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Fans Featured Friday: DeviantArt Fan Comics!

Today's trip F is a special feature.  Mentioned last week, this entry is a special on Fan Comics.  I came across a very intriguing endeavor by members of the X-23 UnOfficial Fan Anniversary Collection Committee DA group. Written by Hooded-Crow2010 aka Brett Smith, Pencils by pxtattoo aka Rodney Jacobsen, Colors by Dan Demille of, and lettering by Luke Vanica.

So this week I thought I'd try something new.  Kinney Pride's first official interview!  We're giving you guys an interview with the writer on this amazing fan endeavor.

Jon A: Hey, how would you feel if Kinney Pride did a special on your X-23 vs Sabretooth fan comic?  Would you be up for an interview to go with it?

Brett Smith: Hey by all means do and an interview sounds great.

Jon A: So okay, well then if you're up for it! Let's just jump into the meat of it.
How'd you come up with the idea for this story?

Brett Smith: A lot of it had to do with the fact that no one else had made this story, and this seemed like one that X-23 fans would be wanting for see. I took a lot of influence from Predator and Predators cause that was the best way to portray Creed against Laura. Creed has made it his life's mission to make Logan's life a living hell and that includes killing women who are close to him. Granted more than likely he knows she can put up a fight, but he also knows that killing her is an opportunity he can't pass up. Going for the Predator angle makes that side of Creed seem that much more scary and imposing, plus given the obvious numerous advantages he has over Laura (size, strength, experience, etc.), it really elevates the tension. And we all like to see the good guys triumph against the odds.

Jon A: Fans do love an underdog in a story. The birthday history remarks were also a nice inclusion. It might make many wonder, is this your first foray into fan comics or writing with established characters?

Brett Smith: Both actually, though I have written a few fanfics.

Jon A: It's a fantastic first showing! From your experience with it, are there any tips you'd like to give future fans that take on such endeavors?

Brett Smith: If you're looking for inspiration whether it be from a movie, book, video game, another comic, what have you, study them and I mean really study them. Don't just look at what they do right, figure out why they do it right.

Jon A: Definitely advice to remember! One last question before we go, and again thank you for your time and letting us showcase your work.  So what fascinated you most about writing X-23?

Brett Smith: I think I've been more attracted to her potential rather than what she actually is as a character. X-23's still young enough that there's a million and one doors still open for her. I don't think anyone would disagree that she's destined to do great things and there's still so much she hasn't gotten to do yet.
Marvel really caught lightning in a bottle with her.

Jon A:  Again thank you for your time. Can't wait to read how it ends! Love the parallels you've drawn to her second episode in X-Men Evolution too! Any final words or shout outs you'd like to give? Any special thanks?

Brett Smith: This is gonna surprise everyone but I did not use X-Men Evolution at all when writing this. X getting tossed out a plane that's from the opening to Predators, when Adrien Brody's falling onto the game preserve. If you loved the first Predator, Predators is a must see.

Now shout outs definitely go to the following people

Rod's a great penciler and I feel blessed that he agreed to this.
Dan has delivered without fail some great coloring.
Luke Vanica my homeboy best letterer you could possibly have.
Alex the love of my life who's continued to inspire me to be a great writer and pursue my passion.
Craig Kyle and Chris Yost for creating X-23.
Majorie Liu for perfecting her.
... and all the awesome people who looked up the pages and or faved em.

Jon A: Awesome and wow that scene is an amazing stroke of luck in how it lines up! Keep up the fantastic work!

Brett Smith: I supposed it is lucky. lol

Jon A: Yeah it really is!  Those random happenstances can really make the best moments though.

X-23 vs Sabretooth One Shot Variant Cover Final by ~hoodedcrow-2010 on deviantART

X-23 vs Sabretooth pg 1 by ~hoodedcrow-2010 on deviantART

X-23 vs Sabretooth pg 2 by ~hoodedcrow-2010 on deviantART

X-23 vs Sabretooth pg 3 by ~hoodedcrow-2010 on deviantART

X-23 vs Sabretooth pg 4 by ~hoodedcrow-2010 on deviantART

You can find the rest of this amazing story from them here on DeviantArt!

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