Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Decade of X-23

Yesterday marked the earliest air date for the X-Men Evolution episode X-23.

That's right.  Ten years ago yesterday is when she premiered to the world!  X-23 is officially 10 years old as a fictional character in media!  In simpler terms, it's a birthday celebration!

We're still having some technical difficulties with uncooperative equipment, but the celebrations are not over yet!

My current setup is lacking in certain areas like motion capture and other resources.  I was due to remedy that, but with how technology shifts and better being around the corner potentially, that got put on hold for now.  I do still have other surprises wrapped up and being prepped to go though!  So fret not!  While the anniversary entries will cover various topics, there will be some fun injected into all this too!  The aim was to have a little bit of something for everyone.

So please hang tight while we try to get more together.  Sadly the blog owner is a lazy ass procrastinator, but he's working almost nonstop to get material together in spite of the limitations and unusable content!

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