Saturday, October 12, 2013

X-23: The Ship That keeps on Shipping.

Okay, I'm running out of ideas for entry titles.  Be grateful it wasn't a Titanic joke...  Wait, crap.  That one's going to be used soon enough anyway.  It's too obvious to pass up.

Anyway, with the recent news break of "Sinney" (oh yes, I'm going to keep calling it that until it catches on!), other news bites have surfaced of interest from NYCC.  Namely a quick blurb from Liu about Jubilee and X-23 during a discussion about LGBTQ characters in comics.  You can read the article over on Bleeding Cool.

What gets a brief mention by Liu in the article is that of X-23 and Jubilee.
I gotta admit from the initial idea, long before the whole turning Jubilee into a vampire story, I wasn't a fan of this idea.  After Jubilee became a vampire though, and seeing that comic spread?  Oh geez, I quickly changed gears and was all for it.  Yeah.  Good writing and story telling plus interesting character history that creates unique dynamics are my weak spots.  I was so ready for that ship to happen.  Still want it to really.  It's too much potential to pass up and not use someday.

So while we're on this topic.  Why not go over the ships that Laura has had?

Obviously there's the Jullian Keller one.  It's even made a passing mention in the MC Chris song Nrrrd Grrrl with "too cruel to be kind" attached.
This ship never got an official name.  Though Hell-23 seems about right for them.  You could also call them Killer for Kinney-Keller.

Then there's the somewhat fan wanted Gambit X-23 pairing.  X-Bit?  Err, okay maybe that one just doesn't work anyway.

Then the heavy fan wanted Jubilee X-23 one.  That one has got fireworks written all over it.  Twenty-lee is definitely something that should happen someday.  Jubi-three maybe?  Okay yeah, maybe the whole ship naming thing is harder than it seems.

Now we've got young Scott Summers and Laura Kinney.  Oh this one I'm just having too much fun with.  "Sinney" just seems too perfect for it.  It's a ship of Titanic proportions(yup, I worked it in!).  Sure you could probably go for SKinney too as it's an in joke to Scott "Slim" Summers, but "Sinney" is just too much fun to pass up.  Especially when you think of old Scott's reaction, Logan's, or even Gambit's.  Heck, I'm sure even Jubilee might immediately chime in with a jaw dropping "how the hell?"  You know Hellion's going to throw a hissy fit, you can already tell.  I'm just glad it's someone new entirely though, and not retreading previous tired material that's been proven to be potentially damaging to her character growth.

Oh yeah, I'm going to have too much fun with this in the days to come.  Expect more entries going over the pros and cons of this pairing.  Definitely going to have to dabble in the pros and cons of the Jubilee pairing too.

Please Marvel, let X-23 have some fun.  Slow down some and let her have her experimental phase with Jubilee.  There's a lot that could be used there with the vampire aspects, and not to mention Scott may not mind X-23 having a girlfriend on the side even if Jubilee has no interest in him whatsoever.  It's not like Laura and Scott are getting married since they're both under 18 still, it's just a comic book romance and he's still adjusting to the modern world too.  May as well add him to the list of jaws that hit the floor with everyone else's.

Oh, this year just got too fun.  Can't wait to see what 2014 brings with it.  Here's hoping these will be fun comics to read.

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