Friday, August 9, 2013

Fan Featured Friday: An X-23 Mini Fan Film! (Unaffiliated with KinneyPride!)

Every Friday starting today during the X-23 Anniversary Celebrations will be a Fan(s) Featured Friday or Trip F.  We will be stopping for a moment to give spotlight to the fans and how much they are appreciated.  This could be anything from pieces or comments submitted, to artwork from DeviantArt, or even videos from Youtube.  These Fridays are about you the fan, and what X-23 means to you or what you have created to celebrate her as a character in the past or present.

For our first Fans Featured Friday we will be starting off a little more relaxed.  The focus this week is on a Youtube fan film and their crew's amazing work!

While perusing Youtube, as tends to be my habit when stuck and needing motivation, drive, find music, or just get a song out of my head, I stumbled across an interesting and creative X-23 fan film.

This is an oldie apparently.  Dating all the way back to 2009.  It shows some great enthusiasm though and some amazing choices and work.  So of course I had to just give it a giant fan spotlight entry of its own.

Part 1

Part 2

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