Saturday, October 23, 2010

X-23 Day Special! -The Kinney Family-

Laura Kinney, is X-23, but she also has a family that she can't risk endangering ever.
It's an interesting question, considering all her training.  She is the ultimate chess player.  That's how she was trained, and she's been tasked with one mission above all else.

Never to betray them.  Yet her only good memories, are of them.
This is a world of mutants, spies, and traitors, Kimura never yielding a moment on how she may find her, or them.  She can't put those she holds dear in way of someone like Kimura.  Does she even dare think about it without some telepath picking it up?  When you think about this, it can make you wonder about how fitting it was for what Emma Frost did to Kimura with her memories of her grandmother.  The same could be said about the kids from NYX, especially the shellshock factor of her killing Kiden in the future, just as she killed her mother before, and had to forsake ever seeing Megan and Debra.  Everyone she's ever cared for has been ripped away, the second she's felt she belongs.  Now even Julian, the first boy she's ever had I guess what could be described as a crush on, the same has happened to, by her own "Father's" possessed hand.  All this, right after her team forsaked her when she was just trying to keep them protected from the beings that killed two thirds of their school, personally saving Mercury, and putting a stop to creatures solely created to kill mutants.

Megan Kineny is Laura's cousin, a girl that's about the same age as her.  While Megan was hugging mommy, Laura was training in martial arts by Sensei Tanaka.  A sensei she was forced to kill by the facility's first usage of trigger scent.  When Megan was starting school and making friends, Laura was being beat by Kimura, to permanently let her know disobeying was never an option.  That she could never escape.  When Megan was kidnapped by a pedophile, Laura was the one who brought Megan to freedom and saved her.  Even confined, her mother let Laura be the one to save Megan.  For this she wasn't beat by Kimura.  An act she repeated when she saved Henry Sutter, again without Kimura beating her. So when she escaped, Megan and Debra were where she ran to.  Megan showed her what highschool life was like.  The first person Laura could ever confide to.  She helped them in ways she never knew.  Mostly in an after school highway to heaven fashion really that brought Megan closer to her mother again.  Even granting them the means to travel around the world and a fortune.  Megan who showed her movie theaters where you actually watch the movie, roller coasters, highschool for a day, jewelry shopping for fun, even kittens, and puppies.  The locket Laura carries around her neck has a picture of Megan and her Mother Sarah in it.  Megan now travels with her mother in anonymity staying away from Kimura. Megan is the contrast to Laura's upbringing, a completely normal girl who was saved from what could have been a devestating event. This event is what triggered Megan's own outsider nature, which again acts as contrast to Laura being on the run as an outsider from the facility. Megan is just your typical average teenage girl, turned outcast because kids can be so cruel to each other.

Debra Kinney, sister of Sarah Kinney, aunt of Laura Kinney, is the mother of Megan Kinney.  She was dating an undercover facility member plant in their home that nearly got her and her daughter killed when he attempted to use trigger scent on them.  An event thwarted by the trust Laura had in telling Megan about it.  Megan saved her mother, which allowed Laura to save them once again, and giving Debra back her daughter who had been haunted by the kidnappying years earlier until Laura told Megan, and Debra the truth.  Debra took Laura in, gave her a home, and a family when she escaped from the facility.  Debra is the only living connection Laura has to her Mother. While her boyfriend's ties to the facility were unknown to Debra, one would hope she has since learned about dating jerks.

These are the family members Laura can't dare even think about or something may find them.  Family who is secure financially but ever moving around and always changing their names and stories.  They could be anywhere or anyone, but they don't have the same training as Laura about keepsakes and scrapbooks...

Sarah Kinney, Laura's mother, was a pioneering geneticist who had more or less conceived her in science and in nature.
Sarah ultimately sacrificed herself to give Laura her freedom.  Being the one constant in Laura's youth who cared for her (besides Sensei Tanaka who paid for his kindness with his life), was nice to her, and read to her.   The facility used trigger scent, and made Laura kill her.

Nothing is known about their grandmother, and the only fact known about the grandfather was that he was a pedophile who abused Dr. Sarah Kinney. An old man who has long since died.

Yes, I realize this post rationalizes the X-23 v3 series, as it should though. The last time Laura let her guard down about any of her family, Emma Frost attempted to use the memory of Laura's mother to force Laura to leave the school. So even in the place that was to be her haven, her memories had been turned against her. Just think of what the bad guys could do, if the alleged good guys were this inclined.

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