Monday, October 7, 2013

Vote For Your Favorite X-23 Stories!

Here at Kinney Pride, we want to hear from you.

What are your favorite X-23 stories?  KP is compiling a list of all the fan favorite stories and counting them down at a later date,  but to do that, we need your help!  So vote in the comments by saying what your favorite X-23 story is!  You can vote here in the comments, over at the deviantART group, or even the Facebook group!

It can be a major titled story arc, a single issue, or even a small short story that appeared in the pages of Marvel Comics.  Just comment away what your favorite was and why, and it'll all be tallied together to create a list of the stories you loved of X-23!

If you need some help remembering certain story arc names or issues, feel free to peruse our comic covers gallery.  It includes many of the story arc names, and while it's still not finished being updated, you can also always ask and others can try to help you fill in the blanks!  So let your voice be heard and counted!

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