choice and growth for a defining moment when Laura decided to choose herself instead of being allowed to be manipulated.

It helps Laura protect the earth and the Richards family from Whirldemons starting in issue 13 with the beginning of the 4 part Chaos Theory Arc.  Laura tricks the freed Whirldemon king back to its realm that's oft connected to the Micro-verse, but with the uni-power's help she manages to hold them back, seal them away once again, and escape.  The uni-power confesses that Laura is its chosen sword for the future and helps her get back to earth.  The Whirldemon king had made a similar remark, stating that the 'soul-mark' that rests in the palm of Laura's hand is a sigil that represents the star sword.  Her memory of these events are never made clear if they were left intact as she suggests having dreamlike knowledge of the events after diving into the portal.  The memories being somewhat fuzzy after her self-sacrifice.  An act she does twice in the arc.  The first time to save Sue Richards.  The second time to save Sue's daughter Valeria.

Her next story after those events in Chaos Theory is Misadventures in Babysitting.  Again co-starring the FF, this story is Laura's first real space adventure as she interacts with one of the Elders of the Universe, Taneleer Tivan, otherwise known as the Collector.

Starting in issue 17 of her volume 3 comic and ending in issue 19, this story arc contains Laura's first space travel, space walk, and interaction with an Elder of the Universe.  Just another normal day babysitting Valeria and Franklin for the Richards family.  This was also Laura's first interaction with a Dragon like alien of indeterminate origin and species.  This story is often hailed as one of the shining moments of the comic run and is often followed by bewilderment as to why this comic was canceled not long after with issue 21.

During issues 32 and 33 of Avengers Academy, Laura has her first real direct exposure to the cosmic entity known as the Phoenix through Emma Frost.  While Emma was part of the Phoenix 5, she visited the Academy to forcefully have them dismantle a Sentinel that was in the care of a student.

This story also furthered the rift between Laura and Emma Frost, cementing Laura's opinion of her due to these actions alongside previous multiple attempts of telepathic manipulation or coercion.  Laura has long since found an unspecified way to keep Emma out of her head from ever attempting such actions again.  This technique was never put to the test with Emma's enhanced Phoenix power level.  As that was temporary, we may not see such usages from Emma anytime soon.  Though the question could be raised if such unspecified techniques are applicable to the young Jean Grey of the original 5.

The other minor interactions Laura has had with cosmic level beings or threats has been in Avengers Arena.  Cammi and Cullen Bloodstone yield two different aspects of cosmic interaction.  Cammi having been with the Guardians of the Galaxy allows Laura to meet her first member of their crew, and Bloodstone is another on the list of dimensional plane hopping characters.  In Cullen's instance it also brings with him a creature from his previous stay in such a dimension, that of a Glaratrax that he turns into when not in contact with his Bloodstone ring.

Another character of note is Darkhawk via Avengers Arena as his armor and erased internal AI are part of the cosmic order called The Fraternity of the Raptors.  It has been mentioned before in his appearances in Nova and the War of Kings story arc that other amulets are winking into existence all over the universe, but that story has yet to be fully told or elaborated on.  Chris Powell (the original earth Darkhawk) has yet to fully interact with Laura during their stay on Arcade's Island, but due to his concept and more recently created premise as revealed during War of Kings, it should be acknowledged that he does indeed count as part of Cosmic Marvel as do all the amulets from the Fraternity that are showing up across the universe now.

As of this writing at least, these are X-23's cosmic adventures or stories that relate to such interactions of dimensional planes and outer space or what can be considered Marvel Cosmic level entities.  I didn't include Circle of Four as it's currently pretty solidly within the confines of Occult Marvel.  Also missing from this list are X-23's Marvel Team-Up appearances.

With the the Trial of Jean Grey slowly approaching that concerns what may be Laura's new team for her to look after, it'll be interesting to see if it can be added to this list.  Laura is a character that has done ample amounts of research on everything whenever she can.  Having read the X-Men database while with the New X-Men, and potentially reading the Avengers database after her stay with Avengers Academy too, it could prove interesting what insights she may have and how she adapts to such an adventure as well as the characters she could meet.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Fan Featured Friday: You, the Fans.

This week we mark the end of Triple F for now.  It may return much later down the line, but for now it's going on hiatus after today. This week though, we're giving appreciation to you, the reader!

