Saturday, August 3, 2013

Child Advocates: Building a Better Future

I've been staring at this entry off and on for about a week now.  Just can't think of what to write about it.

In the end, I think it might just be easier to point to it and say "click this!"

I can empathize and sympathize and create stories or possibilities all day until the cows come home, but the one thing I've always had has been support of family in one shape form or another.  The kids this place works with and for don't always.

This is something beyond my grasp.  I've dealt with and seen outright bad parenting, always been one to point out why parents do what they do in other cases where it wasn't, and how many actions typical teenagers complain about is their parents trying to prepare them for the world because they love them.

That's not true for all problems though.  There are issues that aren't like that.  There is such a thing as bad people that became parents or worse situations than can be conceivable.   That's just the way life is sadly, but there's always places to reach out to that want to make it better.

Covenant House was one I pointed out before, but that's not the only one.

National Casa - Court Appointed Special Advocates is an association that helps children and helps allow them to have a brighter tomorrow too.

Both of these are causes well worth looking into if like me, you believe the youth of this world is what's needed to bring a better tomorrow.  We all may feel differently on how to do that, but it is true.  Children of today will always by the adults of tomorrow.  So we should teach them they are loved, they are special, and that they do matter.  We should teach them to reach for the stars, but also to stay true to themselves.  We shouldn't teach them what to think, but how to ask the right questions to learn the answers they want or need to learn to make the right decisions for themselves.

I've talked about previously what causes I would want an X-23 film tied to, but these two are the main ones that I believe could make the most difference and impact with those that need it.

These two, barring information I am not aware, are the causes I would want to support with everything that I could.

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