Friday, November 12, 2010

Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes!

As many know, Disney XD is airing the new Avengers cartoon.

I've been watching it, well, just because I love Marvel stuff honestly. It's been well worth it though. This cartoon has had ample amounts of cameos, great story usage, tons of nods to the history of each character and more.

Does this matter to X-23 fans? Well, since this blog is about her, Avengers does have a connection.

The story editor on it is Christopher Yost, who was one of the writers of the original episode of X-Men Evolution that X-23 premiered in and is one of the writers of her fantastic origin mini-series.

It has already once featured a cameo of a Mr. J. Howlett in an episode.

It regularly has Captain America as a character, who was also in the Target X mini-series.

Will X-23 appear in the show? I don't know. Even if she doesn't though, it's a show well worth checking out. It airs on Disney XD every Wednesday at 7:30 PM central. I highly recommend watching it, as this animated universe seems like it's going to continually grow and expand! It shows the potential to go down in history with the likes of the Bruce Timm and Pual Dini DCAU that created such great works as Batman The Animated Series, and Justice League. The Avengers show has been so great, that it's even brought Wasp herself to the limelight unlike any property before has had. To the point even my little cousins are clamoring for more of Wasps show, just as TWITTER is showing that other parents are hearing the same from their kids.

Just goes to show, with good writing, respect, with an amazing cast and crew, you can't keep a good woman, or team, down!

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