You might be new in joining us or have been here from the start, but either way we thank you and we appreciate you joining us.  You've tossed info our way and helped make the different ideas come around with your comments.  In some cases you've helped handle full on twitter interviews and in other times you've helped bring up ideas and details that may have been missed.

You the reader, make this place great.  You the fans, make running here fun.

So this week goes out to all of you.  Pat yourselves on the back, and enjoy your Friday.  You've earned a restful and joyous weekend just by being you.  X-23 wouldn't be around if you the readers didn't enjoy her stories or her video game and animation appearances.  So here's to you!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

January 2014 Solicits

Over on Comic Book Resources, the Marvel solicits for comics available in January are now available!

This includes All New X-Men #21 where X-23 will be continuing on the story between her and young Cyclops with Jean Grey's reaction!

• X-23 is back, joining the ALL-NEW X-MEN and kissing Cyclops? What does this mean to Jean Grey?
• Jean and X-23 are forced to team up against a mysterious force, so she better figure it out
32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

Still no word if X-23 will be appearing in All New X-Men or if she'll be part of the Trial of Jean Grey storyline that starts there.  Keep your fingers crossed though, as it'd make her first entry into the cosmic Marvel!  X-23 in space.  Could be interesting.

You'll also notice per this cover that it seems X-23's new costume is still undergoing minor revisions, but it's starting to look more and more like she is indeed part of this new team of the original X-Men for now.

Special thanks again to an anonymous contributor for the heads up.

Spirit Day: A Day To Stand United Against Bullying

Today is GLAAD's Spirit Day.  It's an anti-bullying movement that while the aim has been on orientation or gender identity, it is also a good time to acknowledge outright bullying of any kind isn't something to let slide.  No matter who you are period.  GLAAD established this day 3 years ago, and are continuing on with their go purple in support method.  It is to represent that you support equality for LGBT and are against bullying.  You can turn your facebook profile pic purple, wear purple, or in some places even little purple pin ribbons are being provided. More information is available at where they can explain it in their own words.

While on this topic though, I wanted to take a moment to go over different kinds of bullying that persists in many facets of life that people face everyday and no one even thinks about.  While it's true that the LGBT community faces issues on a regular basis, and I do not want to diminish how more needs to speak up for them, it should also be noted that there are more kinds of bullying that all face that should be stood against.

Constantly we hear about verbal and physical bullies.  Those who use words and actions to harm others.  There's also emotional bullying though.  The kind that forces people into actions they do not want based on guilt trips or other kinds of machinations to manipulate them.  These actions are not okay.  There are lines people should never cross.  It's not about free speech or expressing oneself.  It is simply being an emotional manipulator, a bully.

Women and men both face this everyday from a myriad of sources.  Threats of suicide or self-harm if a person leaves, emotionally preying on making a person feel bad so that they return or trying to make them feel worthless if they don't.  People try to corner others with demands that look like platitudes on the surface but can lead to dangerous situations and damage to their well-being.  These are all still bullying.  It's not right.

We are equal in this world and trying to make our own way the way we see fit.  We are all trying to find what we love, who we love, or enjoy our passions and hobbies.  The superiority complex of a bully though will find any reason to demean another.  It can be in offhanded remarks about how they live, where they live, the career a person has, the still trying to find a career path a person may be going through, what music they enjoy, what movies they like, books they like, or even comics they like.  The list can go on and on for the reasons and things that bullies will use to deem what's worthy and not worthy for everyone else.  It's arrogance and narcissism pure and simple.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

NYCC 2013: More News Bites Worth Reading

Two articles over at Bleeding Cool are worth pointing out immediately.
Both pertain to the Women of Marvel panel.  A panel that I hope continues to grow.

It covers a lot of interesting topics and continues to show this is an area of fiction that still has a lot to fight for.  I think it's best if I just turn you to the links in question.  There's not much I can add or really should add as Kelly Sue Deconnick puts it quite well.  You can check out both pieces here and here.

She's absolutely right too on all fronts.  The battles today on all topics of equality are things that need to be won so the children of tomorrow don't have to face them or will at least know they aren't alone in facing them.  If we want a better future for kids that haven't been born yet and the ones starting to grow up in this modern age,  we need to fight for it and win.

Do we not owe them that?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New TV Projects at Marvel for Netflix or VOD Services?

