Wednesday, November 10, 2010

October 2010 Sales Charts are in!

The October sales charts are in over at ICv2.

All I gotta say is ouch.

X-23 has dropped 28 places in the sales rank. It's coming in ranked at 52 out of 300. That's still not bad staying within the top 100, but not as good as fans would like it. I wish I could personally say this was an underrated issue, but with its continuity guffaws, blatant out of character usage, and general lack of respect for the issues that used her before, it's hard to say this isn't a warranted place for it. Coming off of what was a great first issue the second issue, according to the data ICv2 aggregates, sold only an estimated 35,280 copies. That's 13,201 copies less than the first issue's 48,481 copies, or a 27% sales drop.

The reviews here ranked this issue as 3 claws out of 6, and it seems the sales reflect that. Fear not true believers though, it's normal for a comic to have a dip like this after the first issue. A 27% percent dip is actually good in consideration of that. Wolverine himself had a 40% dip from his first issue to his second issue.

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