Monday, October 21, 2013

Life Does Get Better

Often times in dealing with a character as heavy as X-23 or other gritty and emotional character stories alongside whatever else can be going on in your own life, it can be hard to look up.  Then when you do look up, all you see is political crap going on constantly along with how people treat each other like crap everywhere else.  The perpetuation of how others want to dictate what you're allowed and not based on flawed logic.  The list can seem never ending.

In life, yes it gets heavy.  That's why stuff like this post from Matt Fraction though can make a difference.  It's worth a read, or even a bookmark as it could very well save a life with how open and frank it is about this topic.
Special thanks to Comic Book Resources for making me aware of his entry, and additional thanks to Bleeding Cool for using the correct link to find it.  I've been meaning to link it here as well once I saw CBR talk about it, but was having difficulty finding it.

The thing is, it's true though.  Life does look up no matter how dark it gets.  We all have things from our past we're not proud of, but one day forward, one laugh, one show, one moment, one time, one experience we've never had, one anything we love can often make the difference.

I had wanted to do a more personal entry about this topic at one point.  Still might.  I just haven't quite found the words I'd want to use to talk about it.  Like Fraction, all I can do is talk from personal experience and if you really are at that point, please, turn to someone that can help.  A professional, a hotline, anything.

Life can be complicated, it can be messy, but there's always something better over the horizon.  Someday I might find the words to better discuss this.  For now though, just know that there's always hope.  Once you're gone, you won't get to see how the stories you love conclude, how the Winchesters solve their next crisis, how the Doctor gets out of his next jam.  (He is quite the jammy dodger isn't he?)  What random object Toei makes a Kamen Rider out of next.  The list can go on and on for reasons to hold out and hang on.  Many of those reasons you may not even know of or can fathom, but you need to be here to see those moments when they do arrive in your life.

Someday a more personal entry about these topics might finally come forward from me.  For now though, I worry too much of my own anger at society and the mentalities people carry and throw onto others would come through and have too much of the opposite effect.  So I'd rather remain silent until I can find the right words or moment to express them.  Often times I already worry about the damage caused to one I've burdened with pieces of those views when they weren't ready to handle them nor needed to ever really see the world from that perspective.  Seeing what she's done with it though and turning it into a message of hope just astounds me, repeatedly.  Spoilers though.  This is a story with an unknown ending, and I'd rather never lay blame on others for my own actions or words.  So it's just going to have to wait until I can find the right way to express it.

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