Rumor is spreading pretty fast around the geek world thanks to a report from Deadline that Marvel is in prep to do 4 new drama series plus a mini series.  The total for all this combined would be 60 episodes according to the report.

CBR has covered it.
So has Bleeding Cool.

Right now the questions among fans are boiling down to just what would it be.

Agent Carter has been thrown out there as a possibility as the era piece seems like something that might want to be expanded on.  Runaways has been a constant fan tossed up idea which makes sense as it's a film project that's on hiatus still but does have some ground work ready to go.  The main theory running around all of them right now is that it'll all be tied to the main Avengers cinematic universe too though it is possible some may be alternate realities as well.

The assumption right now is that all of these will be live action.  They are also set to go to VOD, Netflix, or similar type services that mostly fit under ipTV or digital rights domains.  How this may interact with the current rights and contracts is unknown as many were created before such a concept was deemed plausible.  This might be a loop hole for live action characters.  There is also the animation route that has been fair game for the full Marvel Universe at any given time now.  If any of these projects are to be animated, we could see an inclusion of any ideas imaginable or crossovers.  Even X-23 wouldn't be off the table.  There are many loop holes or other type sidesteps Marvel could be implementing as well.  There is plenty of room for surprises of any nature that no one but them may be aware of as yet.

No talent has been attached as yet, nor titles announced, but it is something to keep your eyes on.  They may have many surprises in store for fans and general audiences alike with what they can do depending upon the routes chosen.

For a brief rights reiteration, it should be known that Fox owns the rights for live action interpretations of the X-Men universe.  Animation is within the grasp of Marvel.  There are loop holes to such usages though as we're seeing Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.  Essentially, all connections to Magneto and any reference to them being mutants would have to be cut for them to appear in Avengers.  Whereas if or when Fox uses them, they are bound by those stipulations and cannot make reference to anything that is tied to Avengers like Wanda's marriage to Vision or her infatuation with Wonderman barring any collaborative efforts that could allow this.  The same is true for the Fantastic 4 and their stable of characters.  Live interpretations seem to be nailed down to only Fox, while animation is fair game to Marvel.  At least as it stands now.  There is no word how this interaction works with Sony.  They've given up the rights to animation for Spider-man as of the end of Spectacular Spider-man, but no word if this includes any such live action TV appearances that may cause audience confusion.

X-23 herself is a conundrum, as in theory she could be used among either side due to her complex character history.  While she is a character from the X-Men roster, she is also deeply tied to many facets of the Avengers as well thanks to her Origin minis and Avengers Academy.  The drawback to such live interpretations though is if they are done by Marvel, they cannot contain Wolverine or any mention of him or mutants.  The same proves true for Fox as any usage of X-23 on their side cannot use Daredevil, Kingpin, or Captain America.  Agent Morales in relation to X-23 is also in doubt as due to her status as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, she may be under the Marvel rights side and not accessible by Fox.  Due to X-23's nature as a genetic creation though, she walks a thin line of either side depending upon how she is implemented in said story barring usages in animation.  Animation is the safest route for her on TV as it allows her full story to be told with all the characters it entails as well as the finer points of what she is as a genetics experiment that used mutant DNA.  Similar is true for NYX.  While it cannot be done theatrically or live action by Marvel potentially due to its heavy usage of mutants, through animation it is fair game for Marvel to implement as they see fit.  The question of this boils down to if such an animation could be done as more often animation is looked upon as a kids market when really it's just another medium for a story to be told.  Such a foray as Netflix or VOD though also yields potential to better market such a semi adult series or mini series.  NYX has reached its ten year anniversary alongside X-23 this year and next(2003-2004 initial miniseries with much of the established dates marked as 2004).  So it is possible that there might be something in the wings of Marvel just waiting for the right timing.

This opens up potential though for a myriad of directions to go and as proven by many companies time and again, animation is easily accepted by fans and general audiences alike.  HBO's Spawn series has proven this, as have the recent Marvel Anime forays, as well as Adult Swim's Venture Brothers and Titan Maximum among others.  There's Fox's The Simpsons, Family Guy, Cleveland Show, and American Dad.  Of course who could forget Roosterteeth's Red vs Blue and RWBY as well.  There are many older audience implementations for animation from all over the world.  Animation as a medium is quickly growing more into its own as a way to tell stories aimed at any audience and also allows for grander story telling without as heavy of a budget that live effects can often entail due to how they must match real life.  (Let me reiterate though that there is no information even suggesting animation as their chosen foray to wide audiences, and the rumor does lean heavily upon suggested live-action.)

