Friday, October 25, 2013

Life Imitating Art, The X-23: Target X Edition

So I'm constantly saying Ms. Gomez would be the perfect X-23. I'm not really a formal Selenator as I tend to favor not taking any fan labels as too many connotations of blind support among other aspects of entitlement or denigration of those that don't agree seem to come with them.  Though I'll admit I have a massive weak spot for her outright that's a complex and complicated thing to dive into with what all it involves and apparently who.  Anyway, while doing my nightly news rundown across all the news sites and aggregators I use, stumbled across this from @JesseRas via the selenag-news tumblr site thanks to a heads up.  Jesse Rasmussen is a radio guy and fellow comic book nerd.  The interview took place October 23rd while she was in Louisville, Kentucky.  Oh that's just even more awesome.  A location that even has the same initials as Laura Kinney.

I'm laughing too hard right now.  My hat is off to you Mr. Rasmussen.  This by far has got to be one of the best geek things ever done.  I have to applaud you.  This is an interview I wish was filmed.  You took what I keep saying and brought it to the next level.  On October 23rd no less!  That's just.  Wow.  Awesome beyond words.  It's just beyond blessed even.  I wish I had noticed it sooner to have it up on here on October 23rd itself.

Seriously, this is just too awesome.  I gotta say outright best interview style and timing ever!

I'm reacting with gleeful abandon and borderline even almost squeeing just because it reminds me of X-23: Target X with Captain America's involvement and interrogation of Laura/X-23.  Page excerpts below to show what I mean.  Warning, as they contain spoilers to the origin miniseries.  Several examples provided because there was no singular panel or shot to establish the point best.

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