Friday, October 25, 2013

Late Night/Early Morning Newsbites

Just some quick news from around the net.  Okay mostly directing to Bleeding Cool, but they seem to be the only ones carrying the Kelly Sue Deconnick news and follow ups as of late.

First up is a follow up piece about the famous "Smurfette on the Avengers Panel" remark Ms. Deconnick made, in a very well handled piece over at Bleeding Cool.  It raises some very valid questions as to exactly how female creator friendly the Marvel's boys club really is.  It also helps raise more awareness on pushing to do what you love no matter the gender stereotypes.  A future piece to come on this here, and I also look forward to more views expressed on this subject internet-wide.

Also.  While the Smurfette analogy is poignant as well as apt(and this is just me being an anal geek), it should be noted there were 3 female smurfs.  There was Nanny Smurf, Smurfette(magic made), and Sassette Smurfling(magic made child smurfette).  What?  I'm a geek.  What did you expect?  Someone had to point it out sooner or later.  The analogy still holds true though.

Next up is brief news bite about Ryan Reynolds still holding out hope that the Deadpool spinoff from Fox will happen.  This can be found also on Bleeding Cool as well as Comic Book Resources, where it's suggestes the film has taken very small tip toes forward.

Implications from Bleeding Cool are that the script may have to undergo rewrites or start fresh at some eventual point.  CBR seems more hopeful towards Reynolds own words seeming to hold more neutral until more word comes forward.

More on this later as information about the potential X-Force film comes forward.  It may feature Deadpool and as such (along with X-23 if she were to be in it) would be a great launching point for a solo feature to explain what happened inbetween X-Men Origins: Wolverine to his appearance there.  There is also much room to explore his alluded to incident at a wedding with his swords.  Personally, my hopes lean more towards a film that expands on both.  Flashbacks of pre-XMO:W, and then follow up to how he became the masked merc with a mouth we all know and love for future features.  There's also two AMC Movie Talk specials about this as well.  You can check them out here and here.

That's all for now on this quick round up of random news bites.
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