What these series may end up being or how has yet to be known as Marvel is keeping tight-lipped and very secretive until they are ready to announce something.  Keep your fingers crossed for something awesome though.  When it comes to television, Marvel's got their finger on the pulse and and wants to get their media out to the growing increasingly hungry audience.  As Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has shown, any cameo or character building could be possible in the finer details.  As the cinematic and TV universe grows, we could be seeing the birth of a Marvel media empire with a deeply rooted and canonical universe unto itself.

Girl Rising

Okay, I'm really not sure how I missed this one.

In all the talk of feminism, rights to education, and freedom for girls to make their own choices about what's right for their own life, this film should have been mentioned every time.

I'm speaking of Girl Rising.  It's a documentary from earlier this year.  It's the story of 9 different girls from all over the world who face various injustices that are common to where they are.  Everything from child slavery to arranged marriages is covered.  It covers topics like the right and fight for an education, among much much more.  It is a documentary well worth checking into.

You can find out more about it from their website.  This includes how to donate to their movement that helps fight for similar young girls to help them rise up and be empowered to do so.  You can find out more about the Girl Rising Fund in the donate section on their website.

There's not much more that needs to be said on this powerful piece.  Plus I've yet to see it and am now looking into how or where I can as I'm writing this.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Marvel Universe Live!

Mentioned at NYCC and also with ample videos on Youtube, Marvel will be doing a live stage show that will be touring the nation starting in July of 2014.

Further dates are as yet unknown.

It will be including characters from all branches of the Marvel Universe though.  Suggested to appear so far have been the mainstays and their extended character families.  This includes Black Widow, Hawkeye, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Wolverine, Spider-man, Black Cat, upon many many more.  The story seems to be centered around the cosmic cube that was heavily featured in the Phase 1 Marvel movies.  X-23 appearing in this show is unknown as yet.  They do have an extending claw rig for portraying Wolverine though. So it is not a far stretch that they could, but we shall see.

Videos from Marvel's Youtube page.

Teaser Trailer:

Meet the creators spotlight:

You can find out more about the stage show from their website over at as it is further updated.  There is also a special about it over on HeroComplex at the LA Times that is well worth reading for an indepth look at how this came together.  You can find the press release from there site linked here as well.  The show is set to tour 85 North American cities starting as of July 2014.

Further info to come as it is available.  It looks to be somewhat akin to the stage shows that were done for Mortal Kombat and Batman in the past that many fans praised.  Possibly with a higher budget due to all the talent involved in producing this and making it all come together.  It looks to be an amazing sight to see and quite the experience being brought to fans all over the country soon by Marvel and Feld Entertainment.

Personally, I look forward to hearing which characters have been included and the choices behind each as further details are revealed or announced.

A Pause for a Second Life Reminder

I've talked about this before, and dabbled in it with topics of objectification, but there's a lot that needs to be said on this topic still.

I'm referring to the treatment of others by superficial means.  The long winded diatribes I've gone on about objectification and how flawed attractive goes only to attractive is.  Often times in how that's spoken it's referring to the superficiality of pleasing aesthetics completely ignoring that beauty is subjective.  Men will often only look at the outside and deem worthiness from some inflated artificial checklist society has told them is acceptable never seeing the person for a person.  Many women will do the same too.

We're taught from a young age that it's not the cover that matters, it's the pages within.  Many men date based on vapid superficial means and then wonder why they were cheated on.  The same is true for women.  The word attractive means so much more than that though.  The pages within speak more about how attractive a person is than the cover that contains them.  The pages within can be what makes the cover or title attractive.  Like a worn out old book that's constantly turned to because of how beloved the pages within are.  It may be perceived to be broken and falling apart, but every crease in the pages, every tear and bend is a memory of someone that held that book.  It's the moments where you held tightly as you read on because the contents became that involving and special.  It's the creases of pages you never wanted to forget.   It's the passages you wanted to read over and over.  To the casual observer that book may look beaten and broken, but it's not.  It's full of love and passion.  It's full of memories and times it was cherished.  It may have messages scrawled inside to those it was given to.  It may have parts highlighted for others to take notice of.  It's attractive because of all it's lived and done for others.  It holds its own special value because of all that it's meant to people.  It is attractive and holds its own unique kind of beauty.

