Thursday, November 18, 2010

Marvel Universe Action Figures Rumor

As previously mentioned, there is an X-23 figure in the works for the MU line. Well now we have rumors coming in from CoolToyReview of just that.
According to this rumor she will be in wave 3 or 4 of 2011. The assortment listing rumor is as follows:

Wave 3 & 4 2011
Dr. Strange

Steve Rogers
Scarlet Spider
Dr. Doom

Special thanks to Toyark for making me aware of this and where the news came from. Now excuse me while I go squeal like a school girl for awhile about Darkhawk and X-23 in the same wave.

Also seriously, what's up with X-23 and the number 3?
3 years since her premiere in X-Men Evo, she gets an origin mini-series, she premiered in X-Men evo in 2003, of season 3, her second episode was episode 3 of season 4, the issue it finally comes out that she's actually more akin to a test-tube daughter of wolverine is issue 3 of volume 3, and now her MU figure will be in wave 3 of 2011, which is the 3rd year for MU figures too. Gee, I wonder if this explains a certain other thing a fan blog is trying to do within 3 years for release on her 10 year anniversary.

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