Friday, August 2, 2013

Dream Movie: X-23 Daughter Of Wolverine

I know I've talked about this ad nauseum, but this one is essentially my blowing this candle out entry on it.  I'll still talk about it offhandedly as of course I want to see X-23 on the big screen and own that DVD, but for me, this is the dream of what I think it could be or do.  Whatever ends up happening with her on the big screen I'll still enjoy(keep your fingers crossed for X-Force!), but this is the vision I have with what it could be entirely.  So I'm blowing this dream away officially for all to read and see.

Fan Title Art:

Fan Posters:

Fan Made Trailer:
  Coming soon!

Fan Casting:
(Casting is still open to debate.)
Laura Kinney/X-23 - Lucy Hale(preferred) or Selena Gomez
Young Laura Kinney/X-23 - Bailee Madison or Open/Pending
Megan Kinney - Ashley Benson or Open/Pending
Young Megan Kinney - Open/Pending
Dr. Sarah Kinney - Summer Glau or Eliza Dushku or Open/Pending
Debra Kinney - Ginnifer Goodwin or Open/Pending
Dr. Kevin - Open
Dr. Dale Rice - Open
Dr. Zander Rice - Open
Tanaka - Open
Dr. Martin Sutter - Open
Rachel Sutter - Open
Henry Sutter - Open
Kimura - Shay Mitchell or Naya Rivera
Desmond Alexander - Open
Megan's French Teacher - Jamie Hyneman
Megan's Biology Teacher - Adam Savage
Principal McCracken - Lynda Carter or Open/Pending
Agent Neena "Domino" Thurman - Open
Doug Ramsey - Open/Pending
Logan/Wolverine - Hugh Jackman
For more on why per each current choice, click here. Open means that role needs a better casting eye than a fan can provide.  Pending refers to the potential that a character role may be filled by an actor if said character is used in another film prior to this.

Script Changes:  Mostly intact from the initial 2 origin miniseries, with more focus on Target X over Innocence Lost. While it could be used to also showcase a Mr./Ms. Sinister cameo for who created Kimura, the only changes that would absolutely have to be made are Douglas Ramsey in Matt Murdock's slot, and Agent Neena "Domino" Thurman in Captain America's slot. These two are because of rights issues. Allowing Domino to replace Captain America also potentially helps establish her into the X-Men cinematic universe and begins to establish her motives for joining X-Force to build that franchise.

Title Choice:
By focusing on the daughter aspect, it creates a better reaction among audiences at large while still playing true to X-23's roots.  An oft-overlooked aspect that'd create immediate fan debates and discussions while still being accurate.  It also rolls off the tongue easier, and makes general audiences respond with more wide-eyed intrigue to help gain attention with a lasting foothold that'd make them go to the theaters to see this.

Other Tidbits:  Personally, I'd like to see this movie handled similarly to The Women.   If you've never heard of that movie, you should look both the 1939 original and the 2008 remake up.  It's a film done without any men.  Now while for this that wouldn't be possible on the screen because of the characters, it is possible behind the scenes.  I think it would be an interesting choice to approach this film from that angle with everything behind the scenes handled by only female talents in the industry.  From the director, to the costumes, to the effects, props, and even the shooting script.  The entire crew and credit list like this could be intriguing to say the least and help gain press, but also let X-23 truly shine for every girl that's ever looked to her as a character that shared metaphorically similar circumstances and hard times but still fought to come out on top.  It'd essentially be a Marvel movie by women for women.  A power piece to show that women can do and overcome anything.  By showcasing the talents behind the scenes as well as the ones on screen it'd show girls everywhere that you can do or be anything you want to be.  Whether it's directing, script writing, special effects, makeup, costumes, props, cinematography, editing, sound editing, sound effects, everything that's behind the scenes or in front, down to even the location scouting.  This would be a chance to showcase that women really can do anything.  Top it off with a charity that focuses on helping women that need it, like shelters or other programs that help women that need guidance or try to stop human trafficking, and you pretty much have the perfect movie in my opinion at least.  It'd definitely be one that's remembered for far more than just being a flashy summer action fest while still having amazing suspenseful scenes and epic action choreography.  The lead role having someone who is well versed in choreography also works in its favor as dancing and action choreography aren't much different.  In fact they are pretty much the same.  It's just a different kind of dance, but the elements and camera angles required are often the same basic principles.
This is why some of the most epic action animators and directors can do some of the most bad ass dance films and music videos too.  There have been many directors that have made that leap from music videos or dance features to action features quite seamlessly.  The director of GI Joe Retaliation for example or the director of the live action Casshern movie.  If they could get her interested in this, I'd love to see Jessica Bendinger handle this.  She directed Stick It and elevated the visuals to poetry in motion.  She is someone that could do wonders with this property and potential setup as I'm sure many other amazing directors out there could too.

Yes I also understand that if by some miracle I get them to use this idea, as opposed to them taking it from here and doing it without me, that this means me being on set is pretty much verboten then.  I'm okay with that. Both things really.  I just want to see this movie on the big screen and own the DVD(though I wouldn't be adverse to a full crew signed case and DVD either~).  I'm not one that cares for or even wants fame(the only reason I have a pen name on here is because it was requested by certain parties).

While certain cast members are also dreams of mine to someday meet, sometimes we all have to make sacrifices.

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