This is the thing we forget about with life.  Attractiveness isn't the superficiality society tells us is acceptable.  What's beautiful is entirely subjective to each person.  It's the kindness shown, the joke that made you laugh at just the right time.  It's how you felt safe and worthwhile because of what they may do for you.  Attractiveness isn't some societal created checklist.  It's in all that we do on a daily basis.  It's in how much we show we care through the simple things.  It's in our attitudes and gratitudes.  Our thoughts and aspirations.  It's in loyalty and compassion.  It's in being kind and respectful.  It's in intelligence and tranquility.  You can't buy it and you can't hide it.  It's in you with all that you are.  It's a smile, a laugh, a gesture, of why someone's eyes light up, or how they turn to pure innocent child like joy because of what someone's kids may have done for them.  Maybe it's just how deep their eyes are to you, or that one moment you looked at them and all you could see is the warmth of a future mother or father of the kids you'd want someday.  It's in everything all around us in everyday life from the loves and passions we show towards the things and people we care for to how we give thanks for being in our lives and making a difference to us.

Often in life, it's easier to objectify than it is to really see.  It's easier to be selfish and claiming our tastes or opinions are more important.  What's attractive in life isn't the superficial aesthetics society claims are perfection.  Perfection is an illusion.  What's perfect to one person may not be to another.  It isn't in how we demand to be treated special because of our status or where we are in life.  It's in what we do and in how we treat others.  It's in how we live life naturally and how we respect our fellow brothers and sisters of humankind.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Of "Sinney" and Breathing Life to Characters on The Page.

Okay.  Over the past couple of days I've talked about this because it's a fun topic.  Bendis really hit something that's fun to play with for topics.  Warning, spoilers ahead if you still haven't seen the uncensored cover to All New X-Men #20.

Young Cyclops and X-23 is an interesting idea.  One that might prove not quite what we expect on the comic page.  The kiss shown on the cover could be a host of different things.  I'll dive into that though after explaining why it's interesting to me.

Cyclops in his youth was an idealistic man.  He truly believed in Professor Xavier's dream of making a better tomorrow.  I honestly feel in many ways this is the exact kind of person that X-23 needs in her life.  I've said it before with how I leaned on Gambit with her as well.  The pairing works because of how they uplift each other.  X-23 is one of those rare Marvel characters that while she is a femme fatale, she is also one that knows how to channel those gifts of strategy and other skill sets into what the job is at hand.  She was raised to be the perfect weapon, an assassin by trade, but she's so much more than that too.  Many of those skills the Facility drilled into her about adaptability and covert ops also have many other applications.  While she's trained in lethal maneuvers she's also trained in non-lethal as well.  Many of her missions do lean on information gathering besides death.  It's pointed out in her miniseries Target X that she is well trained in interrogation, and as the saying goes, dead men tell no tales.  So the application of her skill sets by someone idealistic is something that could become quite interesting and the things she knows about modern life from all she's experienced and yet also still learning, are aspects that could help O5 Cyclops grow as well into avoiding becoming the man his older self is that he's become ashamed of.

The kiss we've seen on the cover could reflect this.  X-23 seeing someone for who they are now, as opposed to the one that manipulated her.  This young Scott Summers is looking more and more towards like he will be refusing to join either side of the modern X-Men.  He might be starting his own team and setting his own path.  He might be freeing X-23 from the choice of trading one place that used her for things that almost destroyed who she could be, and the other choice of being at a school that could lead to the same in dealing with certain students that may not let her have her own peace of mind free from conflict.  Their relationship may only be that kiss itself as a thank you, or it could be an ongoing narrative that helps O5 Cyclops adjust to the modern world at a more rapid pace.

