Friday, December 3, 2010

Review: X-23 V3 Issue 3 (Spoilers)

These are a new series of reviews going backwards while the other reviews go forwards. Now that they can be evaluated as complete arcs, it's a good time to go back and do the reviews proper justice. Plus, I need to do the spoiler free ones too.

X-23 v3 issue 3 is a very heady issue, and a very well done one at that.
It mirrors moments of clarity, a spiritual moment if you will, and expands on concepts in the mini-series.

This issue justifies why the Facility needed triggerscent. Proves finally to Laura and the world she's more than simply some female Wolverine, and has her growing into her own person in spite of everything that's been happening to her. Shows a woman by her own will and soul picking herself up, and reminding herself that she's a strong powerful woman who should take responsibility for her own choices. She dusts herself off to show the world she will not be pushed around anymore.

There are a few problem spots scattered in the art, and in a 'property of the state' remark, as well as the usage of Emma, but the parallels drawn between Gambit and Storm, against Cyclops and Julian were perfect. Shows the growing aptitude of a writer well capable of handling X-23, even giving her a voice outside of her condescension towards Wolverine in X-Force.  The other problem spot being in the memory of Laura killing her mother, but memory is a fickle thing and changes overtime as people put their own spin on them.  Something even a real psychologist will tell you, as memory is constantly evolving and changing based on how a person remembers it.

That's not to say the problem spots may not have been on purpose though, as this writer is continually proving she has an overall plan with what she's doing with a method to her madness so to speak.

The writer also proves with her usage of the Maslow Peak Experience, that she has a familiarity with psychology, and is just dabbling so as not to overwhelm the readership.  This also comes across subliminally in the usage of the memories themselves.

Overall, a very good issue, and one that should be a crowning jewel in anyone's collection.

5 Claws out of 6

- The property of State remark, alongside Emma's questionable conveyance.

+ The addition of the puppy to Laura's origin finally explaining why the facility needed triggerscent.

+ Parallels between Gambit, Storm and X-23. While Cyclops may have been an orphan too, he did grow up in structure with Professor Xavier. Something that comes across beautifully.

+ Laura leaving Julian in a moment of heartbreak even though she keeps putting herself on the line to save him.

+ Usage of the Peak Experience in a religious context really helps sell the point.

+ Laura's more or less 'hate' towards her mother, caused by the very letter in the mini saying never to forgive her mother.


All these things factor together to create a fantastic issue, and truly shows a writer has done her homework, and is fully capable of handling this character and going in directions that will never be predictable. Something well needed for a character like this.

Now, keep your fingers crossed that Mr. Sinister is only tied to Laura through Kimura.

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