Saturday, August 17, 2013

Reiterations & Apologies: a Ridiculous Entry for non-updates.

Wanted to go ahead and apologize once again.  Many of the anniversary entries are undergoing rewrites and new content is constantly in the works that still needs further details and examples looked up.  Also a few accidental posts went forward in the wrong month(whoopsy!) so if an entry disappears you may have been reading, that's because it wasn't fully prepared yet or a certain idiot(me!) forgot to set the right month.

I have not forgotten about the Birthday Girl here!

While we have already passed the milestone of X-23's 10th Anniversary since her birth to the world during X-Men Evolution's run, much content is still being developed for here(ran into a few motion capture, rendering, and even post editing snafus on that) and more details worked around.  There are still two amazing days for X-23 coming up that will be all about the birthday girl!

KP's own officially unofficial X-23 day and of course Laura's birthday for when she first appeared in Marvel Comics!

So while we may have slowed down quite a bit too much, there's still much yet to come!
I hope...

So hold tight.  Here hasn't been forgotten!  Just needed a bit of time to refocus and figure out what was salvageable from what's been cut from going forward!

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