With the story of the O5 Jean Grey coming more center stage in the issues after, we may not see this pairing of X-23 and young Cyclops last in a romantic sense.  Though they do have many parallels with how he was raised as an orphan before Xavier found him and helped him dream of a future where all are united.  He was also the subject of bullying and abuse as well at the orphanage.  Unbeknownst to him Sinister was even trying to use him and manipulate him for ulterior motives.  This plays well against X-23 and her own past with how the Facility tried to use her and abused her.  It echoes aspects of NYX with how Kiden taught her to love herself again when she found a new family on the streets.  Together they represent the spectrum of emotions that can be tied to these kinds of circumstances and the different paths of growth that led them to where they are and to be who they need to be.  In many ways, Laura herself is an orphan too.  Her mother, while she does share an antagonistic love for, was the only one at the Facility that showed any kind of compassion or love for Laura.  By the time Logan entered the picture, he wasn't really the best father figure or in a role to help her.  More often he seemed to reflect the same abuse the Facility and others gave her as he saw the killer inside of her and nothing more even though he often pushed for wanting her to strive for more.  While they did share some moments of him trying to reach out to her, he also was the one that often caused her to feel like she was cut off from others and not capable of speaking for her own sake.  He berated her for when she saved him, but he also tried to reach out on a human level at times that could have caused quite mixed emotions on how to perceive him.  Essentially, he was trying to parent a teenager after never being there when she was a kid and those years can be hard to grasp with all the emotions that are running through one's head at the time on why parents do and say what they do.  In many ways, Laura is an orphan because of this.  The parents she knew, Dr. Kinney and Kevin, were long dead after her escape from the Facility.  Any family she knew of she was forbidden from seeing as they were safer without her near.  Her aunt and cousin would have to stay on the run never knowing if they could be safe from the Facility.  The last piece of happiness she had with family would stay out of reach until the reaches of the Facility could be finally escaped or stopped.

The idealism of a better tomorrow through innocent eyes is the kind of hope for tomorrow that X-23 needs in her life.  The kind of home she may turn to over the ones she has now.  In the wake of the traumas of Avengers Arena, it may become even more poignant as such.  The ship "Sinney" may not be one built to last or even be what we think it is, but it is one that could help her grow as a person no matter how fleeting it is.  This kiss may only be a thank you or it could be more, but it is definitely one that has caused a quite interesting reaction among fans to see what they think of X-23 or what they want to see her used for.

Many of the forums that have covered this story have diverted straight into sexual humor without remorse.  Talks of how she'll make a man out of him, or other remarks in jest about treating her as a sexual object to use.  Many wanted to dive straight into the what if he knocks her up.  Almost every joke and comment about this pairing save for a few, dove straight into sex without a second thought.  Though I do have to admit the best one was someone's comment that Emma Frost should tell old Cyclops and Wolverine "See, you two should just kiss and get it over with."  Suggesting that schism was more a lover's quarrel than it was any real ideology split.  These types of actions reflect deeper into the perceptions of X-23 though and how others want to see her.  Many don't see the character as one of growth and learning of life, but as one to use as an object of sexual desire and gender stereotyped appeasement.

In comics we see stories and changes all the time.  Characters grow, backslide, adapt and change as events are thrown at them.  X-23 deserves a similar chance to grow as a character to find her own footing as she needs.  Just because a loose end may find a resolution doesn't mean there aren't more stories that won't need to be told.  Growth is a perpetual aspect of life that's never ending.  There will always be new stories to tell as older ones are wrapped up.  The world is constantly evolving and changing as is how we interact with it and what we believe or strive for is best for ourselves from how we adapt to it.  That's just life.  It's the never ending story.

Hugh Jackman's Birthday!

Today is Hugh Jackman's birthday!  As you should know, he is the man that portrays Wolverine in the live action films.  Most recently he portrayed Logan in The Wolverine from this past summer.  A film that received high praise from fans, general audiences, and even creators alike.

His next appearance as Wolverine in the X-Men cinematic universe is due to be in X-Men: Days of Future Past.  We here at Kinney Pride would like to wish him a happy birthday and are extremely grateful for his character defining portrayals of Laura's father.

He truly has defined the role as his, and the eventual day he retires from the role will be one of mourning.  He has defined this character for generations to come and for this we will always be grateful.

So here's to you Mr. Jackman.  May your claws stay sharp, and your gentleman ways always win over fans.  For truly there has never been an actor as gracious and earnest as you've been.  Even other stars look up to your shining example as what to strive for in how to treat others well.  Thank you for being a role model to many both on and off the screen and doing it with such natural kindness that it shows life is how you treat others and never about status.

May you celebrate many more to come and we wish you well in all your endeavors.

One Year Later: Marvel's Support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month Last Year

I'm still mildy behind on older news on here.  This one in particular is coming in exactly one year later.

As part of breast cancer awareness month last October, Marvel partnered with the Susan G. Koman Foundation.  Many covers were given a pink makeover, and often had a strong emphasis on the female characters attached to their respective title's family.

