Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fox Sues Everyday Woman

Cinematical is reporting that 20th Century Fox is suing a woman who writes screenplays by night, and sells flowers by day.

She had uploaded a copy of what's apparently the new Deadpool movie to her site, in a bid to create a library of scripts for people to turn to if they need examples from the biz for formatting and so on. Fox is allegedly suing her for 15 million dollars, claiming her actions hurt their intellectual property. Yet Fox is ignoring the bigger problem of where she got it from, and didn't know it was a film that hadn't been made yet or even released.

Come on Fox. Seriously? I thought you guys were better than that, or at least trying to be. You know a simple cease and desist to make her aware of what she's done first may have been prudent. I'm ashamed right now for the fact I'm trying to even get them to notice me for a script I've written. To be honest, it's actions like this that make me think that if Fox ever did pursue my idea based on the Yost/Kyle work, that they'd just let the suits kill it as opposed to doing it right.

Was the woman in the wrong? Probably. The actions they've taken do seem reminiscent of the RIAA from years back against Napster though. Definitely not good for the public image. They might want to fix that with some kind of grand gesture somehow... Like picking up a fanboy adaption, that donates to charity too.

Erm, bad Snow. Stop shamelessly self plugging.

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