Monday, November 15, 2010

The Big What If for TV, or Did Summer Glau just use NBC to audition for X-23?

If Disney Marvel ever attempted an X-23 tv series, would you watch it?

Now what if I said it consulted Marjorie Liu, Craig Kyle, or Christopher Yost for the stories and/or writing?
What if it starred Summer Glau?

After tonight's Chuck (NBC Mondays) that question has been danced around. Today's episode featured a sub-story that starred Summer Glau who once again proves how well she could handle a late teens to early 20s Laura Kinney.

I've always been opposed to the idea of Summer Glau playing X-23 for an origin feature, but a TV show does open all kinds of possibilities, just as the door would still be open for her post-origin. ABC Disney, I personally think, could benefit from a show like this, especially after or during an origin movie theater run that introduces general audiences to the character. This seperation of cast and story would allow them to not worry about the origin and audience issues associated while letting them explore the future possibilities that her on-going comic (is supposed to at least) represents.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Disney should dare? Are they just opening the window of oppurtunity and letting the golden goose fly out? Or should they continue to let it lay the golden eggs?

As Whedon fans will tell you, this was simply a Firefly nod. It does make one wonder though with Whedon's recent ties to Avengers.

If you missed tonight's Chuck, you can catch it on Hulu or NBC's website.

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