Wolverine in particular for issue #315 had a special X-23 focused cover.

Here's that cover from last year.

Special thanks to Wolfy Cosplay for this heads up on the missed news!

Pause for a Life Reminder.

I wanted to take a break today from normal comic book talk or other random spiels that go on and on about whatever to speak about why I praise this woman so much.

This is why I praise her as a performer, an actress, and as a person.  What she does to uplift and help people around the world and the things she wants people to understand about loving themselves is a message that should be repeated until all start believing it.

I don't have tickets to her upcoming show in my area, so odds are I won't be going.  It saddens me sometimes, but seeing just how amazing these shows are and how she's using them as a platform to let those who do go know that it gets better.  That life is complicated and messy but it's worth it.  That we're on equal footing with all of us having our own dreams, our own good days and bad days. That we are all striving to be who we need to be are messages that need to be heard.

Never stop dreaming.  Never stop trying to be who you want to be.  Never stop being you.  Ignore the haters, ignore the trolls, ignore the assholes.  Just always strive to be the best you that you can be.

X-23: The Ship That keeps on Shipping.

Okay, I'm running out of ideas for entry titles.  Be grateful it wasn't a Titanic joke...  Wait, crap.  That one's going to be used soon enough anyway.  It's too obvious to pass up.

Anyway, with the recent news break of "Sinney" (oh yes, I'm going to keep calling it that until it catches on!), other news bites have surfaced of interest from NYCC.  Namely a quick blurb from Liu about Jubilee and X-23 during a discussion about LGBTQ characters in comics.  You can read the article over on Bleeding Cool.

What gets a brief mention by Liu in the article is that of X-23 and Jubilee.
I gotta admit from the initial idea, long before the whole turning Jubilee into a vampire story, I wasn't a fan of this idea.  After Jubilee became a vampire though, and seeing that comic spread?  Oh geez, I quickly changed gears and was all for it.  Yeah.  Good writing and story telling plus interesting character history that creates unique dynamics are my weak spots.  I was so ready for that ship to happen.  Still want it to really.  It's too much potential to pass up and not use someday.

So while we're on this topic.  Why not go over the ships that Laura has had?

Obviously there's the Jullian Keller one.  It's even made a passing mention in the MC Chris song Nrrrd Grrrl with "too cruel to be kind" attached.
This ship never got an official name.  Though Hell-23 seems about right for them.  You could also call them Killer for Kinney-Keller.

Then there's the somewhat fan wanted Gambit X-23 pairing.  X-Bit?  Err, okay maybe that one just doesn't work anyway.

Then the heavy fan wanted Jubilee X-23 one.  That one has got fireworks written all over it.  Twenty-lee is definitely something that should happen someday.  Jubi-three maybe?  Okay yeah, maybe the whole ship naming thing is harder than it seems.

Now we've got young Scott Summers and Laura Kinney.  Oh this one I'm just having too much fun with.  "Sinney" just seems too perfect for it.  It's a ship of Titanic proportions(yup, I worked it in!).  Sure you could probably go for SKinney too as it's an in joke to Scott "Slim" Summers, but "Sinney" is just too much fun to pass up.  Especially when you think of old Scott's reaction, Logan's, or even Gambit's.  Heck, I'm sure even Jubilee might immediately chime in with a jaw dropping "how the hell?"  You know Hellion's going to throw a hissy fit, you can already tell.  I'm just glad it's someone new entirely though, and not retreading previous tired material that's been proven to be potentially damaging to her character growth.

Oh yeah, I'm going to have too much fun with this in the days to come.  Expect more entries going over the pros and cons of this pairing.  Definitely going to have to dabble in the pros and cons of the Jubilee pairing too.

Please Marvel, let X-23 have some fun.  Slow down some and let her have her experimental phase with Jubilee.  There's a lot that could be used there with the vampire aspects, and not to mention Scott may not mind X-23 having a girlfriend on the side even if Jubilee has no interest in him whatsoever.  It's not like Laura and Scott are getting married since they're both under 18 still, it's just a comic book romance and he's still adjusting to the modern world too.  May as well add him to the list of jaws that hit the floor with everyone else's.

Oh, this year just got too fun.  Can't wait to see what 2014 brings with it.  Here's hoping these will be fun comics to read.