Wednesday, October 9, 2013

True Heroes: Malala Yousafzai

There aren't many things that leave me speechless.  In fact, I could probably only name one person that does so on a regular basis.  This topic though does as well but it needs to be spoken about more.

I hope by now you've heard of Malala Yousafzai and what happened to her while fighting for her rights to an education.  Since those events she has given a speech to the U.N. on her 16th birthday, and there is also Malala Fund that was started this year. It aims to help girls around the globe be able to get an education. You can also follow them from their twitter account.

I'm not sure there's much that needs to be said about this other than the picture below.

Two thumbs up from X-23 for a true hero.

This young woman is a true hero.  There's really no other words to use for her.  Her cause is one that deserves recognition, praise and to continue on fighting.  There really isn't much that could be added to that other than she deserves everyone's support so that this battle can be won.

There's been a stigma attached to the wars in the Middle East amongst those from USA for awhile. Often you'll hear others go on and on about how it's a war for oil, or money.  I'll admit back in 2004, I used to think the same.  Until I worked with a woman that was from there.  She pointed something out to me that I hadn't fathomed before.  Women's rights in those regions, or really, the lack thereof.  When it came to Afghanistan she was adamantly passionate about why we needed to be there.  Why it saddened her it took something like 9/11 to happen for people to act, but she was glad they finally were after the women there for years had been asking for help.

We often forget one thing in the culture shock between societies.  She had pointed out to me that women's rights there were atrocious.  Listed them off and continued on.  She didn't berate the religion itself, just how the choice was forced.  The lack of free will and ability to be educated, or to even live their lives as they saw fit.  The arranged marriages.  The mutilations and stonings that occurred.  She listed them all off.

Because of her, I changed my views on the war and I never understood why more never spoke up about that end of the fight.  She was the first person that had ever said anything about it that I'd heard.  Later in life, an old friend berated the military.  He called them tools and went on for hours about all sorts of topics towards the conspiracy theories.  After he calmed down.  I told him what she told me.  How this fight needs to be fought.  That women's rights there are being revoked.  Their choices are being denied from them on how to live.  How could he really argue against that?

He joined the Navy the following week.

Often when propaganda and conspiracies get involved, we lose sight of the real causes.  We lose sight of real things worth fighting for.  The real lives being affected by our actions or inaction.  Never give in to the manipulations.  Strive to fight for your rights.  Strive to be real heroes like Malala Yousafzai who is bringing equality on a global scale.

People are not playthings to push buttons on to get what you want.  People are not something to be manipulated and toyed with.  People deserve respect and the human rights we should all have and strive to maintain.  Everyone deserves to live freely as they choose to live without harassment from others.  No one deserves to be manipulated.  In the end, it only causes more damage.

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