Saturday, August 3, 2013

X-23 vs The World (Part 1): An IRL Comparison

The topics X-23 deals with regularly cover a large volume of subjects that are still prevalent in the real world today.  This entry lists just a handful of them that have been covered already in her comics.  More are covered all over in her stories.  From NYX to the Marjorie Liu issues, and more; they've all entailed these heady topics.  Even Laura's stay at Academy X dives into many of the harsher parts of the world around us, including having parallels to school shootings and violence perpetrated against those just because they're different or won't conform to what others call "normalcy."

From Covenant House:
New Study Reveals Vulnerability Homeless Youth Trafficking

The Fight Is on Against Child Sex Trafficking in New York State

Momentum Grows to End Human Trafficking

These topics aren't just isolated to New York though, nor are they also only completely large scale.  This happens repeatedly everywhere in all walks of life.  Men or women make demands about another's body as payments for many situations.  The entire notion and joke that by the third date you must have sex or you're in for the long haul in itself creates expectations that if you treat your date well, they must put out by then or be faced with being called a prude or other demeaning remarks.  That's not much different.  Life shouldn't have a time limit to any action, it should be when you're ready.

Instead we have a world that blames the victims.  A world that perpetuates that this is okay.
In Texas, a man shot and killed a prostitute but was acquitted for it.  The reason?  He paid her, and she wouldn't render her services to him.  It was because she wouldn't have sex with him but kept money to pay her driver.

Then there's this, the ohio kidnapper who gave a 16 minute speech blaming his victims for his violent behavior.

Even farther back there's what happened to Rehtaeh Parsons that really shows how sick this world is getting in that regard.  She's not alone though.  There's also Audrie Pott, Amanda Todd, and the Steubenville High school rape case.  The list is even longer than that, but many remain silent when they shouldn't.

In Rehtaeh Parsons memory, many are trying to help spread awareness. You can find her official memorial page on Facebook, and the an active anti-bullying in memory of her page there too.

I also want to leave you with these two articles to think upon.
Soraya Chemaly: The Problem with Boys Will Be Boys
Dear Boys, We Protect Those Who Are Smaller

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